You’d think that the Democrats could come up with something better than that, because as soon as the COVID scam, or the impeachment scam, or the Mueller Report, or the riots begin to fail, it’s the fall-back.

And CNN/MSNBC and the rest of the lying scum in the mainstream media begin to spit out the same old tired talking points with enthusiasm. They’re looking for something else (anything) but until they manufacture it, Russia will have to do. Because Russia is scary (China is an ally of the Left, so they aren’t), and who knows but what the Russians could come marching down Main Street America at any moment? There are a lot of weak minded fools who swallow this BS time and time again.

The reality is that over the past fifty years, the US has meddled in the Russian political process for about fifty years. We meddle in a LOT of elections. And somehow it’s so offensive when enemy states meddle in our elections?



Now, Some Entertainment

The Oceanmaker 

In a dystopian future when the oceans have dried up, a lone, intrepid (animated) pilot risks all to make it rain (again).


China in Focus


China’s agriculture is already suffering from floods and drought. And now China’s southern provinces are facing their worst locust plague in decades.

Massive protests broke out over the weekend in Inner Mongolia. This came after a leaked secret order from Beijing, which some are calling a “cultural genocide.”

A high-profile Australian TV anchor has been detained in Beijing. She’s long appeared on business programs for China’s state-run English news channel CGTN. The news is adding fuel to already tense Australia-China relations.

China is hoping to get rid of its reliance on Western technology for high-end chips. With one key company (Huawei) coming to a halt, that dream is now hitting a major roadblock.

The Czech Republic’s second highest official is in Taiwan on a six day visit against the will of China. The Czech official called on Taiwan to defend its freedom and said democratic countries should support each other.





  1. Short bursts to the front. Otherwise, it will slow to a stop. And driver may want to wear a helmet, that brass will be hot. Where can I get one?

    Yes, I have walked the grounds of Dachau.

  2. I’ve made a formal offer to POTUS to step in for a while to allow the losers and seditionist’s to blame ME…got the Hydra 6 installed on the tall outcropping in the event they find out where I live. (kidding…but it sounds good)

  3. There were 42 graduates in my senior high school class. Three of the women I stay in contact with are rabid Trump haters. One recently claimed, on her Facebook page, “Trump tells 25+ lies a day”. I contact her by another means and asked her to name one lie, on one day, Trump told. She no longer speaks to me, nor did she come up with one lie. My point, if there is one, otherwise intelligent people are rendered irrational when speaking of the President. I do believe these people have a cult mentality.

    • I’m of the opinion that T.P. hoarders, mask wearers, Trump haters, etc…do not want to hear the truth because they don’t want to know they are fools or being fooled. Hence the incommunicado…they simply can’t/won’t admit the truth to themselves. Hypocrisy on steroids.

    • There were 635 in my high-school graduating class. From the recent postings of the loudest mouths in the group, I’d have to say 60% are brain-dead, slumbering sheeple, 30% are rabidly anti Trump, 8% are truly conservative, and the remaining 2% were actively working to overthrow a duly-elected President and bring down the USA, turning it into a communist state.

      That 2% started turning hard-left after high-school, and I watched some of my “friends” from high-school go from middle-of-the-road, to hard-core socialists (we have to make things “fair”!), and now they’re redder than my new truck…..

      • Indoctrination at every education level is like generating operative sleepers only Hollywood screen writers could dream up, who -with some of teachers – are now the chaos in the streets. Philly teachers are trying to block parents from monitoring their [idiotic] Zoom classes, saying it’s disruptive. Gee, wonder why?

        • Why can’t parents monitor classrooms where their children are attending. A dial-in Zoom meeting? The teacher’s unions would go insane. Incompetence revealed.

    • Old – very likely – I wonder how it is anchored? Plus I don’t see a firing position for the gunner.
      Still, it would be an ‘interesting’ parade piece 😉

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