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Jules reminds us that it’s Ash Wednesday AND Valentine’s Day!

It’s sort of naughty and nice on the same day…Jules…yeah. I don’t see any ash on that forehead!!


“Man’s timid heart is bursting with the things he must not say, For the Woman that God gave him isn’t his to give away; But when hunter meets with husband, each confirms the other’s tale— The female of the species is more deadly than the male. –Kipling, “The Female of the Species


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for all 52 Genders.

For $15, the Bronx Zoo will allow you to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after a loved one. It comes with a digital certificate with your Valentine’s name on it, and for an additional $20, you can add a virtual encounter with a cockroach and a “special surprise animal guest.”

Take care where you present the certificate. The hippo is among the world’s most dangerous beasts. It is barrel-shaped and clumsy, but if you want to piss one off, do it from a helicopter. Not while sharing a car.

If you’re on a budget, the San Antonio Zoo will allow you to name a vegetable — $5, Name A Roach — $10,  Name A Rodent — $25. Complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Or you can go with a card, candy from the Walmart Valentine section, and a screw-top bottle of bubbly to demonstrate undying love and commitment.

Fighting the crowds at trendy restaurants to pay 300% more (holiday markup) to reassure your beloved of your devotion is more a marker of despair to retain 50% of your assets in divorce court – but it might work to keep love alive. Who am I to gainsay affairs of the heart?

(The Female of The Species, cont’d) So it comes that Man, the coward, when he gathers to confer With his fellow braves in council, dare not leave a place for her Where, at war with Life and Conscience, he uplifts his erring hands To some God of Abstract justice—which no woman understands.

And Man knows it! Knows, moreover, that the Woman that God gave him Must command but may not govern—shall enthrall but not enslave him. And She knows, because She warns him, and Her instincts never fail, That the Female of the Species is more deadly than the Male.


African-American History Month

h/t Claudio


Bullet Points:

** Pedo Joe defends his cognitive skills — as sharp as when he beat up popcorn.

** When I grew up in a military family, the concept was this: dulce et decorum est pro patria mori (It is sweet and proper to die for one’s country. Ode III.2.13) Given the state of things, I have grave reservations.

** An open note to the American Left: Capitalism isn’t the problem. You’re just 100 times whinier than your ancestors despite being 100 times more affluent and privileged. That’s also not capitalism’s fault. Your spiritual paucity leaves you in a state where you can be handed the riches that the kings of old couldn’t dream of but still be miserable.

** From RFE/RL (h/t Claudio): “Whether railing against immigration or defending anti-LGBT legislation, Viktor Orban has portrayed himself as a bulwark against an erosion of traditional family values. The nature of this scandal — state institutions granting clemency to a conspirator helping cover up the long-running sexual abuse of children — could publicly undermine that message.”

** Lakewood Church shooting suspect identified as transgender woman; ‘Free Palestine’ written on gun by Fox News — and pardon me for confusion. Does transgender women mean that it’s actually a biological woman or a man? LSP explores that on his blog.   Was the evil tranny sloshed on Bud Light? 

This is for Big Mike…a real man of genius, And his husband, Barack… So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, O Chief of the cheek squeak, O Pharaoh of the flatulence,  O Baron of the brown cloud, O Honcho of the hot wind; O Superintendent of the sphincter whistle, O top gun of the trouser trumpet! Hail to the chief..and his first man!


This is not a photo of the Mogollon Monster and me.


Liberal Meme of the Day

“Joe Biden is the most popular president in history.”



Identify the Aircraft




Identify the Ride


For extra points, what automobile manufacturer did this morph into today?

I own a vehicle made by this manufacturer that has been mentioned on the blog several times over the past few years. For 5 VM points; name that vehicle.


This one is a little tricky. Good luck.


Identify the Gun


It could launch a projectile accurately to 60,000 ft.

90 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Five is 120 mm M1 anti-aircraft gun. USA late WW2 and Korea

    By mutual agreement my wife and I are having dinner out on Thursday night. We are not interested in fighting for space or the price gouging.

          1. Surly has learned the value of appeasing his Sysadmin. The one that has full access to all the unique mods, special .exes and secret files.

            Going out the day before is the right thing to do, the staff practices for the big day on you.

  2. (1) IL-20
    (2) J-20 ?
    (3) Kfz 15 / Horch 901. Now Audi… didn’t know you had one of those, or Porsche / VW.
    (4) Kanonenjagdpanzer? Running gear doesn’t look quite right…
    (5) 120mm M1.

    – Kle.

    1. Kle –

      (#3) That’s because I don’t own an Audi, Porsche/VW – tricky.

      (#4) That’s because it’s not a German tank… I told you it was a tricky ID.

    1. No “plot” for us…funeral pyre out in the PaulM Contemplative Pasture. I’ll be – effectively- put out to pasture…a fitting end. {[:-)

  3. When it comes to the female of the species:
    It’s often depicted in the book of Genesis that Satan misrepresented God’s word to Eve in enticing her to eat the fruit she was not supposed to. I just came to the realization a week ago that what he was really doing was insinuating that her husband had lied to her about what God had said. That perhaps God had not said anything. Thus, he was provoking disunity between the two of them, which is a common tactic of his even to this day.
    So the resultant curse that God placed on her was that instead of the position of equality that she previously enjoyed with him, her husband would now be the dominant figure in the relationship. The problem is now that he often relinquishes that position of leadership.

    1. God told Adam to not eat from that tree. When Satan quizzed Eve she said they were not to eat of it AND to not even look at it. Where did that second part come from? I sometimes wonder if it reflects the human desire to throw a fence around and outside the fence that God put up “just to be safe”. So when someone jumps the fence created by humans and nothing happens, they then think they can safely jump God’s fence as well – to the detriment of all of us. So maybe Adam did tell a little white lie and Eve, looking at it and having nothing happen, then took the bite??? For some reason Matthew 15:9 comes to mind.

    2. Before humans understood the difference between good and evil, they were animals with no conscience. Prometheus stole the software feature upgrade key from the manufacturer, and activated the conscience option already designed in. We are still fighting today for the right to repair things we were told we already had ownership of. Teenage humans gain ownership of their bodies today by homesteading and adverse possession, when they demonstrate open and notorious possession of themselves.

        1. There were FIVE VM points up for grabs. That’s no small thing. Usually, it’s one or, at the most, two VM points offered on the altar of identification.

  4. Not that I have any problem being naughty and nice in the same day but then I really feel at that point you just may as well be naughty. There’s no point complicating things. It’s not my fault the diarist made a cock up.

    Let he without sin cast the first stone, just sayin…

    Harley Quinn

    1. Am I without sin? That’s an interesting question because I tend to live in the moment. If you live in the past, you live with regrets (at times), and if you live in the future, there is the possibility of apprehensions. Living in the moment — I don’t think I’m sinning at this instant unless you bring in sins of omission. AND EVEN with that hat trick, you may not be considering the SPEED at which I repent.

      I am projecting (don’t we all) but I suspect that Jules may be able to repent even faster than I do – the whole Queen of the Clowns thing, a pie in the face absolving people around you of their indiscretions.

      1. Jules, by all appearances, especially with The Colonies view of The Motherland inhabitants, looks like a hoot! Let your freak flag fly I say (you, not me, I’m more reserved.)

        1. Jules is, first and foremost, an art philosopher, but she is willing to toss a cream pie in your face for art’s sake. She’s even (reluctantly) willing to drink pre-sweetened tea over a mountain of ice with a lemon wedge IF (and I suspect only if) she is wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, borrowing somebody’s 1911.

          1. If you live in the moment you can’t possibly sin. If one is constantly present in the moment then you can only be aware of the right now. We are not fixated on the wrong doings of the past or the antics of the future- ergo we are innocent little second by second takers! You can take that to the bank from the clown empress.
            Paul, I am also very reserved but with a dose of menace around the edges. We call it quirky over here rather than deranged. I call it art philosophy, as Larry rightly pointed out. He is responsible for my emergency clown nose that I put on during random meetings to create an awkwardness among the Great British public. Only then do you start to know what you’re up against. I’ve never had so much fun with a toy!

          2. An emergency clown nose is no small thing. They have great impact on the wearer and those around the wearer.

  5. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. IL-20M Coot
    2. Chengdu J-20 lineup.
    3. Horch Kfz.15 staff car. Company eventually became part of Audi.
    4. Looks like a Kanonenjagdpanzer but the suspension looks Russian. It’s not a prototype, at least not from Hanomag, Henschel or Mowag. I thought perhaps an East German mockup but no luck with that either.
    5. M51 Skysweeper AA gun

      1. Samokhodnaya ustanovka 85. There were a few variants of the basic design, and this was one, captured by the Heer and repurposed.

        1. Ok, between you two…the fact you can spell all that…impressive. Sorta like the Top Gear Boys renaming the Koenigsegg Super Car as the Koenigseggeggeggegg.

          1. Most people would write SU-85 (referring to the manufacturer and the rifled weapon’s caliber) on the assumption that it’s a self-propelled gun is de jure.

          2. Yeah, well, I read yours as “Smoke-n-hot Eustace Tank”. This mind plays tricks with foreign tank names…altho could also be attributed to too much ‘Black Rifle Just Black’ coursing through the brain.

  6. “dulce et decorum est pro patria mori […] Given the state of things, I have grave reservations.”

    Here’s the answer to this seeming conundrum. It’s not your country anymore. It hasn’t BEEN your country since at least 1913, but it at least SEEMED to be your country while you (we) were growing up. But now the mask is off. (And if you notice that you’re an -ist, a -phobe, and most irredeemably, an anti.)

    As for RFE, edumacate me. Is RFE just another propaganda-spewing orifice of globohomo, or is it relatively honest? If it’s globohomo (so tempting to add a couple consonants acknowledging our True Masters 🤔), why should we believe any of it? If the stuff about Orban is true, then he’s more like our leadership than we knew. But our True Masters always Project, so who knows?

    1. Given that I was not alive in 1913 nor was my father or my mother, it’s depressing to consider.

      RFE is a propaganda outlet, paid by my tax dollars to tell a pre-approved story. Orban has been under attack by the New World Order for failing to tow the line. I suspect that there may be some truth to the story simply because of the resignations that followed the disclosure. Will Hungary fall to the NWO? They play the long game – multigenerational (see paragraph one above).

      1. A monograph by Mike_C on life, love, and medicine might be a bestseller. It would necessarily include some sort of glossary of terms necessary to navigate life – at least life in New England.

  7. I was asked about the Superbowl advertisement where people were publicly washing each other’s feet as a sign of religious devotion. The ad cost $7 million to air, plus production costs. My experience with this sort of public display is that there’s some sort of grift at the heart of it.

    1. Follow the money…and what exactly was the ad about? Stupid woke multiculturalism run amok with Christian overtones. Made little sense.

      1. It was a $7,000,000 virtue signal. How many meals could have been fed to the poor? You could have built a school in the third world and have educated people for a generation for less money than that.

        (as PaulM and I have discussed back-channel) Feeding the poor, it doesn’t matter why they are poor, and working with them to help them rise is something I’m passionate about. Unfortunately, many, not all, food banks seem to have an agenda attached to them, and that sets my hair on fire. In a Christian sense, service is charity, as Paul described it, not a virtue signal. I have a friend who is Christian after a fashion and lives in the Palm Springs area. He bragged to me recently that they’re building a smaller $45 million church there for the better class to worship together—Sadducees…whited sepulchers. Ok, rant over. Back to the regularly scheduled programming.

        1. You’re not wrong…as you personally discovered (to which I said and say: Geez! What’s wrong with people?).

          Charity starts at home (with a generous heart), then moves out into the community then beyond — the proverbial pebble in the pond ripple effect. (there’s a sermon in there somewhere) Going big is not [always] what Jesus would do, otherwise the chartered focus is lost to the corporate in short order (same can be said for “too many Chiefs and not enough Indians”, makes a mess of things.)

          1. I have no problem with big. Sometimes big works better than small because you can do more. Singleness of purpose is important. I have a big problem with $45 million for a gold dog house, which he described. I don’t have a problem with nice either, or with comfortable or even elaborate. He went into detail about how they planned to exclude the poor and downtrodden so that the rich could gather in splendor and celebrate themselves by creating God in their own image. Like a rat with a gold tooth.

      1. At the risk of offending readers, I know people (including some of my in-laws) who always seek a church that is willing to embrace their favorite sins. LSP and I spoke of that rift within the Anglican faith. One followed scripture, and the other went the woke route, embracing sodomy and just about anything you might decide to do, offering the “church” as a sop to justify their behavior and salve their consciences.

        1. Jesus, or Paul or Peter for that matter, would have a heyday with many a church. Paul’s 1st Letter to the Corinth Church could have started with a lambaste, instead he was gracious and merciful in his admonition they return to the true Gospel. Not sure he would be so forgiving today (picturing more table flipping and at least a rope whip).

        2. Met one traveling preacher who went to one place, was told not to speak about one particular sin(a prominent member was indulging). He then knew what he had to preach about while there.

  8. dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. I’ve always liked Patton’s take on that better:
    “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

      1. My dad flew Gen Patton around Europe for six months, four months longer than the standard rotation. Patton liked my dad. The story was Patton wanted my dad to continue, but his command said no dice, he has to come back.
        I have my dad’s flight logs and Patton signed them in a couple of notations.

        Have a question, if I gave a $50 buck donation, can I rename Mike_C?

        1. My uncle was one of Patton’s drivers. To my everlasting regret I didn’t know that until after he died. I wonder what else I could have learned about and from Uncle Bill if I would have been wiser.

  9. Back in the 90’s I worked with a guy that had just migrated his family from South Africa. During February his son entered the Mr. African American contest at his high school as the only white guy in the contest. When confronted about it by a black vice-principle he asked “What part of Africa are all of the other contestants from?” The school cancelled the contest until after he graduated.

  10. MrsPaulM, being a ranch type, is easy-peasy when it comes to Valentine’s Day, on one hand all girl on the other a <no chocolates or flowers required. We’ve done dinners out over the years, always nice. But moreso now we do a dinner “in” (as being somewhat far flung this is more convenient). Went to a couple of Fondue places for the special time occasions (as she says, “then you can have wine and not worry about driving home…because you’re already there!”). We’ve since adopted and adapted the experience for our own ‘in house’ version. Chef older brother will probably do some 52 step process special epic dinner for his bride, likely already started the prep work using ingredients I have to look up just to pronounce or identify.

    This year she wants a pizza. {[:-)

      1. Good to marry well…and being practical when living where we do. (I’d better get on making the dough, I draw the line at frozen for such a special evening! Yup, a true romantic.)

        Ps. Olive oil is seriously excellent for cracked hands (builders trick), good digestion, and above all, sharp mental acuity…pizza falls right into that as olive oil is a proper ingredient, more being better. Win, win.

        1. I was always averse t greasy pizza, and still am.
          I was in a suburb of Napoli and we ordered a pizza, and did it look greasy, and I said so.
          It was all the olive oil they put on it to keep it from burning in the oven (I was told). It was good.

        2. We buy the flour from Italy. Tipo 00 Flour makes all the difference. We have a Wolf oven that gets very hot, so homemade pizza is excellent. I considered buying a dedicated pizza oven, but the Wolf 30″ M Series double oven is a game changer. I have a Wolf 6 burner (with grill) stovetop, and that’s been a winner, too. They were not cheap, but they’re things that’re used every day and work very well every day.

          I’ve found that it fails by not using the right flour for the crust and not getting it hot enough on the stone. Using canned tomatoes from Italy also helps when making the sauce. You can’t import the correct/best cheese or cured meat from Italy (not pasteurized, and USGOV won’t let it in), but you can come close. Without the crust right, even good ingredients fall flat. Follow this blog for more homemade pizza tips.

          1. “ We have a Wolf oven”

            My friend E reported that his parents (elderly Russian Jewish immigrants of a scholarly caste) bought a nice condo in the Chicago area. They told him that everything was very nice, especially the kitchen. They had been hoping for good, dependable appliances, maybe Amanda or Kenmore. Unfortunately, the condo came with a full set of some unknown and probably shady brand called “Viking”, and that stressed them out. But the stuff happily turned out to be great. It was a stroke of good fortune. E was remodeling his kitchen at the time, and Dad dropped a hint. “This Viking stuff turned out to be very nice. Maybe you should look into it. Might save you some money if you buy the right off-brand. It’s worked out great for us!”

            His parents sound like mine, who came from a different China of a vanished era and ethos. The average PRC (or HK) immigrant of today knows all the “status” brands. Anyway E said, “I didn’t have the heart to explain about Viking to my father.”

          2. When I built the hovel at the White Wolf Mine I went the SubZ/Wolf route with the Scandanavian dishwasher brand they have. Viking is comparable and it’s interesting that they had never heard of it. I had the money at the time and it’s a custom home designed from scratch so incorporating them wasn’t difficult. Since then the price has doubled. I don’t regret the purchase it’s quality gear and living remotely as I do, I don’t go out to eat very often unless I’m on the road for work. I don’t know that I’d rebuy them today for the retail amount. It would approach $50K, which is insane. The price of everything is insane. The prices I charge clients are insane because I keep up with the insanity or fold.

        1. The right oil is key, as you point out and quality olive oil adds flavor and functionality without making it greasy. I hate greasy pizza too. Some people prefer Castleveltrano Olives. I go with Kalamata, but it’s all to taste.

        2. Hah! Excellent!

          LL thanks for the great insight. Grwoing up my Uncle had Philly based Pizza City, the best thin crust pizza and steaks and hoagies (Amoroso rolls are critical), plus a full Italian menu. Thankfully have a close cousin recreating the pizza recipes and techniques with amazing results. He built his one pizza oven. Yeah, I’m biased.

  11. The Female of the Species: at one IT job I was going to take the elevator to the ground floor. When the door opened there was one gal from India inside. Tongue-in-cheek, I asked if it was safe for me to enter. She looked a bit miffed and asked “Do I look dangerous to you?”
    On another note: my anti-virus software keeps telling me I can’t go to this site even after adding the name to the white list. I can work around it, but I wonder if others are running into the same thing…meaning the pissants are still being active?

    1. I’m pleased that you were able to reach the blog, WSF. You’re mentioned in dispatches in a post coming up.

      People constantly attack the blog.

        1. It’s good to have you back, and I’m pleased that Banner received loving tribute from his public on this day of loving remembrance.

    2. Hey, at least you know where you stand. If we were in Andalusia and I planned a bunch of romantic dates, MrsPaulM would be, “Where’s the tack shop?” and “When do we get to take a horseback ride? C’mon, we’re in Spain!” Priorities. But I get it so wouldn’t be offended to be second fiddle.

  12. I was going to say #3 was a Ducati – just to be an @$$hole. Now, as I scroll through the comments, and I see I was right!?!, I realize I missed my chance. What, it’s already 1 pm? I am so ashamed.

  13. Yowzir and Shazaam! 70 replies when I checked in!

    It’s not only Valentine’s Day, SLW and I have our 14th weeding anniversary today. best woman I’ve ever had the joy and pleasure of knowing.

    Got her a Disabled Veteran Made hand-woven “Tree of Life” pendant made over a big, polished chunk of Fordite. It’s pretty!

    And I had “DUCATI” pop in my head as son as I read the caption.

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