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Our fellow blogger, John D. sent me this link to remind me that the climate is indeed cooling (so far this winter, at least). It’s been warm enough to roast marshmallows in California as the progressive solutions to climate change would seem to be to release carbon (and CO2) by burning off the wildland, and reducing the consumption of electricity. So California may be the exception.

(Link) According to official NOAA data, more than twelve-hundred monthly low temperature records fell ACROSS the U.S. in October 2019 — multiple Arctic air masses rode anomalously-far south on the back of a wavy jet stream flow, itself associated with historically low solar activity. 

The sun is currently in its deepest solar minimum of the past 100+ years, and the jet stream has weakened as a result; its usual tight ‘zonal’ flow has more-often-than-not reverted to a loose ‘meridional’ one. This wavy flow has diverted brutal Arctic air into the lower-latitudes, and is responsible for the U.S. either busting or tying a staggering 1204 all-time MONTHLY low temperature records in October 2019 (double the number of new heat records).

John D., who lives in Norway, usually has chilly winters. The last time I was there for work, John and I met with a professor who used skis to commute to work. We have learned that reindeer are facing extinction (along with Polar Bears) and that soon the planet will not see snow.  The people  who say that all want to be King (or Queen, if we are speaking of Warren and the Butt Guy) of America because of their wisdom and foresight. Other luminaries (mostly donkeys) also say that we’ll all be dead in somewhere between ten and twelve years, so why worry about it? Yet they worry.

15 thoughts on “Is the Weather Progressive?

  1. Does this mean I can stop paying my mortgage?

    I mean, the unhinged Dem's have declared themselves "Preeminent Soothsayer" of our time so whatever they say must be truth, right? (There's is a special kind of mental, right up there with the purple wearing Hale Bopp folks.)

    Maybe Epstein really did take himself out, with the world ending soon, and all. Might as well go out with flair and avoid the bad press…take one for the scumbag team so they can remain free and clear. What a guy.

  2. I think that you should consult with your mortgage lender. Explain that many people are choosing not to have children because the world is ending in a decade and given that crisis, you'd like to stop paying on the mortgage because you want to spend that cash on an end-of-the-world party.

  3. The old folktale of Henny Penny has been around for far, far longer than any of these climate terrorists. And for good reason – the players may change thru the centuries, but the plays rarely do.

  4. Absolutely. The climate hysteria in our age has been running since the 70's with the end of the planet always about ten years out…. and a plea for higher taxes to hold back the grim reaper.

  5. The planet's climate is ALWAYS changing…period! Man's existence had/has/will have NOTHING to do with it.

    If you REALLY want to exact climate change; find, access, and control the thermostat on the giant ball of thermonuclear fusion 93 million miles away. Anything else is just a scheme to steal my wealth, property, and liberty.

    That's why militant environmentalists (meaning commies) are called "watermelons"…green on the outside, but red on the inside.

  6. Good idea…extending an invite the mortgage lender to the "World's-End Party", might buy me some sway. Hopefully the Zombie Apocalypse won't interfere and ruin the fun (I'll add "Please be packing" to the invite..just in case.)

  7. If politicians admitted the truth, they could levy a tax on the Sun, but they'd have a difficult time collecting.

  8. Yeah, Chicken Little's all over. Boy who Cried Wolf is gone, too.

    Nowadays, the fairy tales are more along the line of "You Can Have Everything For Free", and "If You Repeat Something Enough, That Makes It True".


  9. If all the climate yahoos believe their b.s., they would find a real target with an attainable outcome; pollution.

  10. I like Camperfixer's mortgage idea, but damn, my house is paid for. Oh well. Might as well enjoy it for the next 12 years.

  11. I didn't realize I was so far behind. But I wanted to say I enjoyed this post and comments immensely.

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