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Yes or No?

The Pope now maintains that there is no Hell. So either the Catholic Church has been fibbing all of these years or the Pope is just a senile old communist. The only part about that which disturbs me is this: Where is it that I’ve been telling people to go all these years? 
I’m not a Catholic so I’ll leave it to those of you who are to sort it out. 
I’ve often maintained that the Devil is a woman based on scripture combined with personal observations. (“And Satan was a broad in the land”) Others claim that Satan manifest himself as Mohammed. It would be tough for me to argue against that position. But the Pope is uncommonly friendly with savage Mohammedans. It’s too confusing.
Meanwhile in Latin America 
The dinner at Grandma’s house at Easter may be over but the hangovers are not. There are many ‘cures’. The best is not to get drunk in the first place.  There was the inevitable tortilla with a picture of Jesus on it, discovered at a bakery in Chihuahua. People flocked to the panaderia to worship the tortilla and while there, many of the faithful bought bread from the bakery that brought them the miracle tortilla. Swift was the business as the devoted came from miles away.
There are concerns about President Trump canceling NAFTA and driving the Mexican economy further into decline, but a few shots of tequila and a bite of lime took that issue and stuffed it into the sombrero to be examined at a later date (the day after it’s canceled).
And that’s how it rolls.

18 thoughts on “Easter Aftermath

  1. I, for one, am relieved and glad there is no Hell. It makes worrying about the after life, if there is one, a lot easier. Now what do I do with this asbestos underwear?

  2. Have no idea why this popped into my head. As best I can remember from the movie "The Devil at 4 O'clock"–

    Harry (Frank Sinatra) "Father, you figure there's anything to this religion stuff?"

    Father Doonan (Spencer Tracy) "Well, I sure hope so. I've been selling it for 40 years".

  3. I do not like this Pope.

    But a great post to enjoy after Easter.
    You all have a blessed week!

  4. F1 has a habit of saying unfortunate things. Of course he's a conservative by anglican standards but that's not saying much. Ask Justsin.

  5. My understanding is that the Pope, if he is quoted accurately by the aging atheist who doesn't take notes, is an annihilationist. Many are. I lean that way.
    We don't all go to heaven, but the wicked are erased.
    Of course it counters snturies of Catholic teaching.

  6. The Pontiff may indeed be re-charting doctrine. The Jesuits are more prone to do that than are the more conservative orders if my reading of history is accurate.

  7. Justin (J1) may have an unsound understanding of the Gospel. But I will leave he and his rainbow coalition to others to analyze.

  8. I can help you with where the people have left when going to Hell. It is in Norway. For your convenience I have attached the following link for travel assistance: goo.gl/maps/fZZdDC1RFZk

  9. My first run-in with the Jesuits came (while working for USGOV) when they were running arms to the Zapatista (communist) guerrillas in Chapias back about thirty years ago. "God's Marines" are involved in a lot of skulduggery – and I don't want to belabor the point.

  10. What's Catholic anymore? As an unchurched lapsed Methodist I've never understood just what a Roman Catholic is.

  11. Again, not to criticize, there are a lot of Catholic orders and societies and they all seem to have different ways of doing things and different views on the cannon of faith: Franciscans, Carmelites, Paulists, Piarists, Trinitarians, The Teutonic Order – during the Crusades and some may still exist, Jesuits, Assumptionists, Hospitallers of St. John, Canossians, Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Gilbertines, Benedictines, Friars of Capuchin, Opus Dei (those cats are CRAZY), various hermit orders, Marian Fathers, Olivetans, Valliscaulians, Missionaries of St. La Salette, Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Order of Don Bosco (in Cambodia), and within the orders there are societies, and so forth.

    In answer to your question, which I'm not qualified to answer, there is sort of a mainstream Catholic movement in the US (which is different than the movement in Mexico where the former archbishop of Morelia established Los Caballeros Templario – a Catholic drug cartel), that most ascribe to and agree on.

  12. P.S. I forgot to add the now famous "Little Sisters of the Poor", which Obama and his progressive friends had so much fun kicking around. There are a LOT of orders. I came up with some more since writing the above: Xaverians, Stigmatines, Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd, Claretians, The Little Portion Hermitage Order, Oblates of Staint Ambrose, Cannons of the Lantern, Companions of Joan of Arc (don't know how many of those folks are left), The Pious Worker Catechists and the Josephites of Belgium. There must be hundreds. Again, each seems to have a different take on the matter if only by degree.

  13. P. P. S. I never heard of Opus Dei until FBI Deputy Director Robert Hanssen, a Russian Spy, was apprehended. There was a LOT of clean up after that and the order received some notoriety. (Google Opus Dei – out of interest. But to show equal opportunity bashing, FBI Agent Richard Miller, also convicted of espionage was a Mormon who sold Amway out of the trunk of his FBI car when he was not betraying his country. Treachery comes in all faiths.

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