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In my experience, roughly 85% of the jihadi types who skulk around in the United States are in the country on student visas. Do they attend school? Hardly ever. That would be work and that’s not what they’re here for. Most never attack anyone, they simply plot, they howl about how much they hate American society — while trying to date ‘loose’ American women, and violating just about every tenant of the Qur-an. Think of the 911 hijackers – students – who went to a strip bar before boarding the aircraft that they flew into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
The very first thing that these ‘students’ do when they arrive in the US is to form or join with others of their political bent on college campuses and to protest the US. 
Because this is the US, any attempt to filter applications on a rational basis to keep “these people” from being allowed to “study” here would be met with outrage. I can hear it now: “Islamaphobe, prejudice against people because of their national origin, etc.” People in the US have forgotten the difference between extending a privilege (to visit or live here) and a right.
If you go through Israeli security screening for a flight to Israel, their vetting process is not based on making you remove your shoes. They PROFILE you. The US has invested a lot of time and treasure to build profiles on terrorists. Do you think that we are allowed to use those profiles to deny entry? Apparently not since the Tsarnaev brothers and family fit the stereotype completely. Both Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation warned the US about Tsarnaev and friends. The whole kabal of terrorists (cell) now indicted with the three additional arrests are students from Kazakstan. Do you think that any of them attend classes? 
The US taxpayers underwrote the Tsarnaev Family to the tune of $100,000.00 in welfare payments. Therefore you and I are PAYING THE TERRORISTS to come here, plot and murder. 
I have to note that not all foreign Muslim students are terrorists. President Obama was a foreign Muslim student when he attended school. The records are officially sealed, but that’s what they will show when they are made publicly available one day. And his father (the deadbeat), Barack Obama Sr. was a foreign Muslim student. Look how Barack Hussein Obama jr. turned out – Nobel prize winner and two-time US President.

Maybe there is hope for the shiftless 
Muslim students in the US after all?

Immigration Reform and Jihadists

The radical Muslim parents of the Boston Marathon bombers came from Chechnya on tourist visas and sought asylum. Before them, in 1993, a Pakistani asylum seeker, Ramzi Yousef, bombed the World Trade Center. Another Pakistani asylum seeker, Mir Aimal Kansi, gunned down two CIA agents in Virginia.

Those famous asylum seekers were not students but the current immigration bill currently under consideration in the US Senate will WEAKEN scrutiny of asylum applicants:

(IBD) The law currently says that any immigrant who enters the U.S. — on a tourist visa, business visa or illegally — has one year to apply for asylum and show they are victims of persecution. In 2012, over 40,000 aliens secured asylum, largely from China, Egypt, Guatemala, Pakistan, India and the Soviet Union. 

Despite asylum seekers committing terrorist acts, the proposed Senate bill loosens controls. Sec. 3401 removes the one-year deadline for applying; Sec. 3504 adds another layer of appeals for aliens turned down; and Sec. 3502 allows the Attorney General to provide government-funded counsel to aliens. Current law bars that. 

America should undertake a policy of profiling would-be terrorists. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but history and sad experience has shown us that all of the terrorists are radical Muslims. The mainstream media was dealt a severe blow when the Boston Bomber turned out to be a radical Muslim – despite their fervent hopes that it might be a white Catholic housewife from Topeka, Kansas. It’s time that we open our eyes to reality and not allow our enemies to hide behind our penchant for political correctness.

America has been fighting a war against radical Islam for the past twenty years whether or not the Obama Administration wants to admit it. It’s time that we begin to take it seriously.

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  1. And we need to stop being a home for every shiftless Muslim student who comes here to damage what we and those before us built. They can go back to their desert ghettos.

  2. We will never learn. It was the same with the 9-11 terrorists. They gave every clue that they were planning something very bad, but the government people tasked with protecting us against them were not allowed to talk to one another. Apparently here in the Boston matter, even overt warnings from two allies were totally ignored, as was the petty criminal nature of the Tsarnaev family.

    Just pathetic, really.

  3. We don't do very well at protecting ourselves. When everything turns to poop, we find someone who has no money to blame.

  4. After 911, we should have learned our lesson. The Boston bombing has shown that we have not and continue to make the same mistakes.

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