Will CIA Recognize Dougherty and Woods?

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Glenn Dougherty and Tyrone Woods, both employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, were killed in Benghazi, Libya when they selflessly and aggressively engaged a superior hostile force of Muslims, engaged in an attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and on the Central Intelligence Agency’s Base, located near the consulate. 
There are two appropriate awards for these two men. The highest and most appropriate would be the Distinguished Intelligence Cross (for valor).
Distinguished Intelligence Cross
Criteria for award: For a voluntary act or acts of extraordinary heroism
involving the acceptance of existing dangers with conspicuous fortitude and
exemplary courage.
Intelligence Star
Criteria for award: For a voluntary act or acts of courage performed under
hazardous conditions or for outstanding achievements or services rendered with
distinction under conditions of grave risk.
Many people do not understand that the Central Intelligence Agency is a non-uniformed military service and that during time of war (as with World War Two), officers of the CIA assume military rank.  The CIA has appropriate awards for valor. I have not heard of the CIA processing these awards for their people who fell at Benghazi. Failure to recognize them can only broaden the stain of shame on the Obama Administration.
The Benghazi Bloody Handprint Flag will be a reminder of an American Administration that could have done something and did nothing. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so clearly articulated, “What does it matter?” I suspect that Secretary Clinton’s sentiments are those of President Obama, who was blind loaded in Las Vegas with Beyonce and Jay Z when the attack unfolded – and didn’t want to be disturbed. If that is truly the case, we will have to wait for another president before both of these men receive the recognition that they deserve. 
Benghazi Blood Handprint Flag
Obama’s Presidential Totem
There are now accounts coming from whistle blowers from within the State Department and CIA (who have been threatened by the Obama Administration) that help from dedicated Special Forces Assets (C-110**) was four to six hours away in Croatia, but orders never came. The Hillary Clinton refrain, “What does it matter?” echoes loudly. Regrettably, it’s too late to save the lives of Woods and Dougherty. But it’s not too late to honor them.

Point of Reference: ** C-110 is the Special Operations “commander’s in-extremis force” or CIF assigned to EUCOM. Since Benghazi, AFRICOM has received it’s own CIF. The Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance and Target Exploitation Course or SFARTEC, also referred to as “Range 37”, is a US Army Course, designed to train operators to survive in a gunfight. US Army Special Forces Operators are required to complete the course in order to be qualified CIF members. SFARTEC and the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat  (SFAUC) course were separate schools that have now been combined into SFARTEC. Last I heard, there was no integration of services in the CIF. The US Navy’s Special Warfare Program has a different and more intense Close Quarters Battle (CQB) program that operators participate in.

White House OFFICIAL POSITION: “Benghazi Happened a Long Time Ago”

8 thoughts on “Will CIA Recognize Dougherty and Woods?

  1. What does it matter? Sounds like a question from an abuser.

    Clinton and Obama need to STOP abusing our armed forces and start acting like decent commanders.

  2. Treating both Woods and Dougherty as the heroes that they were would be a great first step.

  3. I'm sure their families know they're heros. But some recognition would help sooth the pain.

  4. "What does it matter?" will be her rallying cry or mantra (much like "Hope and Change") on her presidential campaign.

  5. It's about doing the RIGHT thing.

    These guys stayed behind — and died that others might live. While the POTUS and SECSTATE were blaming a video that nobody saw. Thus, I'm not holding my breath.

  6. If that. I suspect that the Obama Administration is hoping that it all blows over for the sake of Hillary's run for the White House in 2016

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