It’s a mixed up world, but at least, it’s Friday!


Somebody did a study on the color of blue jeans (Levis) that people prefer, by US State. I had no idea that the color varied so widely, but it’s Friday, and I don’t want to overwhelm you with things …yet.


I’m going to complain for a moment on the high cost of life. Ok, it’s nothing like living in the UK or Europe, so indulge that caveat if you will. But it’s still expensive to live. Let me throw down a few examples: Car Insurance. I have USAA and it’s a great company with great rates and they treat you VERY WELL. Better than I’ve ever been treated by an insurance company, but the premiums are still high for 4 vehicles with a perfect driving record.  Then a rock smacks into the windshield and creates an immediate unrepairable crack. I’m loath to make a glass claim, but the cost of a new windshield (with labor) is nearly $700.00. It’s zero deductible and they send a guy all the way to the White Wolf Mine to repair it – I would have driven to somewhere. I’m not angry, I don’t begrudge parts and labor. But it drives home the point that I have to keep my rates ridiculously high. I just raised them and winced when I did. But ANYTHING to do with a car, even a minor thing, is near or over $1,000. And don’t get me started on everything else.  Ok, on with the blog.


Weird Airplanes

Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

Chile’s Air Force bought it… 707-385C
Caproni- Stipa
Airbus Beluga


Donkeys – doing what Donkeys do.

When you burn your neighborhood stores, they won’t be rebuilt if insurance companies won’t underwrite the project. But the BLM people neither care, nor do they look ahead. They’re a terrorist Marxist organization. The welfare of black people is the very last thing that they are after.




The US divided into 55 commuter regions


US-Mexico border homicide rates per 100k people per year


The California Wasteland

Some people are shocked that California is starting to look like a third world nation. Of course they blame President Trump.

The “Green New Deal” energy philosophy is delivering the sort of power to California that one would expect. Rolling black outs have become the “new normal”.  And because they want to blame President Trump for wildland fires, the Democrats are lighting them (along with rioting). A friend recently asked me whether Californians are all insane. I said that they are not. There are a lot of really nice, smart, polite Republicans left there, but they are in the minority in the inner cities where the rot has taken hold.


This is for Beans


  1. Yes, keeping a car on the road can be spendy. Especially if you live 50 miles away from the nearest grocery store. You have no choice but to cough up the dough to keep your vehicle(s) road worthy.

    Yes, getting anything done by a mechanic seems to always run into 4 figures. To avoid this, simply move to an area where you can walk to the grocery store, say NYC or Chicago. But there is always a price to pay. The money you save in car repairs will just go to the doctors at the emergency room to care for your gun shot wounds. Or to the construction companies to rebuild your burnt down residence/business.

    I’m inclined to just fork over the money to the mechanic, but that’s just me.

    • Fredd, you can repair that Testarosa yourself. I may over-maintain my vehicles, but as you point out, I have to. Mechanics need to do what they need to do.

      • Just FYI, there’s no such thing as ‘over-maintaining’ a vehicle. The thing is either in perfect running condition or it’s not. Yes, even I will drive my truck when it is signaling me that 3 tires are at 72 psi, and the 4th is at 68. Call me wild and crazy.

        For the record, I’m not into Testarosas. I’m a Lambo guy. And I think everybody knows, NOBODY can keep a Testarosa on the road. Or at least not for very long.

  2. Pretty sure everyday of the week is now “freaky”.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder as shown in the definitive Democrat “babe” pic (bleah…reaches for eye bleach). Pretty sure this is their “statement”.

    The false COVID mask is being removed bit by bit, truth win out…Gingrich overrun by a bunch of Fox lefties when he states Soros is funding the chaos, Nashville officials lying to protect their new found payoff wealth. Hell hath not enough fury for these scumbags. And that’s the tip of the iceberg, Titanic proportions. But lookee here – it all magically goes away if Punxsutawney Joe gets elected…according to him. Listen carefully to what he says, it might show the anarchists hand.

    13MWZ’s are dark-ish blue after 20 washings, and the definitive Western states boot cut jean, heavy starch to help shed dirt and manure. Figured the inclusion of stonewashed Cinch/Ariat relaxed cut (bigger guys, bulldoggers) lighten the norm.

    In The Founders era Ilhan Omar would have been dealt with inside of two days after her 9/11 statement, more likely she would have been too scared to enter the DC fray because “when men were men” and not bought and paid for.

    ONE California nuke power plant ran for 13 hours when wind and solar failed, covering demand to keep the lights on. When will people wake the hell up to the “industrial renewable” gambit they are forced to pay for and live with?

    • When I write of the Harris/Biden ticket and ascribe ANYTHING to Joe, I am, of course, referring to his handlers, who tell him what to say. They have Joe running an extortion racket. The window of your store won’t be broken anymore if you pony up the cash we demand. “The riots will end if you vote for me, Creepy Joe.”

      Nuclear power, particularly an array of the smaller reactors that can each fit on the back of a semi that are cooled by liquid sodium would seem to be the way forward. Clean, green, efficient, powerful, and cost-effective. It doesn’t matter if the wind blows or not, if it’s dark or the solar panels are covered by 3′ of snow, etc. Geothermal may come into its own one day as might fusion reactors, but for now and for the rest of my life, the nuclear energy option is the only one that makes sene.

      • The ruinous Left hate anything worth doing well…SMR’s are a terrific solution that beats idiotic wind and solar wrecking hundreds of thousands of acres of good pasture and farmland, ruining the quiet life of rural residents (typical approach, “We’ll stick our garbage in rural backyards, they won’t mind.”).

        November 3rd will be the Dem’s zombie apocalypse, they will not survive the onslaught of real Americans.

        • I hope it goes our way. I fall back on the fact that America elected Trump over Hillary. And as difficult as it is to reconcile, she was better than Harris/Biden.

  3. Our former Governor, now US Senate candidate, is running an ad bragging about shutting down two coal fired plants (which were old and scheduled to be closed) and pledging to make Colorado 100% renewable energy. This, from a trained mining engineer.

    Colorado could reach that goal with hydro. Good luck building a dam in today’s political climate.

    • Yup…goofy Hickenlooper was always a weird kid with a silverspoon family (first hand knowledge), helping Lefty Polis and the Statehouse Dem’s cram their “80% renewable by 2030” wind and solar crap down Colorado’s energy production throat last November. We’re fighting a Texas grifter wind company just north of the border who’s in bed with those same Dem’s, using the Craig-Ault power line once they shut down the Craig, CO powerplant and put 600 people out of work. EVERYTHING is political anymore (maybe always, but seems moreso now.

      • My Dad opened the Hayden Plant and many relatives in the Craig area work in the coal industry. Before that they mined uranium. This “renewable energy” bullshit is very personal to me.

        • Fossil fuel in the way that it’s used today is FAR CLEANER than it was and even though I prefer nuclear, natural gas is a good way to generate energy. Wind and solar are at best, supplemental sources.

          I like hydroelectric energy and applaud building dams and utilizing water resources. If California did that rather than let the fresh water just splash into the ocean, they’d be much better off. I don’t see the problem with using non-spawning rivers that way.

          • Wind and solar are best at point-of-use locations, like small cabins and stuff like that. Even then, they need to be backed up by a large battery bank and a backup gen-set.

            Using them to power the grid is a loss across the board. The only ones making money off of solar and wind are the sellers and installer/maintainers.

        • The Tri-State Generation & Transmission (a lobbying club masquerading as an energy company) spokes-mouth said in response to outcry:

          “Those [soon to be former] employees can be retrained in other fields.”

          Uh huh, in’s that gonna work you pompous arrogant A-H (while sitting in Denver)?

          • Didn’t Hillary say that all the coal miners can learn to write code instead of mining?

            There are a lot of ignorant asses like that out there earning money for nothing and chicks for free. They’re smug, they’re entitled, they’re elite, and will be surprised when somebody rips off one of their arms and beats them to death with it.

  4. Is the Chilean 707-385C the Jimmy Durante model?
    I think the XB42 was a cool looking plane. I understand there was a jet version as well.
    My sole comment about two women(?) is “AAARRRGGGHHH!!!”

  5. Some of those pictures made me feel a bit poorly…

    Now then, let’s talk about the cost of living between us because in my recent trips I’ve found it pretty much on par ( petrol cheaper – supermarkets in America a little more expensive)

    So here’s what I pay:

    Petrol – £1.24 a litre ($7.25 a gallon)
    Insurance fully comp on a Ford Ranger – £300 PA
    Road tax – £250 PA
    MOT – £45 PA
    Meal out with wine for 2 in a nice restaurant- £70-80
    Pint of beer – £3.79
    Glass of Large wine- £7
    Margarita – £8.00 -2-4-1 on happy hours
    High end property tax – £1300 PA
    National insurance – between 2-12% of earnings
    Gas and electric On 4 bed house – £175 per month
    Average food bill inc wine and gin -£800 per month

    • To some extent it’s apples and oranges. I pay $2.25/ga; I have two motorcycles, a ’48 Willies (Jeep), Ford Raptor, Toyota FJ, Honda Accord, and a 12 foot new enclosed trailer, and pay about 3X what you do for insurance; Road tax is folded into the price of gasoline at the pump and I don’t know what MOT is. Where I live there is no smog inspection. I do pay state vehicle registration (maybe MOT) and that’s double what you pay. Meal for 2 is about half the price, gas and electric is about the same on average, food bill is about $600/mo. Most food I eat isn’t processed. It’s less expensive to eat scratch cooking.

      Automobiles are MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE in the UK.

      On par it costs about 70% in Arizona compared to what I paid to live per month in California. Maybe less because I rarely eat out (no place to go) unless I’m working and away from home.

      Wages in Europe and the UK are higher than they are in the US, by in large. I do such specialized work that it’s very tough to compare what I do and charge.

      • “MOT” stands for “Ministry of Transportation”, and they’re the agency you go to to have your car inspected annually.

        “MOT” is a bad thing for car nuts in England. Worse than CARB and the smog test scam they run in Kommiefornia. Brings weak knees to even the best mechanics…..

        • One of the nice things about living in Northern Arizona is that you’re exempt from the smog/inspection process. It’s something that I have always hated.

          • If we lived just a few miles away, we’d be out of the “Front Range Air Quality Corridor”, and wouldn’t have to smog our vehicles.

            At least it’s not the racket here that it is in Kommiefornia.

          • All of Northern AZ is exempt because of the low population count per square mile and the lack of a basin where pollution collects.

  6. Friday just got more freaky…Ginsberg has passed to the other side, guess she now knows the truth of things. God have mercy on her soul.

    My guess Trump knew she was further along and went public with his replacement list of 20 potentials.

  7. In my experience, USAA only raises your rates if you are at-fault with multiple accidents within the billing period. Glass replacement, unless it’s your fault (hammer through windshield yada yada) doesn’t affect your bill.

    They are the best insurance company for not raking you over the coals or cancelling because you actually used their service (unlike… State Farm (boo-hiss.))

    The Boeing EC-135E Droop Snoop is the ancestor of the 707-385C, along with the E-8. Weird, but it’s how you mount one big damned radar in the nose of a plane. Saw lots of EC-135Es at Kwaj and at Patrick AFB, both tracking missiles (coming in and going out, respectively.) Roi-Namur had a nosecone that fell off one EC-135E in the woods on the Namur side. Wonder if it’s still there all these years later.

    The pregnant Airbus is just a typical rip-off of a US invention, the Guppy and Super Guppy. Saw those carrying all sorts of aerospace hardware out of California to Kennedy during the hey-day of the Apollo era.

    The pusher plane? Designed as a low-cost alternative to helicopters for police and border use. The cockpit gives excellent visibility. And the plane is pretty darned maneuverable. But since a lot of police agencies get their helos from Uncle Sam, along with a lot of spare parts, for almost nothing but maintenance fees, it’s hard to justify buying a plane.

    As to the Mexican border deaths, if you remove the deaths on this side of the border that are due to border violence linked to the Cartels, the number on this side drops immensely. Mexico is the epitome of a failed state. It’s being run by the Cartels, even though there are good people in the country. I think the Mexican Marines are one of the last hopes for that country.

    As to people blocking me in a grocery store? They best not. Try laying down? I’ll step on your boobs or balls. Done it before, will do it again. Stand in my way? My cart makes an excellent weapon.

    And California? The government and those in charge can please all die off in a mass-stupidity event, please, and leave the state in the hands of now-confused but suddenly cheerful conservatives.

    That last photo? I think Monsieur Fromage is going to shred his opponent, whose guts are probably curdling by now.

      • Glad to be of service.

        Weird day, what with Ginsberg finally dying, and Trump saying nice things about her while the left screams in anger and says bad things about her for dying now instead of retiring during Okobungo’s reign of terror.

        • Yes, that is interesting, isn’t it. President can’t afford a 4/4 court. RBG needs to be replaced BEFORE the election because the donkeys are sure to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

          Yeah, the donkeys are blaggarding RBG for not having the good sense of stepping down 4 years ago, but that wouldn’t have worked either. She would have had to step down six years ago back when the donkeys controlled the Senate. And she was sickly but not critical back then.

  8. In Oregon, most folks wear Carhartt… tending toward earth-tones of brown or green.
    Wranglers are second.

    I rarely see Levi-Straus blue-jeans.
    I suppose somebody could make a case about semites.
    Speaking of semites, where is Bader-Ginzbrrg’s grave?
    My bladder is full…

    • RBG will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. It’s a place where you’d best empty your bladder before visiting. RBG aside, there are a lot of people who might object to you voiding on “most hallowed ground”.

      I tend to wear Duluth Trading firehose work pants when I’m out in the garage on on the South Forty.

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