The Price of Oil

As Saudi Arabia and Gulf states reject the Brandon regime’s latest call to pump more crude. Oil industry experts predict that $7 a gallon gasoline prices are “very possible” in the near future.

At Virtual Mirage, there is no projection of this sort going on, but if it should happen, inflation could easily reach 100% as we edge closer to the Venezuelan model.

We’re currently running in the 30% inflation range and everyone is pinched with the exception of the elites, and let’s face it, nothing would pinch them. There is an agenda behind these serious scenarios and it’s pure evil.


USGOV is Pushing for War

Brandon and his regime know that war justifies every possible oppression of the folks back home for the “greater good”.  Censorship anti-government sentiments such as those you read on this blog become justified as we join together against those evil Russians while we support the peace-loving people of Ukraine.





  1. Amerizuela times Weimerica.

    Of course we don’t have the names. We’re better than to engage in victim shaming. Y’all DO realize that Maxwell’s co-conspirators are the real victims. And Lady Ghislaine is the real real victim. As always.

    • Nobody appreciates the pimp in society – the value of effort to procure the right child for the rich and famous and then to snuff/dispose of them after the service is rendered. It’s a thankless job and Jiz Maxwell is indeed a victim. Don’t be surprised when Congress votes her reparations.

      Another underappreciated profession is the mobile necrophile brothels who ply their trade within the DC beltway for the benefit of lawmakers with those particular kinks. Maybe Brandon could award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to them?

      • You are referring to things that are absolutely horrific. And unless you are involved with it in some form, either the trade or law enforcement, you have no idea. The rest of us just go through our lives it’s pretty dark.

        • I worked on organized crime and political corruption matters for a living in LA over a 21 year period. Nothing surprises me. I fled to the Arizona mountains for peace.

  2. The demonrats don’t want us to be able to afford gas. Keeps us from moving around freely.
    If we have to buy electric vehicles, I bet the government can control those.
    There are idiots on TV thinking a car/truck that drives itself is great.
    They never read or watched “I,Robot.”

        • The total surveillance and remote control aren’t even the worst of it – the damn electric cars are simply nigh-useless junk on top of it all. None of them can begin to approach the flexibility and freedom-enhancement of either of my 50+ year old vehicles, and those vary between pretty darn primitive and almost ridiculously primitive.

          The War Against Cars goes back to the ’60s, and the totalitarians are very close to winning it.


  3. World oil price is up $15+/barrel on “Ukraine crisis” fears.

    Russia exports several million barrels of oil per day.

    US imports several million barrels of oil per day.

    I think there’s already a clear winner (Putin), and a clear loser (the US consumer).

  4. Mean spirited that I am, I like to ask electric vehicle owners, “Oh, so you support child slavery, don’t you”. Usually invokes an outraged response. “Do you know your battery has a lot of cobalt, that most of the worlds’s supply of cobalt comes from the Congo where it is mined by children?” Whatever the outcome of the conversation from there doesn’t matter. My goal is to leave them with festering quilt.

    Interesting video on a test of the Rivan electric pickup.

    Anything with less than a 500 mile range is of no interest to me.

      • Honestly, I think real-world 600 miles (not the rated range lies) is an absolute minimum for marginal usability. 900 would be my metric for real usefulness, since that’s a pretty easy day’s drive, and if you can get one charge in during the day that’ll get you near to maximum practical travel distance. My best was about 2100 miles in about 26 hours and that was a pretty hard slog. Better is certainly possible, and has been achieved but it requires enough dedication to be a very fringe case.


  5. A buck-seventy a gallon with energy independence to twice that and rising in less than a year, plus reliance on foreign sources. My pick up can flatten their gov’t Prius, the ugliest car on earth…but it is symbolic of the mentality while ignoring its larger carbon footprint.

    Very interesting how the Maxwell deal disappeared real fast…a trial for the child trafficking set up woman yet no evil perpetrators sought. Seems a tad off….like by a country mile. Means the names would be everyone we suspect and few we might be surprised. Shooting them on site for crimes against the innocent might clean out DC a bunch.

  6. It was 3 years ago crude oil was so plentiful that all storage was full and tankers were sitting dormant because the price of a barrel of oil was zilch.

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