At 624 miles, the Texas-Oklahoma border is the longest interstate border between any two states. Next is the California-Nevada border, which is 604 miles.

You don’t get this kind of pointless information anywhere but Virtual Mirage.


Pride Event Canceled

That’s what the headlines read and I thought to myself, who would cancel a gun pride event? They’re so popular and open to everyone in America.

Then I read more closely. I believe we have something to admire in the thousands of Serbian Christians who protested against a massive LGBT “pride” event planned in their country — Christians who were not afraid to boldly declare that “we don’t give up holy places,” as one sign professed.

The protest was held in the Balkan country’s capital of Belgrade on Sunday and organized by opponents of a “Euro Pride” event that was scheduled to take place in the city in September.


Bullet Points

* I’m still outraged about (1) sending Americans to the worthless and pointless Afghan meat grinder; (2) the hundreds of billions spent for the sake of spending that enriched Congress and their donors; (3) the shameful withdrawal.  My outrage is pointless because I can’t do anything about it but still, it remains.

* According. to the Washington Free Beacon, ‘More than 1.1 million incarcerated individuals received COVID-19 stimulus checks, totaling over $1 billion dollars…Roughly 163,000 of those recipients are individuals serving life sentences without the possibility of parole.’

* “A life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace within difficulties.” – C. S. Lewis

They all stood beneath the cross, enemies and believers, doubters and cowards, revilers, and devoted followers. His prayer, in that hour, and his forgiveness, was meant for them all and for their sins. (your sermonette)

* (Gateway Pundit) Trump built up the strategic petroleum reserve by purchasing gas when the price was low. Only to see Joe Biden deplete the reserves as part of his failed energy policies. The welfare of the nation is never a concern to people on Bejing’s payroll.

* Democrat Party Operatives invade New Jersey. I’d think that there were more than enough democrats to ruin a party there – and just when you think there are enough, more come.

* That’s right, it is International Worker’s Day Weekend. Raise your fist in solidarity with communists everywhere.  FJB and the collectivists in the USGOV. Just have the BBQ and enjoy the day off. Winter is coming.

* Meanwhile, this music video captures the LA vibe. Then there’s this one from 41 years ago. Seems like yesterday. Damn, I’m old.

* Did the FBI leak any pictures to the NYT of their Epstein island raid? That’s all you need to know about the FBI.



The Half-Blood Princess

Not a day goes there is something that worms its way into my news feed about the cuckolded former Prince Harry and his spouse, Meghan Markle, a fish-wife extraordinaire.  I don’t care that she’s part negro. Heck, Barack Obama, FJB’s favorite president is half negro.  Who cares? Yet she dredges up racism every single day for public consumption as she weeps out her very long list of grievances.  It’s interesting that in their pleadings of poverty, the outcast couple still forks over millions for publicists. She could get more publicity if she went tranny and displayed her surgically altered self for a tabloid – hint Meagan – $$$. Maybe a book deal, Tierra to Tranny:  The Meghan Markle Story. One thing is certain, the Queen wouldn’t hate (whatever her pronoun is) MORE than she does now. I’m sure that good time Harry would be cool with it.

I’m not fond of the Real Housewives either but former housewife, Bethenny Frankel, unleashed a furious tirade against ‘sanctimonious’ Meghan Markle – accusing her of ‘mimicking Princess Diana’ and comparing her to a former Real Housewife who’s left the show ‘but won’t stop talking about it’. Bingo!


A Wet Year in Pakistan

The Upper Sindh is the most badly affected, with the Indus swelling into what looks like, a 100km wide lake.


  1. Yes. Afghanistan proved to be a classic example of (1) put our men in harm’s way (2) use the situation as an opportunity for garbage Swamp Things to line their pockets on other people’s blood (3) betray the sacrifice of and service of our troops, making it all mean nothing except the blood grift. We could have made it even worse, for example by not providing our forces with what was needed to dominate the theatre, and thus encur greater losses, but we’d have had to try hard.

    That’s a great EJ video, and it captures the vibe of a lot of places. I remember when I was a kid in the ’70s, and bad as things were then there was still hope in LA. Everything dies, we are just unfortunate to have our nation die before us.


  2. Pointless? Nah. We have our assumptions…a little solid information helps us to often see they aren’t correct. Then again, I’m not on the Left, or to a lessor degree, Liberal, which means never having to accept the truth. Facts don’t trump feelings when you are intellectually honest.

    The older I get the more I realize how many fake attention getter’s exist. Markle is another one. If she hated her situation why they heck did she marry Harry, only to trash his life after? Fame. Assumed prominence. Yet even those are never enough for the self-indulgent. EVERY Tik-Tok-er, Influencer (whatever they hay that is), or reality wanna-be star…are all the same: attention seekers. If you saw them walking down the street without the red carpet (or YouTube) make-up and hair, you’d never recognize them. Elegance comes from within, okay to help it along, but fake is fake.

    Now, if more people (not fewer as we have) saw Christ sacrifice in that concise Lewis commentary, people would fill that void with Him, not symbolic tack-on vapor.

    Great content today…as always.

    • “A little solid information helps us to often see they aren’t correct”. You have to be willing to look at information that doesn’t come from your usual source (NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Huffington Post).
      In my limited experience if it doesn’t come from the usual source it’s “fake news” and is never looked at.

      • Absolutely. In general, most times I hear a rational person speak it’s irrefutable and believable and I think “How could anyone argue against that? But the other side does not think normally; as if on queue, every chance they get they somehow manage to torture logic and twist reality to refute any truth.

        In that, it is obvious to those with the veil lifted that these people are, minimally, seriously misguided, but usually they are liars because, for them, “the ends justifies the means”. Yet, to a person, they think they are speaking truth, vociferously defending their position despite obvious facts to the contrary.

        For me it comes down to: Satan has their brains, he does not have ours.

  3. I’m just sitting out here in Tiny Town, Texas, ignoring all the BS floating around… Yes, the TX/OK border is a long and winding road (and OK has some of the WORST roads in the nation… Grrr…

    • As strange as it might seem, the Arizona road department keeps the two-lane mountain roads in very good repair. I rate them between very good and excellent when you consider the situation overall…which is not what one would expect.

  4. “Serbia is currently a candidate to join the EU…”
    The Western Journal, Sunday, September 04, 2022
    Wonder if Serbia will have to join BRICS instead?

  5. The songs you picked are timeless. Foreigner is still one of my favorite bands, and Genesis/Phil Collins were incredibly good. They helped give “Miami Vice” a lrge part of it’s vibe.

  6. Larry, it’s ‘tiara’ which is a stupid bedazzled thing twitwiffles put on their heads because they think they’re royalty or something. ‘Tierra’ sounds like some stupid name for an SUV.

    And, really, who cares. They’re here, not in England and are so far down on the succession list that it’d take a couple cases of .308 to get them lined up for taking over.

    As to ‘International Workers of the World Day,’ funny how many workers have to work on ‘Workers’ Day,’ isn’t it? Which goes to show you it is not actually about the workers and laborers but about the power of the socialist organizations to force something on the American People. Which is the only reason we have ‘Labor Day.’ Our elected officials pandering to big-money socialists (something wrong there…hmmm, can’t place what it is) and big-money socialists’ lobbyists and the big-money that said elected officials can pocket.

    Dammit, more and more Joe McCarthy is turning out to be a friggin seer for what he exposed and got shafted for by the people on his own side (politics never changes, does it?)


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