9 thoughts on “Sequestration Mess

  1. If you don't have a crisis — make one. When you're in the business of usurping power, there can't be too many crisis points. Maybe he needs a designated "Crisis Czar?" How about bringing back disgraced Black Panther and Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones?

  2. He is too immature to take responsibility for his action/inaction.

    Too bad the leftist media covers for him and lets him get away with it.

  3. To obama crises is merely a word to be used in presentations, THe very hint of a real crises turns his hair gray.

  4. Bring it on!

    I am working 7 days a week, a little from home thanks to computers, but 22 hours yesterday. Sometimes its just what it takes. I don't make any more money (well, Sunday and night diff, but its negligible). The 'project' I'm working on won't get smaller, or require less work next month, and having one less day of support and facilities, is REALLY going to hamper things, not to mention the 10% cut in pay (not to mention, but I will, that I dumped $400 into an appraisal for a re-finance that fell through))…

    …but I say, BRING IT ON – America needs this, we can do with government working 4 days a week, let them quit, let them go get other jobs, let government employees feel the economy!

    …a 10% cut in spending won't even scratch the surface of our problem!

    [*Race Bannon does not support 'across the board' spending cuts, as they are caused by the same thinking that says 'spend this budget money, or it won't be around next year.']

  5. If you eliminated every federal employee, we'd still take in less than we spend. That's the heart of the matter.

    50% of Americans pay no taxes.

    50 million Americans receive food stamps.

    I deserve my ObamaPhone and free minutes.

  6. The media remind me of journalists in Nazi Germany who blubbered over the wonderful things that the regime was doing for the German people.

  7. P. S. The "economy" is a cold and bitter place these days. I don't think that you'll see many government workers departing from the trough that they're feeding from. In some states (such as California) you have a nearly 1 to 1 ratio of people who derive money from a government source vs a private source. That is unsustainable.

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