The world has changed since 2008 in some interesting ways. I’m working on a list. You may wish to chime in with your observations as well. The definition of normal has been moving from what it was to what it apparently has become. Panta rhei — “everything is in flux”

This is the NEW NORMAL

Eight percent unemployment

Below $250K per year in family income=Good. Above $250K=Evil.

50 million Americans receiving food stamps.

1% return from a savings account – doesn’t even keep pace with inflation.

Good Rich=athletes, rappers, Hollywood stars, Silicon Valley grandees, Democratic senators, liberal philanthropists. Bad Rich=oil companies, CEO’s, doctors, (they didn’t build anything)

Wicca chaplains in prisons

“Unemployed” means receiving the same money from the government that you made working – nearly forever.

Evil Parasitic Rich Guy=Mitt Romney. Good Rich Guy=Secretary of State John Kerry

“Illegal Alien” is now “New American”

Transgender Military Officers

Was Campus Rape Victim – Is “She asked for it”

$4 per gallon gasoline ($5 per gallon in California because of state excise taxes)

The “poor” get double back what they paid in taxes when they file a tax return

Was Returning Veteran – Is Homeland Security surveillance target

Predator Drone Attacks=Good; Guantanamo Detention=Good; Benghazi=What difference does it make? 
Was Drug Addict – Is President needs the weed and the occasional toot in order to lead the nation properly

Was Unlawful Detentions – Is Preventative Detentions

Was Firearms Owners – Is”Potential Felons”

Was the Press – Is Obama’s Court of sycophants

Gender reassignment surgery for prison inmates at government expense.

Was Islamic Terrorist – Is Freedom Fighter

Was Bill of Rights – Is Bill of Goods

This would seem to be the world that we wish to leave to our children and grandchildren as their legacy.


  1. "I" don't wish to leave me children and grandchildren THAT particular world. I'd rather leave them a world where the Constitution and Bill of Rights are revered, work is the NORM, and we have not compromised our freedoms on the bastion of PCism. But that's just me…

  2. What about:

    Civilian casualties in Iraq = Bad; Civilian casualties in Afghanistan = Who Cares?

    Abuse of executive authority under Bush = Bad; Abuse of executive authority under Obama = Good

    The Obama administration as judge, jury, and executioner as long as an American citizen is suspected of being a terrorist

  3. Was Republic – Is Utopian Socialist Welfare State

    Was Republic – Is Sharia Compliant

    Was Republic – Is Thugocracy

  4. Great list, but rather sad when consumed all at once. Was $9t, now $16.3 trillion in debt. Was free market health care, Now death panels and rationed obamacare. Was religious freedoms protected under the Constitution, Now mandated contraception and abortifacient drug coverage. Was land of the free, Soon civil unrest, martial law, and seeds of another revolution.

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