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I saw the film and it moved me. 10 out of a possible 10 – and a must see. If for no other reason, see the movie to support a Hollywood effort that has a solid patriotic undertone. It’s a real story about real people and if you’ve moved in those circles, the film will reactivate your PTSD just a bit.
And as tough as war is, it’s difficult to come home to a “new normal”. That was shown in the Academy Award winning film, “The Hurt Locker” as well.
No spoilers, no psychobabble. At the end of the movie in a packed theater, nobody moved or spoke. Nobody got up. The house lights came up and only then, and reluctantly, people reverently left the theater. That says it all.
Bradley Cooper did an outstanding job playing Chris Kyle and Sienna Miller did just as good of a job playing his wife, Taya.

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  1. My parents went to a silent auction for charity, and won an autographed copy of American Sniper (deja vu, I may have left this comment before). I guess the person who donated it, was going to have it signed and personalized. He passed before it could be done. I can't wait to see the movie…

  2. That's it, I'm gonna make the time to see it. Thank God we have directors like Clint Eastwood still around to make a film like this.

  3. Yes we have Clint, but his generation is that which I am a junior member of — aging and patriotic because we remember. Will the rising generation fill his shoes?

    Bradley Cooper took a HUGE leap in the LL's book of Hollywood people that I have regard for. (Admittedly it's a short list)

  4. I just can't watch war movies anymore. Having spent 10 years on active duty with the US Army, all I do is look for authenticity in the uniforms, the equipment, the military culture and every movie made since my service has come up wanting: too many goof ups on the details ruins it for me, and it has been that way since I saw:

    Full Metal Jacket
    Blackhawk Down
    Saving Private Ryan
    Three Kings

    All of these flicks are FUBAR with me. Can't watch them anymore. Of course, that's just me.

    Kelly's Heroes: I liked that one, go figure.

  5. I saw this movie yesterday here in Seattle as soon as it opened (10:20 a.m.) and the early morning viewing was well attended with older veteran looking men like myself.

    I give the movie two thumbs up – it’s clearly Clint Eastwood’s best effort as director and perhaps one of the best war movies ever made.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of commentary about the horrors of Islam, a why-we-fight-in-Iraq speech, although the movie did realistically portray degenerate Muslim barbarism at its worst, like the mother who makes her young son throw a bomb at American troops.

    What kind of a mother would do a thing like that ❓ Well we all know the answer to that question after 9/11.

    A five star patriotic movie and instant classic.

  6. "Burning Bridges"…Kelly's Heroes is a great film. This is a film about Chris Kyle and his wife and incorporates a lot of first hand information. It's quite different than the films you mention above. I'm not saying that you should see it, though.

  7. Thanks for the great recommendation. A full house at the theater, mixed ages, and as others have said total quiet as the credits started. I thought the whole thing was well done. Hopefully a lot of the general public will see it.

  8. It's a true story about real people who helped in the production to keep the movie faithful to their story.

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