Which Breakfast do YOU Prefer?

To me, it’s a toss up between England and Mexico, but we all have different tastes. One thing is certain – it is nice to have a delicious warm breakfast (that somebody else cooks perfectly).


In the era of Quarantine, many have opted for this breakfast


A new Totem for our time? The Trash Panda


Not a Bad Plan

This idea appeals to me. I might have to build an Ivan for my own hovel. They guy who set this up lives in Utah, a neighbor to the north of the White Wolf Mine. It would be a bad idea to shoot into 100 pounds of Tannerite.  You have to shoot into Tannerite to have it go ‘high order’. Hitting it with a hammer won’t do anything to it.


  1. Not having traveled outside the US, I would defer to your choices for breakfast. I like Ivan, especially if the tannerite is shaped to deliver maximum effect towards the threat.

    • Front toward the enemy, Darrel. Yes, I should have mentioned that as with all high order explosives, they are best used directionally. Tannerite works well on tree stumps and rocks because of the brisance (shattering effect) that it has. Add several tubes of ball bearings in the direction of anticipated attack – or all over if you’re feeling generous if you want to mix things up. OR buy .72 soft lead musket balls that smash out and don’t just sail through flesh.

  2. I like some variation of the American breakfast. Chicken fried steak and eggs is a favorite and I prefer my potatoes to cut into larger pieces rather than the hash browns. Gravy on everything of course. That aside, I’m rather adventurous when it comes to sampling new flavors, and would cheerfully down any of the others.

    • I agree, it’s all good. And what’s not to love about chicken fried steak and about four fried eggs on top?

      • I thought I was the only one that liked CFS and eggs for breakfast. Mrs J and I frequented (pre-Q) a local diner. I don’t even have to order. the waitress just brings it. My Wisconsin born wife, just rolls her eyes at me.

        • CFS and eggs is like manna. In fact, by some accounts, that’s what showed up in the morning to get the Children of Israel to the promised land. Nobody then knew what a chicken fried steak with eggs was so they called it “manna”, which interpreted from Ancient Hebrew tainted by Egyptian means – “CFS and eggs”

  3. My body does not like food until 0900 at the earliest. My usual breakfast is a bottle of Glucerna.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  4. I’m with you on UK/Mexico but I like US too, so maybe it’s a tripartite breakfast pact for me.

    Shooting tannerite’s fun.

  5. Easy…American, traditional with the occasional biscuits and red-eye gravy or pancakes. Had an amazing suthun’ meal in a North Carolina establishment; ham and eggs with homefries and B&G, and of course sweet tea. Ham slice and homefries were on their own plates! (the big oval ones) I can eat, but those boys know how to put it away down there.

    Danish is nice with cereal, meats and cheeses and Knackebrod, because like most of their meals, it’s an event…plus the morning shot of Akvavit to clear the pipes, which I add to the American…to, you know, be international.

    Can you still buy tannerite tubs in WalMart, haven’t checked in a while. (Might need some of that as the COVID Apocalypse heats up – brings to mind Nolte’s character in Angel Has Fallen – hehe).

    • I figured you for a traditional breakfast guy. It’s a compliment. And the shot (or sipping shot) of Akvavit is a nice touch. Ouzo in Greece, which (Paul) is smoother than Glucerna.

      • Those are my two mainstays, but in all honesty, when in Rome any one of them would suffice. Reminded me we haven’t had our Chuckwagon (Laramie) Saturday morning meal for a while, which sucks royally.

        • Arizona restaurants open on Monday. And breakfast is on the agenda. I expect that it might not be a Laramie Chuckwagon style feast, but things will be normalizing. I hope Colorado will follow shortly.

  6. Agree that English and Mexican are top-notch. American is also good.

    Never had Polish or Thai, but they look delicious in the pics.

    Generally, I just look around and eat whatever seems least healthy for breakfast.

    • Poland is third on my list. I love Poland, I love Polish people, and I love Polish food. Granted, it’s not a chicken fried steak on the plate, but it works as-is.

  7. Most of those breakfasts look good but I don’t any of my favorites… cold pizza, gravy over potatoes topped with fried eggs or a microwave burrito from the bait shop down by the fishing pier (that was a long time ago).

    • Ok, cold pizza (especially GOOD pizza) is about as good as life will ever get.

      You mentioned food at the bait shack. It’s interesting how some hole-in-the-wall and out of the way joints seem to come up with KILLER specialty food in addition to the coffee that is brewed until it’s thick.

      • “Ok, cold pizza (especially GOOD pizza)…” The way to tell if pizza is good is if it tastes good the next day.


        • 100% agreed. If it’s good when you eat it warm, it should be good when you eat it cold – or even better.

  8. Larry, this is the most poignant of your writings.
    Just read your March 7, 2013 essay that showed up on the side bar.
    “California Nursing Homes”
    You describe the particular hell that you and your family went through with your Precious Matriarch.

    The evil is still there with most of the Nursing Homes (for profit) and I hesitate to ask you to comment on the current “Lockdown” that is so adversely affecting an already truly broken end care of life system.

    The numbers of Nursing Homes patients that have suffered and died during this latest virus is absolutely staggering.
    The “Lockdown” required that all family visits such as your family committed to for your loved one would no longer be allowed at the very time when human touch and voice is the most necessary!

    Our parents and grandparents deserve far better care and nurturing as they prepare for heaven.

    Thanks again for such a personal story.


    • I’m still furious about it. To this day. Part of me regrets not taking the nursing home to the Mojave. Maybe it’s shame in not doing that justice?

      • Sorry again for commenting on pushed back memories but that sidebar pop-up had me going with those same thoughts of “Should of, Could of, Would of”.
        Been there with both of my parents!
        We should always avenge the suffering inflicted on our loved ones in one way or another.
        I would guess that we will hold ourselves in check for the benefit of loved ones still alive who would be so negatively affected by Dad beating the life out of someone.

        For me, any coldhearted human being who mistreats elderly or children; as well as all abortion providers; should be made to suffer a similar fate to that which they inflicted on the helpless.

        You did good. I smile thinking of the particular hell that you arranged for that bitch.
        Always much better to not scar your kids and still find the appropriate justice.
        You’re a smart man! Your kids are lucky to have you watching over them!

        • How we deal with the vulnerable – the very old and the very young – who have no voice of their own, speaks volumes about who we are. The nursing home industry is a national disgrace as is our policy for killing babies. But it does define us as a nation and as a people.

  9. Anything I find in the fridge… sigh… Although I’ve eaten both Japanese and Vietnamese ‘breakfast’ and they… leave me cold.

  10. Prefer American style; two eggs, over medium or scrambled, hash browns, rye toast and either sausage or bacon, depending on the restaurant.

    One of the things I immediately noticed after we’d moved here was the proliferation of breakfast/lunch places out here. They all open at 0500~0600, and close at 1400. Outrageously good food, lots of it, great service, and budget-friendly prices.

    BUT….(always a “but”) since I’m not an early-riser these days, I tend to miss out on them except for special occasions.

    I’m just itching for The Silver Grill to open again.


      • Wonderful place. We went there the first time we visited here, and every time we came back until we moved here. I’ve even got a couple of their big coffee mugs.

        Even Johnson’s Corner is closed. Can’t get my truck stop food fix on the way back from DIA.

        At least Vern’s Place in Laporte has curbside pick-up. I love the place but my wife just rolls her eyes when I suggest it.

  11. I like the American breakfasts mentioned about, also well as biscuits and gravy.
    The was a German restaurant just off SAC AFB that had some great food.
    And I also like Thai.
    Haven’t tried Polish yet, but I’m still kicking around – so who knows.
    Mentioned to the missus that if we go to Europe I’d like to visit Poland, and got a
    real HUH??? reaction 🙂

    • If Poland wasn’t so cold in winter, I think that I could live there. But I’d miss Mexican food, and Greek food, and American food.

  12. This is a thread on breakfast.
    Coffee, lot’s and lot’s of spoon dissolving ultra strong tasty delicious coffee .
    Coffee IS breakfast- all the other stuff is just condiments for the coffee.

  13. Ah, you gourmands. Give me hash browns, topped with scrambled eggs, and that topped with hamburger gravy. Sourdough toast with real butter on the side.

    And coffee! Lots of coffee.

  14. I’m with you on marmalade for the sourdough toast. That’s an LL favorite as well.

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