14 thoughts on “September 1914 (Part 1)

  1. European Royalty, being all related to each other, didn't have much to do with starting wars. They just had their stuff taken away from them when the war went wrong.

  2. In Europe – then- wars were what one did to solve family squabbles. However by the time World War One came along, the world had evolved to the point where a family squabble or tragedy in the case of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, ended up in horror, poison gas, flame throwers, and untold misery.

  3. It would have changed things…then again, the mainstream media might not have covered the war. You never know.

  4. You are so descriptive in a very 'REAL' way. I like it a lot. Loved this – " Whatever the cause, fat jiggled east, west and south when she walked north. Maybe one day she had pretty eyes. Now they squinted to see through a puffy face that topped three chins." That made me laugh and I could physically see this woman in minute detail. I like the line " Whores don't appeal to me, a woman's passion is the greatest aphrodisiac." Well written, as per. Ok – off to part 2!

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