Secret Lair (Rule 5)

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Potential lair site – accessible by submarine into
secret grotto.
It would be nice to have a secret lair, though my definition would fit Naval Support Facility Thurmont, also known as ‘Camp David’ (Catoctin Mountain Park near Thurmont, Maryland) more than the Dr. No style laboratory sited in an extinct volcano. Extinct volcanos have an uncomfortable tendency of becoming partially active and then all that work is for nought. The Camp David model never shuts down even if the government does and the American public pays all of the bills associated with keeping the lair running. 
Both Camp David and the Dr. No secret lairs don’t appear on maps.
Mobile lair (self propelled). Only works in very
high and low latitudes. If I loitered off the Hawaiian
Islands, it would be noticed.
However, since I won’t be elected US President anytime soon, I will have to seek the ultimate bat cave on my own. I have rejected the Dr. No solution as set forth above in paragraph one.
The concept of an island (fixed lair) or a simulated iceberg (mobile lair) have their own appeal, each for a different reason. 
The Swedish Navy has a lair for their ships and I’d be willing to assume control of it if the Swedes would let it go. (unlikely) I like Swedish women and there is an inexhaustible supply in Sweden – having a maul is essential to having a lair. After all, what use is the lair without a beautiful ‘assistant’?
Swedish Navy’s lair – complete with beautiful companions
Now that I’ve defined the parameters for the physical lair and the staffing, I need to move on with the activities that will go on at the lair, but that’s none of your business.

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  1. "After all, what use is the lair without a beautiful 'assistant'?"

    None at all.

  2. Of course its none of our business…. what good is a secret lair if there aren't secrets? I have faith that you'll work tirelessly.

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