ALL Enemies, both foreign AND domestic…

I’ll let you decide which is which.


The attack


On September 12, 2001, what would you have given in the way of odds that President George W. Bush would be succeeded by a Muslim-affiliated, half negro, sexually ambiguous, child of communists from Chicago, that he’d do two terms and be followed into office by Donald J. Trump?

Some say that Barack Obama wasn’t a Muslim, though he was raised as one – for a while, anyway. He had a definite affinity toward Iran. But that he’d follow the 9/11 attack and take office during the Global War on Terror is one of the political paradoxes of our time.

Congress authorized CIA to engage in war against Islamic terror groups and then ruthlessly crushed that effort when Barack swept into office with Democrat majorities in the legislature.

The cause and effect of political turmoil (and international intrigue) in America is one of trying to maintain a republic in the face of serious enemies in the infrastructure.


I remember when Barack wanted to change the 9/11 Memorial Date to a celebration of community agitators (like himself) rather than recalling radical Islam.



Moving on

While reading a list of statistics from his teleprompter, Biden announced, “Military COVID infected, 118,984, military COVID deaths, 6,114.”

Those numbers do not match the official statistics from the Department of Defense, which show just over 40,000 U.S. military personnel have been infected, and only 7 have died.

Biden could issue a retraction blaming his handlers for the misstatement of facts, but then his handlers would be blaming themselves because Biden can only say what he’s told to say.


Against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic.



    • Maybe not. I don’t think McStain or Mittens could have or would have stood against a united DNC party behind Hillary.

      Kind of sick, the hidden muslim or the old bag. Both bad choices.

      • Neither of them were worth spit, like Barack.

        My comments were aimed at the truth that Barack was SUCH a failure that an exhausted America selected Donald Trump in the hopes of a new birth.

  1. Given that members of the military are for the most part young and healthy, I wonder how many of the 40K were symptomatic and what the seven actually died of.
    Benghazi still pisses me off.

    • There are older service members who are not healthy. Some are diabetics, some have heart disease or some other underlying element. The fleet from my era was full of asbestos so there’s COPD for older Navy types, clinging to their jobs as they battle high year tenure.

    • Judging by what happened on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, pert near 1% were symptomatic, just like here in the civilian world. Death? From complications due to co-morbidities.

      • And if they’d caught the flu instead of the Plague, would they still have died (of pneumonia)? I can’t say. Nobody can, but it’s a question worth asking.

  2. “September 11, 2012 We will never forget”

    Unfortunately the view from my porch indicates that most of Our Fellow Americans(TM) already have, if indeed they ever assimilated it in the first place. Black Ops Lives Matter has not done well in the marketplace of what passes for ideas in this day and age.

    • Some of us won’t ever forget the Bitch of Benghazi or Hanoi Jane Fonda or John (Swiftboat) Kerry, and the cast of characters. But you’re right, most Americans in the rising generation aren’t taught history and in many cases now it’s through a BLM lense.

  3. Well said LL…Real Americans “never forgot, nor will ever forget” that “some people did something” that day. Then Benghazi. Now today. The progression is unfathomable, yet here we are.

    Praying for our nation, our President, and Nov. 3rd and thereafter.

    • I’m not a young man anymore, Camperfixer. My stab at things is this blog, but soon (hopefully not TOO soon) I’ll pass from memory too. It’s the folly of man that our lives are short and we as a species forget.

      • Keep it going, we need experienced measured voices such as yourself. This week I’m hitting the 3rd 20 year portion of life, officially become an old fart, so I get it…life is fleeting and seems to accelerate closer towards the end.

      • As my dad frequently said – we grow too soon old, and too late smart.
        One of these days I see who came up with that quote.

          • Started hearing it in the 1950’s, and I’m not sure that group had all been born yet 🙂
            Did a quick check and Benjamin Franklin had a variation of that one but used wise instead of smart.
            Supposedly there is an old German and/or Dutch proverb that says this:
            ‘ Wir zu früh alt, zu spät klug erhalten! ‘

        • My Mom had a cast-iron light switch plate that said “We Grow Old Too Soon, and Smart Too Late” that she bought at a “Pennsylvania Dutch” store the year we went East to see Gettysburg, and some relatives.

          She also had a spoon holder/trivet that said “Kissin’ Don’t Last; Cookin’ Do”.

  4. After all that above, we still may have very senior (active and retired) military that want to execute a coup to put the socialist globalists in power.

  5. never will forget that look of childlike bewilderment in a blackhawk pilot’s eyes that morning when the first plane went in, then the second. his dad was the inspiration for the movie Men of Valor, but that morning he looked at me and said “sgt, what just happened, what does it mean?”. i replied “somebody just kicked our ass.” we were waiting in the day room to get on a plane to bosnia, but that would be postponed. we left three days later still unsure what the hell was going on but had a job to do. much like today. and i won’t forget benghazi until the worms are feasting on that witch’s body.

    • I won’t tell the story here about how the FBI F-ed up ROYALLY after 9/11, but I was a first-hand witness to that. What a bunch of turds.

      And Benghazi – Barack high on dope with Beyonce and JayZ in Vegas and Hillary working to cover her political ass, and not a single general with the stones to deal with it. Depressing in the extreme that we’d come to that.

      • Not to mention the roll that BJ Clinton, Hills Clinton and Al Gore took in separating all the intelligence services and ‘criminalizing’ international terrorism.

        It’s not surprising that they succeeded. It’s only surprising that it was only as bad as it was, as a competent terrorist organization should have been able to follow it up almost immediately with more and more destruction.

        And I’ll never forget. Any of it.

        As to Barky? He’d fly down to Miami International once a month and stay somewhere with minimal security for an hour or two, then fly back. Gee, wonder what he was doing for an hour in Miami once a month? (Friends in DEA basically alluded to getting a shipment of blow and cigars from various people, all unsubstantiated, of course, even though the Media knew all about it.)

    • Saw a story yesterday along those lines about Cali Nat’l Guard rescuing 200 people from surrounded fire, trapped. CaliFire stood down (where have we heard that before?), said they couldn’t fly, told these people to hunker down and/or swim in the lake. Basically left them to die. CaliNG wasn’t having any of it, went into the fray using night vision to get them out. Hero’s.

      • Yes, very heroic. That’s what they’re supposed to do – be heroic and do what is necessary. Cowards in Cal-Fire should be dismissed without pension or references.

      • Cali Nat’l Guard did what real first responders do. They always go out. Coming back is optional. Go up the stairs. Go out in a boat. Fly into danger. March or ride into danger.

        You always take the risk to rescue those less fortunate than you. That’s the American Way (lose 5 people looking for one lost child syndrome.)

  6. Remember the day. Thinking of what would have happened if the US had left Afghanistan after the few special forces <500? and the locals kicked out the Taliban to Pakistan.

    • That’s what should have happened, John.

      But the same BIG ARMY types and BIG CORPS types who hate President Trump for stopping wars instead of starting them were hard at work to keep an endless war in place because it was good for careers and profitable for beltway bandits (where they’d work after they retired). The immorality index on that is so high that you can’t see the top without a telescope.

  7. sgt, what just happened, what does it mean?

    It means all that tax money you paid for a defense system was wasted, because it can’t even foil twenty rather ordinary terrorists. It means the defense system is no better than the intelligence system, which failed to predict the collapse of its principal object of study, the Soviet Union. (The retirement system, the healthcare system, the forestry system, the news system, the education system, the …) Government victims handcuffed into white buses to the camps will still be arguing that you have to have government to build the roads.

    The immorality index on that is so high that you can’t see the top without a telescope.

    It’s the District of Criminals. One of the Big Lie failures is that the middle class can’t believe there are millions of humans who are willing to be parasites if they can arrange it at low personal risk. That lack of understanding is funny given how they loudly they demand to get paid 3X more out of SS than they put in.

    • A lot of the older generals pine for the old days of the Soviet Union. They were plodding and didn’t do much. We were plodding and didn’t do much. The Cold War raged and military budgets were unlimited.

      The CIA was created to defeat Soviet Russia. That’s it. When the wall fell, there were decades of confusion on what should be done and how might that be accomplished? Today there are a lot of encounter groups on the Brazos where gender diversity is discussed and embraced, followed by songs sung around a campfire with marshmallows toasted.

      The Beltway is stinging from the withdrawal from wars, hoping that China can be goaded into a limited conflict where a LOT of cruise missiles and torpedoes are fired. They may vote to keep Trump to keep that dream alive. If Biden wins, they’ll put 2 Corps into Syria to re-kindle an endless war.

    • What I want is the lost ROI that SSN caused, by forcing us into their program instead of allowing what a certain South American country did. Haven’t checked lately, but it was working well the last time I did check.

    • What was really bad was how gutted our Air Defense Forces were after Clinton. Not an armed standing CAP or Intercept fighter in the country at the time. The fighters that were launched, too late of course, were going to have to kamikaze any targets they encountered.

      The NEACP (National Emergency Airborne Command Post) and Air Force 1 weren’t able to even be used properly during the emergency, because the money to upgrade and improve, and even test the old stuff, was axed from the budget thanks to Clinton and Gore.

      The White House Situation Room and command post couldn’t handle the information traffic.

      Nothing Emergency-wise worked properly, or at all. NOTHING. That day showed that we were at risk and had absolutely no way to react or defend or even track.

      What a colossal fuck-up.

      Thank God at least He was awake and the losses that day were so much less than they should or could have been.

        • We were also “Outward Looking”, never suspecting suicide pilots would turn airliners into guided missiles.

          What clues and warnings we did have were botched, vaguely similar to 7DEC41.

          • I remember reading an outside-the-box thinker bringing up that possibility pre-9/11, and being ridiculed by the intel agents in the meeting. “That’ll NEVER happen here”.
            As I remember it, he was a scifi author.

        • There’s a documentary out there where they interview one of the pilots that was heading towards United Flight 93. She was determined that if she got to it, she’d knock it down somehow.

          Another documentary was an interview with George Bush about his view of what happened that day. He couldn’t get in touch with Cheney, or the Pentagon, until AF1 landed and they could establish land-line comm. Until then, the supposedly high-tech AF1 was basically like having the President on a pre-WWII DC-3.

          It was a national disgrace. And the links to the failure go deep, all the way to… Bill Clinton’s administration.

          Seriously, we (the USA) spent how much on AF1 and NEACP and everything else and nobody tested it under stress? WTF?

          It’s one of the things that President Trump shoved his shoes up someone’s arsehole over, as when he took over, the planes still sucked, needed new engines, funding, upgrading of all the electronics, needed to be tested, and were basically falling apart. So he, through his people, brokered a deal where some of the latest 747 models were bought cheap (because they were almost already built but the buyer dropped out,) converted to AF1 standards (better engines, all that secret squirrel stuff (minus an escape capsule, maybe, who knows, maybe…) and got it for far less than Barky was going to spend (no doubt with a big chunk of the contract finding it’s way back into Barky’s pockets through the usual cut-outs…)

          Scary thing is… I learned a lot from watching National Geographic documentaries about 9/11, and then following up the little drips and dribbles using the internet and actual books and articles.

          The info’s out there. Can’t stop the signal. Just gotta sift through all the crap.

    • They can all worship the negro if they wish. You can worship a tree, cut it down and use the wood to cook supper if you wish. You can be a communist and be embraced & celebrated – look at the Obama family, all card carrying communists.

      America is strong enough to offer that and the media will make the news if there’s nothing that fits their narrative.

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