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PFC Bowe Bergdahl

When I think of PFC Bowe Bergdahl, I think of the Woody Harelson character in the film, Wag the Dog. Obama had a problem with the VA so he had to repatriate a prisoner. I hate it when life imitates art. “GOOD OLD SHOE = Bergdahl”

The difference between Pfc/Sgt Bowe Bergdahl and Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi – The Taliban demanded the return of five high level leaders before they would release Bergdahl. Mexico, on the other hand, is demanding that we not return 12 million Mexicans before they will release Tahmooressi.


12 thoughts on “Bergdahl – Wag the Dog

  1. Unless you are a Chicago progressive – then thief, liar, etc. are badges of achievement.

  2. Yep, and it DID knock the VA scandal off the front pages, mission accomplished…

  3. Some people wonder if Bergdahl was, in reality, a deep, deep, deep-cover operative. Others think that Obama was just freeing one of his own. A traitor.

    I'm inclined towards the latter view.

  4. Bill Whittle is spot on as usual. Listening to Obama does make me wonder if I've been taking crazy pills:

  5. He's a traitor/deserter in the face of the enemy. In other times and circumstances, he'd be shot or hung.

  6. You may have been taking crazy pills…but Obama will drive you crazier than that.

  7. Now there is a "leaked" video of the President working out in a hotel gym…I wouldn't be surprised if an Obama relative died, they are desperate to get Obama's work out of the news.

  8. He's there showing the world what a stallion he is. I'm sure that Putin is intimidated.

  9. Never let a good crisis go to waste and of there isn't one to be had …
    Just create one , see bengazi, fast and furious, irs, va , bergdalh… ones something happpens they don't like create a new scandal to change the subject and move right along…..
    Nothing to see here folks

    Keep up the good work

    Thanks, J.D.

  10. Scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal…and the mainstream media declares them all to be frauds.

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