Amazon (new film)

Captioned image: There is a new film in production where Amazon women – who do not work for Jeff Bezos and are not from “The Amazon” take on the Roman Army (males) and wipe them out. It’s very progressive as a historical reenactment on film. (the picture itself is taken from Wonder Woman, a racist film because key cast members were not women of color/colored women)


Pennsylvania Voting Fraud

(Gateway Pundit)

The subpoena in Pennsylvania stopped short of requesting ballots and voting machines, as was done in Arizona, until Dush wrote last month to request the digital data from the election computers and hardware used in the 2020 election by Fulton County, a sparsely populated and heavily Republican county.

The Republicans continue to challenge the election of President Brandon. The Arizona results showed shocking fraud in Maricopa and Pima County (where the challenges took place). The media,  cat’s paw for the democrat machine, spun it into a Brandon victory, as you know they would.


Gutfeld – via Washington Post

In Gutfeld’s America, President Biden is a doddering geezer. The mainstream media is essentially a house organ for the left. [In reality, they are a house organ for the left.] And the nation isn’t engaged in a necessary national conversation on race, and racial disparities in housing, health care and employment. Instead, he aims to persuade his audience that the nation is consumed by destructive and divisive “reverse racism” and an insidious campaign against Whites.




This Week in History


Brigadier General Hugh Mercer died on January 12th 1777 after being wounded at the Battle of Princeton.

Born on January 17, 1726, at the manse of Pitsligo Kirk in Roseharty, Scotland, Hugh Mercer was the son of Reverend William Mercer and his wife Ann. At the age of 15, he left home to attend Marischal College at the University of Aberdeen to study medicine. Graduating as a doctor, he practiced locally until the arrival of Prince Charles Edward Stuart and the beginning of the 1745 Jacobite Uprising.

Rallying to the Prince’s colors, Mercer became an assistant surgeon in the Jacobite Army. He remained in this service until the Battle of Culloden.  Mercer was forced to flee Scotland for America in 1747. Arriving in Philadelphia, he settled on the Pennsylvania frontier and returned to practicing medicine. by 1758 he was, like many Scots who fled, serving in the British army,  battling Shawnee and Delaware Indians, Mercer and his men took part in Lt. Colonel John Armstrong’s raid on Kittanning on September 8th, 1756, and became separated from his men. Alone following the battle, he made his way 100 miles on foot back to Fort Shirley where he received medical attention and was heralded a hero and promoted to the rank of Captain, it was here that Mercer was to become good friends with a man that would shape the remaining years of his life, also a Colonel at the time, his name was George Washington.

Before you start questioning his loyalty with being in the British army remember Washington was also in their pay at this time. After the 7 year war he settled back into private practice but 15 years later was elected as a Colonel of the Minute Men of Spotsylvania a Militia that would play an important part in the American Revolution, he had initially excluded from the elected leadership and branded a “northern Briton,”  later being appointed Colonel in the Virginia Line part of the Continental Army which rose in revolt against British rule after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, once again he was fighting against “the auld enemy”.

One of the officers under Mercer was future president  James Monroe. He rode through the ranks to Brigadier General distinguishing himself and involving himself with  George Washington battle plans until January 3rd while on their way to The Battle of Princeton leading a vanguard of 350 soldiers, Mercer’s brigade encountered two British regiments and a mounted unit. A fight broke out at an orchard grove and Mercer’s horse was shot from under him. Getting to his feet, he was quickly surrounded by British troops who mistook him for George Washington and ordered him to surrender. Outnumbered, he drew his saber and began an unequal contest. He was finally beaten to the ground, then bayoneted repeatedly—seven times—and left for dead.

When Washington learned of the British attack and saw some of Mercer’s men in retreat, he himself entered the fray. Washington rallied Mercer’s men and pushed back the British regiments, but Mercer had been left on the field to die with multiple wounds to his body and blows to his head. (Legend has it that a beaten Mercer, with a bayonet still impaled in him, did not want to leave his men and the battle and was given a place to rest on a white oak tree’s trunk, while those who remained with him stood their ground. The tree became known as “the Mercer Oak” and is the key element of the seal of Mercer County, New Jersey.

When he was discovered, Mercer was carried to the field hospital in the Thomas Clarke House (now a museum) at the eastern end of the battlefield. In spite of medical efforts by Benjamin Rush, Mercer was mortally wounded and died nine days later on January 12, 1777.

In 1840 he was re-buried at Philadelphia’s Laurel Hill Cemetery. Because of Mercer’s courage and sacrifice, Washington was able to proceed into Princeton and defeat the British forces there. He then moved and quartered his forces to Morristown in victory.



    • Yes, it is. Added here only to indicate that while too little, too late to stop Brandon, there is still pushback.

  1. When the media et al pushes a twisted narrative people start believing it’s the norm. 10 years ago nearly every commercial showed the husband as stupid and the wife or kid as the smart one, then they’d air a government PSA stating “fathers are important”.

    Fraudulent elections start with voter roles, which are a mess, and those in charge either like it or don’t care because they can thieve the results at will.

    A lot of “Mercer” history where I grew up in Bucks County, PA…interesting backstory.

      • Funny how it’s always the Dem’s, who now want [illegal] Vax Papers while simultaneously decrying Voter ID. Gee, wonder why that is?

        • Yes, they are a band of craven misfits. Dealing with them is like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end.

          • Or is it like playing chess with a pigeon?
            The pigeon will strut around cooing madly, knocking over all the pieces and crapping all over the board … finally, to fly off and leave you behind with all your carefully planned and considered moves.
            But the pigeon doesn’t care: it had its moment of glory and now it is off to its next chessboard. Or monument. Or whatever.

  2. Gutfeld is a great show. I’ve been in the audience maybe 10 times and it a lot of fun but that’s over now since it’s no NYC anymore for this guy.

  3. Amazons: Well, I can’t figure out which new film you’re referring to, but I am so very very pleased to note that there are now transwomen Amazons. And Black transAmazons, yet. Let me quote from Nerdist. Grab your girdles and hang on, girls.

    DC is making great strides when it comes to queer representations. First Batman‘s Tim Drake and Superman’s Jon Kent shared their bisexuality in their respective comics. Now, “Nubia & the Amazons” has made one thing very clear. Trans women are welcome on Themyscira. Transgender Amazons are a part of Wonder Woman‘s world.
    This incredible clarity was offered by Nubia & the Amazons writer, Stephanie Williams, on her Twitter.
    [I’ll save you the trouble. Yes, Mx. Williams is. No, not that thing, the otherthing. And I have no idea about the other other thing.]

    And for those wondering who is Jon Kent, he’s the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. I quote from Screenrant: The Superman: Son of Kal-El series chronicles the life of Jonathan Kent as he takes over his famous father’s title. He’s battled climate change in the form of a deadly forest fire (which was caused by a metahuman with out-of-control powers), and saved a boat full of Gamorran refugees in a terrible storm attempting to sail to the United States.

    Jon Kent’s new boyfriend is a pink-haired boy called Jay Nakamura. Just so’s y’all know. And for those of you who’ve read “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” by Larry Niven (a classic), Jay is a (secret) “post-human” and can survive a hell of a pounding. So you needn’t worry for Jay.

    O brave new world that has such people in it.

  4. “…Fulton County, a sparsely populated and heavily Republican county.”
    Perhaps I missed something, but Fulton co. is the metro county including most of Atlanta.
    Despite the northern blob (formerly Milton co) being more affluent, it is heavily Democratic.

    • Fulton County, Pennsylvania – between Bedford and Chambersburg.

      Fulton County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 14,845, making it the fourth-least populous county in Pennsylvania. Its county seat is McConnellsburg.

  5. Interesting reading about Dr. Mercer, thank you. It is amazing how many pieces of the puzzle had to fit together to result in a successful revolution.

    “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” was a great, great short story read.

    The voting fraud issue is important to pursue. It won’t change the outcome at this late date but it is important if only to shed light on the cockroaches. Be interesting to see the entire picture when all the investigations are done.

    • Next time, with any luck, a great deal more scrutiny will be placed on vote counting door locks, and (armed) people standing vigil over those votes.

      • CO elected a radical Democrat as Secretary of State. In less than two years, she has had a 200% turnover in staff. That gets rid of anyone with a shred of integrity but leaves a group that probably can’t find the light switch.

        • I often wonder, having not met many of these types, where the heck do they come from? Seems every turn there’s a new one coming out of the woodwork. Then again, Pelosi Jr. has been found out to be a Hunter wannabe.

  6. RE: PA election fraud…….Not so fast!
    “BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Steps In and Delays Fulton County, Pennsylvania 2020 Election Investigation”
    Our State Supreme Court is so liberal they don’t even try and hide it anymore.
    As a professional FF I have to watch my step, but as a Conservative Pennamite I have tried to protest the Wolf admin since the begining of this mess. The Lockdowns, business closures, mail-in voting, late ballots, etc.
    PA is controled by the Liberal bastions of Philly and Pittsburgh and we have been blocked by our own SC and even our RINO State Senator, Pat Toomey.
    During the spring of 2020 as I was saying that all of Wolf’s actions were unconstitutional, I had a co-worker (a veteran, who has sworn his oath at least 3 times in his life) yell at me, “Jack don’t you understand? This is different! The Constitution doesn’t matter!
    The Commonwealth where the Declaration of Independence was signed deserves better but I fear it is too late.
    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

  7. Amazons…. Sigh.

    If they’d just tell the actual history of the Amazons, it would be an amazing tale full of wonder and actual history.

    Why Amazons? Because when the Amazons rose in power, the horses at the time were… short and light, in the region of west Asia/southeast Europe. And so the only way to actually have mounted troopies on said horsies was to either do chariots, like what Egypt and the Assyrians did, or up the ladies. Which is a doable thing in an era of overly high yield agricultural products, because it requires taking spare women and making them horse archers, with the chance of losing those prime breeding females from the breeding pool, which you can’t do if you (as a civilization) are on the edge of losing it because you’re starving (because you need all hands to gather food at that time.)

    So, yes, please tell the story of the Amazons, who existed before and during the time of Troy and the proto-Greeks (the time of Odysseus and Achilles, before the rise of the big city-states and the wars against the Persians.)

    Tell us about women who, at a time when women were really oppressed, were brought up to be not-equal to men but to be deadly on the field, where light horse archers ruled the open plains in the days before bigger horses and stirrups. Please. Because that is much more wonderful and fantastical than some fantasy wymyns’ movement.

    Of course I’m also waiting for a good telling of the Trojan War, with real armor and stuff. Would love to see Achilles stride across the field in Charioteer’s Armor (a series of bands that hang down from the shoulder and, yes, leave only the feet open to attack. So heavy only a charioteer could wear it, unless you’re a stud-muffin jock like Achilles.)

    As to the Bimbo-Brigade wiping out Romans? Puleese. The Roman foot held off the Mede friggin cavalry unless they (the Romans) were led by a completely clueless jackass like Crassius. Against light cavalry? Yeah, Romans win every time. Because they have Balearic slingers for long range weaponry, and a sling-bullet is really a deadly thing, against the 30-45lb composite short bows of the PMS patrol, and the Roman shields were definitely proof against even point-blank fire from a bow of that poundage.

    Gaaahhhhh. Historian Hulk Rages!!!!! GAAAAHHH!!!!

    I know, let’s have a movie about Sal-a-d’In’s forces fighting Julius Ceasar over who controls Egypt. That is about as realistic as Wammins whipping Roman Arses.

    Jeeeze Louise. (pulsing gorehead vein)

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