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Roughly (mumbles) years ago when there was still a war in Northern Ireland, I was seconded to 42 Commando as part of an operation that still remains classified as far as I know. It’s also covered by the Official Secrets Act (UK). The men that a small hand full of Americans worked with back then were not the British who now lead the House of Commons. 
One can only opine how far things have slipped, how dramatically that nation has fallen and how screwed up things can be when you read something like this, out of William Hague’s mouth (a filthy sewer if ever there was one). 

William Hague, the Conservative leader of the House of Commons, announced that his government was ready to aid British jihadis returning from the Islamic State if they had “good intentions.” Some of the returning jihadis, Hague said compassionately, will “just need help because they will have been through an extremely traumatic period.” The full force of the British welfare state stood ready:

Hague: “We haven’t had a lot of people coming back yet and saying they want to be of assistance, but if they do of course the government, the police, the National Health Service will work with those people and help them to recover and to assist others.”

Hague would doubtless consider it “Islamophobic” to point out that Muhammad said, “War is deceit” (Bukhari 4.52.269). The prophet of Islam is also recorded as saying that lying was permissible “in battle” (Muslim 6303). So if deceit is permissible, according to Muhammad himself, in times of battle and war, and the Islamic State considers itself to be at war with Britain, then how will Hague and the rest determine whether or not they are being deceived by a jihadi who is only feigning “good intentions”? Since they are sure that Islam is a religion of peace and would denounce as “racist” any idea that its prophet actually sanctions deceit, their dysfunction is complete.

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  1. For the benefit of my non-British readers – Pillock:

    Etymology – The origin of pillock is believed to go back to the 16th century meaning penis from the Norwegian word pillicock, presumably akin to the slang dickhead meaning inept fool.

    (UK, mildly pejorative, slang) a stupid or annoying person; simpleton; fool, such as a wazzock or a plonker.

  2. How did an egg, like Hague, get into government? I mean, he's not even a human, just this talking egg…

  3. Somebody elected him. The British favor pickled eggs. Go into any pub and there will be a large jar of them on the counter. I think that affinity stood him well in his bid for power.

    Things like that just happen. I mean, a house elf can find a sock and become Arch Bishop of Canterbury, so…yeah, sometimes it goes like that.

  4. Fate usually gives you enough rope to hang yourself. I suspect that Justin is just about to the end of his. There are no hearses with luggage racks. He's about to find that out for himself.

  5. Have you seen our options? It's like being the last ticket holder at a WI raffle! Let's look at Ed Miliband for one – he is like a real life spitting image puppet! I vote Boris Johnson – bring back British bonkers.

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