Gravy Train vs Balanced Budget

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The problem with present government spending is that it is not indexed to the public’s ability to pay for it. The services it provides are offered to the public on credit. President Obama ran up a two trillion dollar debt in his first six years in office in the hopes that massive payments to low income voters would keep his party in power. It didn’t work as expected. Now he’s hoping that illegal aliens will bail him out of the corner that he painted himself into. What a cur.
If you want a new foreign war (endless, pointless combat in a place no decent person would ever want to live), fine, pay for it. Nuke their ass and steal their gas or do something to pay for it. It’s ok to drain the oil from under the sand. Camels and scorpions can still live on top of the sand when we’re done.
If you want 56 million Americans to receive free food (EBT/Food Stamps), find a way to pay for it. But be careful since America’s corporate tax is the highest in the world and there comes a point where companies simply leave the US to avoid paying. The present administration doesn’t get it, but both Hillary and Barack’s line is “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT”.
Forcing a balanced budget means PAIN for people addicted to an endless flow of ‘free money’. Will the new Republican legislature do that at the risk of a back lash from free money addicts? I doubt it. Politicians are first and foremost, politicians. Once you’re on the gravy train you really don’t want to jump off. It’s not unlike heroin.

10 thoughts on “Gravy Train vs Balanced Budget

  1. At present, it's a mechanism for income distribution from voters who are not likely to vote for them to those who are. Nice work if you can get it.

  2. In the case of the USA under Obama, we simply borrowed 2 trillion – and now we simply print it without a pretense of backing it up with anything or borrowing to prop it up.

  3. Which is a disaster in the making. If the dollar ever loses it's reserve currency status, and the tyrants in Russia and China are working to make that happen, then the borrowing and printing are over.

  4. Yep, balance… Means cutting entitlements TOO! NOT going to go over well with the free cheese crowd!

  5. Thing is, cuts don't go over well with any government legislator, employee, or contractor. Everyone talks the talk, no one walks the walk.

  6. We're so far under water that it will take discipline to pull ourselves out — and the nation lacks that trait.

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