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The shot heard ’round Colorado (more here). Two plumbers start the movement.

The Biden Defense
Gun control advocates sent a message through Colorado, cheered on by Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden directly, and President Obama — from afar. The message was that politicians could vote for gun control measures without fear of career ending reprisals from their constituents. 
Voters responded and removed two Colorado politicians — with more to potentially follow. And while the anti-firearms legislation that the legislature passed is still on the books, the gun control orgy is dead in Colorado and the legislation will quietly go away as the Democratic majorities in the Colorado House and Senate privately consider their careers. Politicians, to be obvious about it, value survival. They’re not inclined to take stands on issues that put them at odds with their constituents, and they don’t like to wade into divisive debates that rile people up but don’t win them votes. And they listen when their colleagues are cast from office by angry voters.
John Morse and Angela Giron are no longer state legislators. They no longer have jobs. They no longer lap from the trough. And that lesson is not lost on the rest of Colorado’s legislators. John Morse, former president of the Colorado State Senate, no longer presides.
There had never been a successful recall vote in the history of Colorado. But that changed when a couple of patriots began a movement.
John Morse (no longer a politician – left) and friend

20 thoughts on “Colorado Recall – One Perspective

  1. A Colorado friend told me, "These yahoos move to Colorado because they love it. Then as soon as they get their water turned on, they want to change things." Then he made some comments about the habits and parentage of such people.

  2. The "Yahoos" you're referring to are liberal pukes from California. And yes, who knows whether they ever knew who their fathers were.

    As a resident of California, I think that the liberals need to be caged in the San Francisco Bay area — but they do escape.

  3. Here in Connecticut, our recall mechanism is called "the next election". The legislators who initially have most to fear are those Republicans who colluded with their democrat colleagues effectively holding down law-abiding gun owners while most of the state's Demoncrat legislators gang raped them with the draconian and ultimately useless new law passed last April.

  4. Republican traitors need to be replaced every bit as much as the Dems need to be recalled if they engage in this sort of behavior.

  5. Morse blocked testimony from the El Paso County Sheriff. Morse's district is in El Paso County. He gave some out of state astronaut all the time he wanted to testify. That pissed off a lot of people.

    Giron went along. She also failed to protect Arkansas River water, a stab in the guts of her constituents. That never came up in the recall but must have contributed to hard core Democrats voting against her. Old saving, in Colorado, whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting.

  6. A story that can inspire the rest of us, and that should, because we will need it. I hope those people that allowed that guy to be thrown out of the Common Core meeting rethink their apathy.

  7. They blocked testimony for all but one county sheriff when they all went to the legislature to appeal for common sense.

    It was a failure across the board to listen to the will of the people. And the people acted to fix the problem.

  8. It's like the SEIU thugs shouting down people or the Acorn abomination early in Obama's presidency. A vocal group of "progressives" are allowed the stage and the people are suppressed to allow the illusion that the progressives are on the side of right and justice.

  9. We haven't shoved back enough. But Colorado deserves huge credit for showing the moral fiber to throw the bums out.

  10. I was in Colorado the week before the vote. More yard signs than I had EVER seen, both ways too. I wasn't sure how that was going to turn out. Funny thing was, MANY of the pro-recall signs were hand painted! The Socialists complained about outside money (freedom) coming in, but the fancy commercials and posters seemed to lean to the left…

  11. The Tea Party signs were made by the people carrying them. The counter demonstrations were comprised of many hirelings who were given signs. I'm not saying it was all that way in Colorado, but the trend continues.

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