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Cruising the Neighborhood


Baked Apple Cider Donuts

They’re full of vitamins and dipping them into the hot cider only makes them better. It’s not unlike dunking toast into hot chocolate. Or sinking a fresh hot biscuit into gravy — there is something primally delicious in the thing.


Why Exempt “Our Betters”?


An American Tradition

Above: The Burning of the Peggy Stewart, by Francis Blackwell Mayer 1896

In October 1774, Annapolis, Maryland experienced its own “tea party,” reminiscent of the uprising that occurred the year before in Boston Harbor.  When the brigantine Peggy Stewart arrived at the port of Annapolis on 14 October, laden with a cargo of tea, its contents were subject to a highly controversial tax imposed by Britain on goods imported to America.

When the owner of the Peggy Stewart, Anthony Stewart, paid the “tea tax,” he violated the non-importation resolution implemented by the colonists in protest.

By Wednesday, 19 October, a crowd had gathered in Annapolis threatening Stewart’s life if he did not destroy the ship and its cargo. Unwilling to accept Stewart’s offer to destroy the tea, the crowd demanded that the vessel be burned. Fearing the mob might attack his home where his wife lay ill, Stewart gave in to their demands.

Maybe a lesson for our time?


Identify the tank


23 thoughts on “Stand Fast!

    1. The vax and boosters may be enough to turn you into a snarling, mindless zombie… we just don’t know.

      1. Observing the general public it appears they don’t need the vax. It’s year round Halloween crazy and weird now.

    1. Fantastic tank and troop picture. You can zoom in and get a lot of details. Dood on the right has a rifle grenade on the snout of his Garand and I think the guy behind him has a grenade launcher on the muzzle of his rifle too.

    2. Correct, Jim-in-the-Valley. The best US light tank of the war (replacing the venerable M-3/5 Lee). They arrived late but for what they were, they worked.

  1. Yeah, that’s the powers just checking things from the air, making sure you don’t have any of those obscure tanks laying about that only Martin and a few others can ID.

    Brown’s Donuts, Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ. Come right off the conveyor into the cinnamon and sugar basket. Yum. (thinking yogurt just won’t cut it this morning.)

    Good day.

      1. Embrace the oversight by your betters. It’s also okay to open up your bank accounts to the IRS….Ms. Smug Mouth Upper East Side Yellen has a need to know whether you got the deluxe Williams-Sonoma espresso machine or a Mr. Coffee from WalMart.

        Every single one of those nuts is a POS. Starting from there helps us with OODA Loop adjustments to combat their tyranny.

  2. There’s a cider mill near here that’s famous for their donuts. Whenever I take some down to the grand kids in Wichita I always have three in the cab with me to slake my cravings. The rest go in a bin in the back where I can’t get to them. A friend who’s a retired highway patrolman once described them as “power rings.” I suppose that’s why cops love donuts.
    No C-130s flying over here though we get an occasional CH-47. Nothing else I’ve heard sounds quite like one.

    1. We live a few miles from the Arlington Municipal Airport where Bell Helicopter is located, and get the occasional tilt rotor fly over. Another distinctive sound.

      1. Yea, very distinctive sound. When I was working in the Los Angeles Harbor we’d have the Marines come up to play once in a while. They also used the two Ready Reserve cargo ships docked next to us to practice assaulting and baording a ship. Sometimes they came roaring in with LCAC’s, Chinooks, and Apache gunships. And several times they came in by Osprey. Really impressive to see (and hear) them.

      2. I lived a mile directly south of the Arlington airport from 1987 to 1998. The V-22 was something else to see. It came in low and fast a few times when I was at home.

        I though that the C-130 mention was one coming across low and fast (for a C-130). I was disappointed that it was up high. Loved doing that low-level stuff when I was a C-130 driver.

      3. I did a biennial flight review there years ago (’90). On takeoff to the south I looked over and we were in a very loose formation with a V-22 departing the Bell facility.

  3. Looks like C-130 over Angles Landing. And The Who are exempt from the jab. They like Peter Townsend that much?

    1. He must be “a national treasure” and you wouldn’t want to vax one of those.

  4. Lots of people? Backpacks? And, chains? on the ground in the C130 photo. People are in precarious places. Looks remote, but apparently isn’t. C130 now knows this off grid location. Probably the number of folks and their identities too. Or, just a routine training mission.

    1. Backpackers are dangerous. Who but a dangerous person would go for a hike in the mountains, far from the vaxing authority. I’m sure if you could see the picture better, you’d see that everyone is wearing an obedience mask. They make the trek feel more authentic, don’t they? Didn’t Lewis and Clark wear obedience masks? I’m sure that in the new history books they’re fully masked.

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