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On the Border


Accidental Shootings

Accidental Shooting Statistics from (Thanks for doing the heavy lifting to compile this, Cassandra) On average, over the past forty years, 3.02% of all firearm-related deaths can be attributed to accidental shootings. However, this has declined, with only 1.12% of deaths unintentional in 2021. Thanks, Sam, for including VM in putting out this information. is a good place to buy ammunition, and they do quality research into issues about the use of firearms in a sea of disinformation.


Bullet Points:

** Save the planet…! More here

** Through the Darien Gap.

**”New York City is set to distribute $53 million worth of pre-paid debit cards to illegal immigrants at the cost of taxpayers.

According to the New York Post, these pre-paid debit cards, or the “Immediate Response Card,” will help illegal immigrants buy food.

Per conditions of the program, illegal immigrants will only be allowed to use the cards at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores are allowed to accept the cards.

Illegal immigrants risk being removed from the program if they don’t sign an affidavit promising to use the money only for food and baby necessities, according to the outlet.

The cards are similar to the state’s food stamp program, SNAP, which provides financial assistance to low-income residents.”

It matches the hundreds of thousands of emergency visas issued to asylum seekers through an online app so they can enter the country and make it to their hearing date, which most of them will never attend.

** California to bail out the marijuana industry… It reminds me of the time the Federal Government took over the Mustang Ranch over back taxes (through the bankruptcy court) and was unable to run a whorehouse at a profit.

** Chicago imports criminals because they don’t have enough.

** Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem told Newsmax on Wednesday that Mexican drug cartels have set up shop on tribal reservations in her state because they know the federal government has jurisdiction over those lands and that the Biden administration is “letting it happen.”

** John Nolte of Breitbart has done my work for me:


On Mars

For some reason, JPL hasn’t put the rovers in the right place on the Red Planet or on its moons. In the picture below, Surly and one of his Barsoom wives stake a claim on Martian (Phobos) real estate, having stolen it from a Green Man. It’s like taking the Indian off the butter package and keeping the land… There’s an old wife’s tale that Phobos is on a collision course with Mars. If that were true, would Surly be showing off up there?


Identify the Rotor Aircraft





24 thoughts on “Rotor Day

  1. Identify the Rotor Aircraft:
    1. Bell AH-1Z Viper
    2. Mil-35M Hind
    2. Mil Mi-28 Havoc
    4. MD Helicopters MH-6 Little Bird

  2. To be accurate, the moon is named Thuria. :)

    Must show this to Mrs Surly. She will appreciate that her representation is having a good hair day.

  3. IDRA-
    1. Bell AH-1Z Viper
    2. Mil-35M Hind
    2. Mil Mi-28 Havoc
    4. MD Helicopters MH-6 Little Bird. Affectionately called ‘Killer Egg’ in the community.

  4. Great info from I reposted the link, with attribution to VM, at Steven Crowder’s Mug Club.

  5. There are no fat people on Barssom.

    Have the Indians re-read all those treaties to figure out their liability to criminals harbored on their land to be prepared for when the Orange man returns?

  6. I am convinced that everything we are being subject is rooted in a spiritual battle. A strong nation starts with God and courageous people (men & woman alike). Yet, Satan has captured far too many minds in our modern enlightened, highly educated (snark), free flow of information to our back pockets era. People and communities are more separated than ever, which makes the plan to weaken America easier. That hoax list was always propaganda push marketing to sway the lazy and uninitiated…who willfully bit into the rotten fruit. For some it’s not entirely their fault…trying to survive in this insanity ($11K-$17K more needed per year under Bidennomics) is getting harder to do…so many are rightfully distracted in protecting house and home while being told everything is just peachy. It’s not…by a mile.

    Case in point: The “Save the Planet” article. This tripe is such a tired old saw, started by a bunch of college dropout mouthy useful idiots back in the 70’s. But it didn’t fade away like it should have, instead it morphed into a cultist religion of the demented and deranged. Worse, the NYT reporterette is serious in her writing…she means it, fully thinking a Space Shade Sail is a great idea. (Full disclosure, we use one for our outdoor patio in Summer, works great for that small area.) And how will deploying one of those square with solar panel energy collection the Left embraces as “renewable/green/sustainable”? Sun=Heat & Light=Food & Energy. The space shade thing is counterproductive to life. But the PhD’s and Enviro-Planet Savers know more than God. Yeah. No. they don’t.

    This bravo sierra does not bode well for our Nation.

    On a brighter note, happy to have VM back up and running…otherwise I’d have nowhere to emote.

  7. Sketchy stuff in the weed business in Oklahoma, too, according to somebody I know who recently got out of it.

    That 53 million in immigrant cards will cost what, another 100 or 200 mil in administrative costs? And, it will go on forever because that’s what gubmint programs do. Does The Big Guy get 10% back on that or does it go to Adams?

  8. On The Border: We are being invaded at the direct hand of The Administration and Their Swamp Minions. This is treason, and no amount of whitewashing lying by The Scumbags In Charge, or ignoring the elephant in the room by media shills, can make it otherwise. This one is worse – O’Keefe in Tucson where a Ramada has been turned into a jump-off basecamp for illegals:

    1. Ps. “BonCharge” EMF product infomercial at the end of JP’s [spot on] video…the tin foil hat for your body? Is this a thing we should be concerned? (DrJim?)

      1. I don’t worry about EMF. I’ve been immersed in RF (Radio Frequency) stuff for a good 60 years now, and show no ill effects. I’ve read dozens of studies, and follow the FCC guidelines (Amateur Radio stations are required to do so) for folks that might be “Unintentionally Exposed” to RF when I transmit.

        EMF bombs don’t bother me much, either. Yes, I do keep some radio gear in metal cans, but you don’t need expen$ive “Mu-Metal” enclosures for that. I have some walkie-talkies in an ammo can. and keep a solid-state HF transceiver in a 40mm cannon shell container.

        I think we’ll have other things to worry about if somebody hits us with an EMF attack.

  9. Weed.
    Some tokers I know say the street price is way lower than the state approved ‘dispensary’s’. Market forces, modern moonshiners?
    Disclaimer. Haven’t touched the stuff since 1968.

      1. “Back in the Day” street pot was about 5% for the green “ditch weed” up to 10% for the better stuff, and the really good stuff was ~15%.

        Even the cheap stuff today runs around 20%, with the high-end being ~30%.

    1. Well, she is a ranchers daughter and that might sway her attitude, altho I never found her to be of poor character.

  10. Great rotor shots.

    Ha, bail out the pot industry. Dear Lord.

    Funny thing. Alberta legalized that iniquitous nonsense a while back and dozens of pot shops opened up in Calgary. Most went bust a year or so on, leaving the government/state pot shops open.

    Right there, instanter, yet another reason to just say no to drugs.

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