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We’re still living in an ice age. I’m sure that the progressives don’t care, but it’s settled science (link).

At least five major ice ages have occurred throughout Earth’s history: the earliest was over 2 billion years ago, and the most recent one began approximately 3 million years ago and continues today (yes, we live in an ice age!). 
Currently, we are in a warm interglacial that began about 11,000 years ago. The last period of glaciation, which is often informally called the “Ice Age,” peaked about 20,000 years ago. At that time, the world was on average probably about 10°F (5°C) colder than today, and locally as much as 40°F (22°C) colder.
It would be good if you read the whole (brief) article above if you’re interested in this sort of thing. Science does provide a lot of answers if people are willing to look at the situation with an open mind. Sadly, many politicians and most Hollywood actors have an agenda of their own, and a narrative that they closely follow. It’s more of ‘twisted science’ than an actual and objective look at factors that influence climates and those changes that have taken place. Cause and effect can be reviewed, but it needs to be done objectively.
One significant trigger in initiating ice ages is the changing positions of Earth’s ever-moving continents, which affect ocean and atmospheric circulation patterns. When plate-tectonic movement causes continents to be arranged such that warm water flow from the equator to the poles is blocked or reduced, ice sheets may arise and set another ice age in motion. 
Today’s ice age most likely began when the land bridge between North and South America (Isthmus of Panama) formed and ended the exchange of tropical water between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, significantly altering ocean currents. 
An examination of tree rings is also useful when looking at recent changes in the local climate. Some years are wet years (such as this one in the US). Some years are dry. These conditions change locally based on where you are.
People of some influence with access to the corrupt, lying, mainstream media can push a narrative that the climate is all pushed by man. Some freaks even call for the death of all cows in an attempt to control the climate. There are somewhere around 35 million cows on the EARTH now. There were well over 100 million bison roaming the American plains a hundred and fifty years ago, in addition to bovines in other parts of the world. And yet, the planet survived.
Rep. AOC (D-NY)
Nobody wants pollution. Nobody wants to ruin the planet. But the progressive numbers don’t add up. Four or five volcanoes spew out as much CO2 as all the cars in the world. China with their dirty industrial practices pollutes double what the US does, but somehow Hollywood and liberal politicians push the same apology tour that former (disgraced) president Barack Obama did. It doesn’t mean that we need to swallow the lies.

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  1. Yes, the cows have made it warmer which is wgy it's colder. Texas, for example, has a lot of cattle and it's freezing this morning.

    Science dictates that we do our duty by the climate and eat STEAK, daily.

  2. I suggest that you widen your vision to include a BRISKET BURRITO from Karen's every other day. It's almost a religious duty in your quest to save the planet. When you're by there, ask the manager if they would consider setting up a franchise in Happy Jack, Arizona.

  3. I sure wish the cows here in Kansas would fart more. I have to be on the road Sunday, and we're expecting snow and sub zero temperatures.

  4. A progressive would haul five cows in a trailer along for the trip, hoping that their bodily processes would clear the snow. If it didn't work, they'd call for an end to cows.

  5. Global Warming is the new religion of the left. The Earth is their god and man is the devil.

  6. Your facts, sir, disrupt the narrative. A few minor distortions on the way to a higher goal is an unfortunate necessity.

  7. Your facts, sir, have disqualified you from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Christmas card list. Additionally, I would expect you to ignore that AOC is a godless heathen who doesn't believe in God anyway, much less His Son and His birthday, and subsequently that aforementioned list (from which you have been eliminated).

    You have been banned, you Denier you.

  8. Please have Aunt Sally bake an organic, egg/dairy free cake and send it to AOC. That might end the problem if AOC's staff don't eat it first.

  9. Looking out this morning confirmed the Ice Age. It really was quite beautiful. Cold, but beautiful. After getting plowed out yesterday with a big bad-assed front loader (I want one!) my mood improved slightly. It was still scary driving out though. The road is barely wide enough for my little Sonata and the snow banks are waaaaay over the top of my car. Hopefully, the worst of it is over.

  10. Or maybe this is just the beginning. If the snow doesn't abate by August (still over the Sonata), you may consider buying a tracked vehicle instead of a wheeled vehicle to get out to buy supplies. Here at the White Wolf Mine, we're expecting rain tomorrow, which should help with the snow removal effort.

  11. India will never get rid of their sacred cows.
    And Scrat will never get his acorn.

  12. I don't know what AOC looks like when she wakes up and have no desire to smell her morning breath, but I'm sure with all of that organic tofu and kale that she eats, it wouldn't be pleasant…something along the lines of a cow belch. Which suggests that eliminating AOC instead of the cows might be a smart move.

  13. We'd have to kill the Indians off (by peaceful means – maybe germ warfare) to get to their cows. It's a progressive solution.

  14. PS, LindaG

    A dog returns to its vomit and AOC will one day return to the ghetto once she's spent through all the money she's able to steal.

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