An Assault on Academia

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How many “professions” require specific instruction and how many could be handled by apprenticeships until the candidate reaches “journeyman” status. The law and medicine are two such areas which would streamline the pipeline to get qualified people in place. A test (bar exam, etc) could be administered to insure that standardized education is achieved. But do we need uber expensive schools? 
Kim Kardashian is going the apprentice route in California, which allows for that prior to a bar exam. Many licenses such as a private investigator license requires apprentice hours or on-the-job experience (such as police officer). 
Oh, but how academia would HOWL if that became the gold standard.

12 thoughts on “An Assault on Academia

  1. And their union would guarantee that it never happened.
    I know that in some places teachers get 'graded', sort of, when someone sits in on a class to see how they are doing; but overall I don't know that there is a standard. Other than liberal.

  2. Would YOU want to have open heart surgery done by someone who bypassed Med School and did it all "On The Job"? Some careers involve a great deal of education in fundamental science prior to even thinking about acquiring hands on experience.

  3. You might military veterans who have been treated by corpsman and medics that question.

  4. In the wars, that happened and probably still happens, a lot, Dan. But my point, however poorly I made it, was that I feel people should have to go to school to learn how to be teachers. I know they go to classes to learn new technology and such; but I'm not sure it is required of teachers to learn how to teach.

    Perhaps I misunderstood the post. I just have a problem with rampant liberalism/socialism and indoctrination of students.

  5. Lot to be said for apprenticeships over massive debt to our socialist reeducation camps.

  6. I work with guys (and have worked for) with 4 year degrees. I have the equivalent of an Associates (I never took Creative Writing or Poly Sci.. LOL) based on my skilled trades apprenticeship.
    They wonder why they spent the money.

  7. I suppose the counterpoint is "do you want to have open heart surgery by a "C" student?".

    Lots of people get them, and we have no real way of knowing.


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