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Veritas #3 Campaign rigging

CNN Reacts

The Clinton Campaign, a racketeer influenced and corrupt organization, is caught again inciting violence against Donald Trump and his supporters during the election. I’m surprised that CNN is covering it because it confirms damning corruption. Note that the Democratic talking head’s reaction to this is interesting. The lady that speaks before Van Jones (a Black Panther) is characterizing “one a criminal, always a criminal” is amusing.
More FBI Corruption

A top Clinton family political ally authorized more than $600,000 in campaign contributions to the wife of an FBI official who helped investigate Hillary Clinton’s secret email account. (link)
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee contributed $467,500 to Dr. Jill McCabe, and the state Democratic Party gave another $207,788 to her state Senate bid, hoping to defeat an incumbent GOP senator and win control of one of the chambers in Virginia’s legislature. 
Dr. McCabe’s husband, Andrew McCabe, oversaw the FBI’s field office in Washington, D.C., which was providing the manpower to investigate Mrs. Clinton’s secret email server at the time of the donations. Mr. McCabe would later be promoted to be deputy FBI director, serving under Director James Comey, The Wall Street Journal reported.
“The fact that this was allowed to occur shows either outright negligent behavior by the FBI or a level of corruption that is beyond belief,” said Jason Miller, a spokesman for  Donald Trump.
Keep in mind that following the campaign, the candidate can keep all of the campaign contributions remaining in their war chest and use it for any purpose. Was it a bribe to a senior FBI official? You decide. Maybe FBI people who follow this blog would like to comment – or not. I understand if you don’t.
I imagine that a field agent would be fired if a spouse took $600K and then they took a lead role in a criminal investigation of the person who “laundered” the money into their pocket. Or maybe not? I can’t say one way or the other these days. The FBI’s problem is that the public doesn’t know whether or not they are corrupt completely or if it only rests at the highest levels of the agency. If Assistant Director Andrew McCabe received $600,000, one can only wonder what Loretta Lynch (AG) and FBI Director James Comey received.

8 thoughts on “Rigging the Election

  1. Not all that hard, except that the people in government who would normally do the investigation have been bought – or at least the upper echelons appear to have been. The "fourth estate" does this but they are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation these days. There are lots of ways to "buy" people. There is the outright cash purchase (Andrew McCabe), there are threats of "Clintonian suicide" – and those are followed through on, or there is influence and promises of this or that – and that's harder to find…unless you have their e-mail.

  2. King George has nothing on Hillary. He was an entitled, spoiled King. Lord North and Charles Townshend were the architects of the Revolution if architects could be said to be had. It was a long time coming. If Hillary was there she would be traitorous Tory scum and would have been hanged.

  3. I always wondered what happened to "Campaign Contributions" after the elections were over.

    Thanks for the education.

  4. While they are in office they are limited what they can do with the money. There are ways to "legally" launder it out of a campaign, loopholes, etc, but it's more involved.

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