16 thoughts on “Making fun of Hillary

  1. He did this YouTube video a month ago and hasn't been heard from since. Maybe he's "in the witness protection program" or something like that where nobody can contact him?

  2. That's good. Tim Hawkins is another very funny comedian who slips in a Hillary jab every once in a while, but usually when he's safe in Texas. Even then he has to watch for snipers in the balconies.

  3. If she ascends to the presidency, there will be a lot of people on the enemies list – and sent to re-education camps until they learn to love Big Mother.

    If she loses, she'll be in the Moscow apartment next to Snowden.

    It makes the choice very clear.

  4. So, if she loses and ends up in a maximum security apartment in Moscow, will they still allow her to wear the Stalin jackets? Seems like cultural appropriation to me.

  5. We do love Jeff Dunham. He was on what I thought was the new season of Tanked, but I just looked and it was June of 2015. So who knows?
    I did hear that the Wikileaks director died. But that was supposedly due to his lung cancer…

  6. I'm sure gonna miss Jeff Dunham. Sad the way he committed suicide, too. Two shots in the back of his head…

  7. Why no Hillary jokes? Same reason there were no Mao jokes in 1960's China. And nary a Stalin joke in 1945. Ditto with John Gotti jokes, Pol Pot jokes, Hitler jokes and so on.

  8. I heard that after he shot himself in the back of the head twice, he sawed his body into pieces and put them in a weighted sack that he rolled into a river.

    Clearly a suicide – even though he failed to leave a note.

  9. I think that some people told one Stalin joke or one Hitler joke… So there was joking around to that extent.

  10. She is also culturally appropriating the term "Dear Leader" (which she favors) from Kim Jong Un. And come to think of it, she and he use the same tailor and are the same size. The coincidences keep coming.

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