The site hacking has grown to a fever pitch as shleps try to take down Virtual Mirage. Denial of service, brute force on the server, and so forth. I care – I guess, but the question is why? Seriously. The next thing will be ninjas at the physical site where the server lives, and the gunfight will be legendary.

But the blog goes on, and I hope that it’s worth the effort and that you all continue to find it interesting.

I officially un-registered myself as a Republican. I’m now an “unaffiliated voter”. I should have done that a long time ago, but liked President Trump. He wasn’t a fiscal conservative, but he loved America and the American people and acted accordingly. He wasn’t part of any political dynasty and that made the swamp uncomfortable. When is the last time you saw a president do that?


Identify the Aircraft




Patrol Boat, River

The Brown Water Navy (Viet Nam) was never that popular with the Admirals who were all big deck guys.


Fun With Maps

Predators in France (brown for bears, black for wolves, yellow for lynx)

Polynesia, overlaid on a map of Europe for scale

Vegetation map of Bolivia.


Exploration & settlement in the US, 1800-1820


When (and if) it goes.


England looks a bit impacted.




Progressive Profile


Senior Citizen Advice


Before they were “Flight Attendants”


  1. First try at loading this post failed. Message about the internet connection not being detected than a different connection detected. Took my “Boost” program more time than usual to clear my computer. Second effort went ok.

    It appears the mortgage lenders are letting delinquency slide, for now. Haven’t had any assignments for two weeks. Does it mean anything? Shoulder shrug.

  2. Hacking your site makes little sense to me. Boredom perhaps?

    As a Canadian I do not understand why someone would need to register as a Democrat or Republican. I am a member of a political party here but all that means is that I can vote at the meetings and that I get a lot of phone calls and emails hitting me up for donations.

    • I don’t know who the new crew is. I haven’t delved but will. Flood attacks, high port attacks, etc. maybe it’s boredom.

    • “Hacking your site makes little sense to me.”
      Fair enough, but these people live in a radically different (a happy accident of wording; not planned, but appropriate) headspace than most of the people who frequent this place.

      Dissent must be silenced. Whether these recent attacks are coordinated action from a Big source, or randos emboldened by recent events, who knows. But we must be saved from wrongthink. I suspect many regulars here feel “you have the right to be stupid and wrong, so long as you don’t affect me or mine.” In contrast, the Left are reformers: “You will not be allowed to be in error. We will repair you, or you will be eliminated.” Think of it as more of a hyper-aggressive, crusading, would-be universalist religion rather than a political ideology. “Blasphemers must be corrected or silenced.”

      At least that’s how I see it.

      • I believe that there is some type of organized attack on the web presence of people who may be conservatives. My wife’s Facebook account was constantly being locked because of password resets (or attempted resets) with email addresses not hers. This went on almost daily for weeks. My wife has the account because she has an authors’ Facebook page. The attacks started after she joined a Kindle self publishing authors group and subsequently changing her book catagories to Christian Fiction and family life fiction which are Conservative values. These attacks came from constantly changing sources never seemingly the same from one time to the next. They also were from both inside and outside the U.S. The IP addresses were all over the place including a few from Hong Kong. If it was an individual , they had very sophisticated resources and abilities. I suspect a black-hat group or even a state actor. The on-line harassment and bullying of non-Leftist has only just started and will only become worse. And our incoming Government will not be uninterested in stopping it but will also likely encourage it.

        • The government will cheer any leftist attack on conservatives or those with conservative principles.

          Pull a baby from its mother and strangle it with its birth cord, and the left cheers. That’s the sort of people they are. It’s what they represent and they should use a dead baby instead of an ass as their totem.

    • Makes a lot of sense. LL is a well-known, knowledgeable former SEAL who is pretty much the complete opposite of Bradley Manning and most of the current crop of General Officers, including the Joint Chiefs and Mattis.

      So, well, there’s reason 1-100.

      Then there are all the people who come here to vent and comment, and all the people who come here and lurk without commenting.

      From his bunker deep in the White Wolf, he’s able to reach everywhere in and out of the USA to people who are not Sammy Kerodins or Pantifas.

      That right there, is enough to get “Retired, Extremely Dangerous” stamped on his file.

    • One day, Darrel, I’ll take you up on it and I’ll order the ribs and maybe a hot link and cornbread.

  3. Yep, they got my blog last night, but it came back this morning after a reset. And that’s an old Cutlass. Scary to fly on/off the carrier according to various reports.

    • I think there’s a general trend to take down all conservative blogs. BRM reported that SCC is down and may not be back.

    • The Cutlass or “gutless” was an aircraft that the Navy shouldn’t have ever accepted and it didn’t last too long before it was scrapped.

      • Probably would’ve been fine with better engines, if they existed, then Vought could have just made the gear stronger, and that’s most of the problems gone.

        It was a different world, where planes came and went in less time than a committee meeting to talk about the idea pf planes now takes, and nobody gave a damn about loss rates of machine nor man.


  4. Stewardesses – went to college with a guy who found a hole in a fence surrounding some construction work on one side of a side-by-side hotel, so he told his buddies about it and they snuck in watch the work in progress.
    In the not-in-view area between the hotels was a swimming pool where stewardesses were working on their all-over tans. They used the other hotel as a sleepover place between flights.
    He was flabbergasted that the construction guys weren’t paying that much attention.
    I’m guessing they actually were, but the ones who lost focus had already fallen off the scaffolding to serve as an object lesson.

    • Today the airlines hire by the pound. Why buy a 110 lbs. female flight attendant when you can. hire a 250 pound flight attendant.

  5. When flying was fun!… on that SU-34, is that a refueling hose or external power hook up? My B-I-L was a Boatswain Mate and skipper on one of the Patrol Boat, River in Nam and he said they were a blast except when getting peppered by Cong and NVA. He bitched a lot about most of the Navy looked down their collective noses on the men manning those boats, that they weren’t not true Navy, just gloried Coast Guard wanna-bee’s. Imagine running one of those up and down the Potomac during an engagement with opfor? On the A-10, I understand the gun was as long as a VW Bug and about as heavy and that the plane was designed around and for the gun?

    • I think it’s external power.

      Yes, the Warthog was designed around that gun, great for busting tanks, masonry, anything.

  6. The attackers and hackers must not win. Surrender is no option for Virtual Mirage. The FREE and INTELLIGENT mind is too valuable to let the destructice forces of pure evil shut down the beacon of true insight.

  7. Well, actually, you highlighted the gun-system. The actual guns are the rotating part and the sliding breech moving system (each barrel is a gun unto itself.) Then there’s the motor that works the guns. And then the big silver thing is the ammo container.

    For those of you out there that don’t know how a gatling works, I highly recommend you to check it out. Technically you can own a gatling and it’s not illegal or taxable or a destructive device or whatever will jam you up with the BATFE. As long as it’s manually cranked, as each barrel is a semi-automatic gun. It’s when you hook it up to a motor that it gets dicey.

    As to Patrol Boat Riverines, I like them, but I prefer the landing craft converted into river monitors. Yes, machine guns, lots of machine guns, and a 40mm Bofors or two, and a mortar or two, and a host of other not-listed weapons (much like the early US sail frigates who had far more guns than their rating (rated by # of guns, the USS Constitution was rated as a 44 gun Frigate, but normally carried over 56 large-caliber guns, as the Captain and circumstances allowed..)

    And thank you, Mr. LL, sir, for putting the most beautiful First Lady we’ve ever had on your header. So far more beautiful, physically and in spirit, than Jackie Kennedy. She’s the ‘matter’ to the Mooch’s ‘anti-matter.’

    God, we’re entering the Dark Ages, aren’t we? Truth is False, Lies are True…

    • Things were a lot clearer and more refined in the “Dark Ages”, Beans.

      We’re entering the surreal with a significant part of the country pining for communism, and the universities turning out dedicated Marxists.

  8. The Brown Water Navy. I remember them well. There were a number of occasions when they took us where we wanted to go, without any questions, although we were a pretty rag-tag looking bunch. Came and picked us up again, again without any questions, when we needed them.

    • I’m sure that you Aussie SF types terrified them. I don’t think that I’d ask you a question. I know that you’d reject a cold American beer (who can blame you?).

  9. Haven’t had any trouble getting the site to load, so I was probably trying after the shennigans settled down.

    The Brown Water Navy was always highly regarded by the active and veteran Sailors I met and worked with. Some of the vets called them “Suicide Boats” and said he felt safer on his tin can than he would have on a PBR. Lots of stories there. SLW got me a book on Viet Nam, and it had a big section devoted to the PBR guys.

    Interesting to see than it was a lot more than just Oakies who fled the Dust Bowl Looks like Texas and Kansas got hit pretty hard, too.

    Been pretty quiet abouth the damn lately….OH LOOK! SQUIRREL!

    Besides the gun, the A-10 carries a lot of other surprise packages, and they give them away freely.

    The last few times I’ve flown I’ve herd them referred to as “Cabin Attendants”. One of the SAS flights I was on went so far as to have a “Maitre D’Cabine” kinda like the Major Domo for the other attendants, I guess.

    • The Brown Water Navy had its moment in the sun. There aren’t many places on Earth where that scenario would have played out in the way that it did. I’m with Beans (above) in that I’d rather be on a monitor than a PBR when the bullets are whizzing.

  10. I’ve never beer registered with a Party for longer than it takes to vote in a Primary in my life. Affiliate, vote, disaffiliate. I guess it technically takes about a week here for the paperwork to go through?

    Usually I’ve been a Democrat, because RI is essentially a one-party State, and any Republicans running aren’t opposed in the Primary. So, if I vote in the Dem one, I get to vote against more people that way.


  11. One of my college acquaintances had a very low draft number so he joined the Coast Guard…surprise surprise.
    Did you know that Vietnam had coastal waters and rivers patrolled by…the Coast Guard?

    • The Puddle Pirates were heavy into Vietnam. Mostly coastal waters because the rivers were too dangerous.

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