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Lest we forget
We’ve been surprised a few times. September 11, 2001 stands out as does December 7, 1941. Those of us who served in the US Navy have the date burned into our souls because we were not prepared for what the Imperial Japanese Navy did to us that Sunday morning. That the Japanese paid and their home islands were burned does not change the date or the fact.
Today, dark forces are working to diminish what many paid the ultimate price to preserve. An apathetic America behaves as though freedom is free and hand-outs are simply the way we should reward laziness. That’s not what built the nation. That’s not what preserved the nation. That’s not what made us exceptional — but it’s what ‘the mob’ seems to pine for.
The Constitution is still the constitution. Duty, honor and country are still the hallowed core of who we are. I pray that we will not stray past the point of no return.
Lest we forget

6 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. I couldn't have stated it better! I join you in your prayer we will not stray but in fact somehow circle back to the foundation of our country, the Constitution.

    As we watch the administration openly berate and step on the Law of the Land, one has to wonder if this President even remotely cares about the the significance of Pearl Harbor day as well as the sacrifices by so many from that day forward (as well as the sacrifices from our country's beginning). The open slap to the face by a government that now refuses in many cases to teach our history is in my eyes a horrible affront to those many who made the ultimate sacrifice to give me and all others the freedoms we enjoy.

    As you say, Duty, Honor and Country.

  2. The Constitution was created for a moral people. Will it be adequate for an immoral people? Will the pendulum of morality be able to swing back?

    Stay tuned in 2014 and 2016….

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