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Other bloggers (Old NFO and the Lone Star Parson to name two) have posted up meals that they’ve created recently. In LSP’s case, it’s field to table with his kills/catches. In my case, it’s cracking open the Hickory Farms gift basket that I received for Christmas, twisting open a mini-flask of A&W Root Beer and carving things up with my knife.
Beef summer sausage, Swiss Cheese (without holes in it – riddle me that one), sweet mustard, crackers and a knife is all you need to have a mini-feast for breakfast while blogging in the hovel at the White Wolf Mine.
On the menu for lunch is an opened can of Campbell’s tomato soup, blended with milk and heated to taste along with a slice of cheese between two slabs of bread, cooked to a golden brown. Yes, the grilled cheese will be dipped into the soup.
Dinner will be a baked potato with butter, sour cream, chives and bacon. I’m also going to tear some lettuce and throw tomatoes on it to help balance the whole thing out. 
You’re saying to yourself, “If I was staying there, I’d sneak out and drive through somewhere.” While that may sound doable in your neighborhood, it doesn’t work here. The NEXT closest food is a two hour round trip drive away, so you eat from the Officer’s Table at the mine, or you starve. Does that baked potato with the crispy skin rubbed with salt sound better now?
Daughters and grandchildren arrive tomorrow. The quartermaster laid in supplies for their fare as well, with their little preferences baked into the menu. By then, I will have nibbled my way through the cheese and summer sausage.

28 thoughts on “Cooking with LL

  1. Have the Little Ones been to the WWM?

    For kids growing up in SoCal, the WWM must seem like Paradise….

  2. Not a chance I'd sneak out. I'd just say "Where's mine?" Or I'd fix my own, pretty much the same way.

    My pocket knife is a bit smaller, but for sausage and cheese it will fill the bill.

    I love baked potatoes just that way; though I'd let you have my sour cream. 😉

  3. Sounds like a feast to me. I once was so hard up I had Raisin Brand with beer pored on top. After that, anything is a feast to me. The baked potato is a great upgrade.

  4. I was just going to open my Christmas present tonight. I knew by the weight and size it was the Hickory Farms package and I was not disappointed.
    You have described a fine, low maintenance meal.

  5. I've been in rough shape, but never ate Raisin Bran with beer on it. It's that Tin Can Sailor in you.

  6. Sounds like a feast to me too! I can remember some TAC Airlift meals that came from vending machines and even one or two that were the "emergency rations" I had in my helmet bag or pubs case.

    Just curious, what is your solution for internet at The WWM?

  7. Hickory Farms. Yes, please. Beef stick, cheddar cheese ball, sweet hot mustard, crackers, and a decent red blend, to wit–

    +1 on the cream of tomato as well, to which I add a cut up hot dog and left over tater-tots.

  8. Sounds good to me, and a LOT less work! 🙂 And I've 'enjoyed' those same meals when I'm cooking for myself! LOL

  9. Your cooking sounds much like mine. When left to my own devices, my food preperation tends to be simple and, hopefully, nutritious.

  10. There is now enough Verizon bandwidth that I can run a wifi hotspot. Technology overtook my elegant (and expensive) plans for a repeater. The hotspot doesn't have a lot of range but I can also shove it in my pocket and take it with me.

  11. Keep the Cooking with Old NFO advice and recipes coming. Baking a potato and throwing butter, salt and pepper, bacon and cut up green onions on it is delicious, but it's a far stretch from being cuisine.

  12. I like most vegetables. As with most things, the preparation of vegetables makes the difference from being nasty and rubbery and delicious.

  13. That all sounds very tasty. Try adding a LARGE wheelgun to the menu, brings out the flavor.

  14. I had the knife, but used to cut sausage and cheese. It might have tasted better if I'd sprinkled gunpowder on it. ;^)

  15. This spread is WAY better than Aunt Sally's Christmas Special that I had a few days ago. WAY WAY better.

    For lunch, Aunt Sally thawed me an already cooked NY strip steak (living large at Aunt Sally's trust me here). It had been in the freezer no longer than a year, two tops (fresh from Aunt Sally's freezer, the TOP layer).

    I pan fried it to get some heat into it, and ate it. And thanked her. I need not go into how tasty this, uh, 'steak' was, I think we all know how it went for me.

    That's how things work at Aunt Sally's.

    Nothing here was exaggerated – all true.

  16. Do that two hour trip and stock up buddy. Winter is upon us and Global Warming is a myth. Eat well my friend.

  17. Sounds all good to me.
    LOL spent two winters hawking HF at night in the mall (for Christmas money), after the day job. Still love the summer sausage, mustard, and cheese…

  18. I'm sure that Aunt Sally's palate is tuned to tough, freezer burned, previously cooked NY steaks. Did she also provide you with steak sauce to bury the flavor?

  19. Trying to avoid carbs, I ate it straight up; dry. Aunt Sally did, however, have A-1 at the ready.

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