I’m sure that you’ve been keeping up with the manifestation of progressive rot in Seattle, and with the vast swaths of the Capitol Hill area that the city abandoned to Antifa, the mob and to rioters who have ejected the police, who left without a whimper. Allegedly their actions have had something to do with silence from white people on the issue of race.

I myself have never had a single day pass wherein some Leftwing wokescold, either on the news or closer to home, has not shouted, screamed, yodeled, yelled, shrieked, slobbered, vomited, and raged about race, race-relations, racism, racists, and race far in excess of any sane man’s honest interest in the topic, I am dumbfounded at the concept that anyone could condemn the alleged silence allegedly smothering all talk on the issue as excessive.

If nothing else, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, is a sign of urban rot that even the most ambitious science fiction author wouldn’t touch in a work of dystopian fiction. But it’s here, and the cowardly city of Seattle and State of Washington seem to embrace it.

Add THIS blog commentary from the Silicongraybeard.

Saturation of Race Baiting

Candace Owens posted a video, in an effort to redress the alleged over-silence on the issue of race relations.

In a private text message, the co-owner of a cafe in Alabama agreed with the sentiments in the video, saying that George Floyd, while he did not deserve to die, was a thug, and should not be lionized, and that the rioters were idiots. The private message was leaked, and the predictable mob harassment followed.

Learning of this, Owens started a GoFundMe campaign to pass the hat to raise money for the cafe and help the beleaguered business.

Learning of this, GoFundMe not only halted Owens’ charitable campaign, but also suspended her account altogether, on the grounds that support of small businesses harassed by agitators for expressing conservative political opinions “to be in support of hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance.”

The corporate embrace of the ‘revolution’ has been every bit as revolting as the government response and it causes me to reflect on the future of the nation. The most venerated sources of news have become propaganda outlets and shills for the Democrat Party, which has embraced chaos in the hopes of regaining power.

Where do people turn for order, civility, and the ability to earn a living free from extortion payments to the leftist mob?

We live in an empire of lies, malignancy and rot on a scale that most of us would simply believe not to be possible, and the keys to many cities are being handed over to criminals without a whimper.

Of course there is a larger agenda at work here, as the Democrat Congressional Caucus takes a knee to the looters and pillagers.


  1. Seeing Pelosi et al on one knee, draped in “African” scarves, was vomit-inducing. These corrupt swine have shown they are completely without morals and will take criminality to a new level in their attempts to oust Trump.

    BLM: where are the creative black people? The artists, writers, sculptors, etc.? Surely there are plenty of opportunities for positive expression, or must it all be destructive? But as most (all?) black-run countries and states are corrupt shit-holes, perhaps there’s a link?

    • It’s racist to say that Africa, which is one massive shit-hole, is a shit-hole because of the people who live there…

    • Where are the creative, intelligent, smart, color-blind black people? Scared and hiding, or dead at the hands of the normal BLMish level idiots.

      Never have so many been held back by their ‘own’ people as people who happen to be black being held back and stupified by black people.

      I have a friend, who is a color-blind person who is black. He won’t go into the black section because talking with a midwestern newspeak accent – flat, no regional accent – think network reporters – will get him attacked by black people.

      And some idiot white people think he’s racist because he refuses to go around ‘black people.’

      My wife and I have a phrase. “They eat their own.” Who’s the biggest danger to any black person? Another black person, specifically a black male from 14yoa to 30yoa, followed by a black female within the same age range.

      They will kill their own. They will kill white women at a far higher percentage than white males kill white women, or anyone else for that matters.

      Kim Du Toit is right. Africa wins. Every time. Our one goal was to keep Africa in Africa, and we have failed. Now our nation is on fire, our whole judicial system is out of whack, our politicians are pandering to a small percentage of the population, and stupid people are bowing down to kiss the feet of thugs.

      Tired of it. I will go down fighting. Against all the stupidity that is going on now. I refuse to wear a mask, to stand away from others, to not shake hands, to not interact with people. I will stay with my own kind. I will prejudge others, because they took a color-blind and social-blind kid and made a die-hard prejudiced bastard. And I hate all of them for it. Tired of being discriminated against because of my race, my education, my sex, my religious beliefs, my morals, my ethics.

      TIRED OF IT.

      Bring it on, beyotches. Bring it on.

      • I am beyond tired of the whining, grievance burdened left and the agenda that they pursue. The African thing is a distraction like so many. Whip them up, and you know they’ll burn down their neighborhoods.

        I’m with you.

  2. This cop-free zone in Seattle is a copy-cat version of John Carpenter’s 1981 film “Escape from New York,” where Kurt Russell’s “Snake Pliskin” is tasked with rescuing the president from the thugs (Isaac Hayes is the big cheese) who control walled-off NYC in 1997.

    I wonder who the big cheese is this autonomous zone? Maybe Al Sharpton will parachute in.

    • Apparently there is a big cheese in CHAZ. There were reports of him and of his thugs beating looters and rioters for spraying graffiti that he didn’t agree with. Nobody was named.

      Walling off the city and starving them to the point of cannibalism would be appropriate. People could “Escape to Seattle” if they wanted to and could join the gladiatorial games inside the walls.

      • Raz Simmone, a supposed rapper, and his thugs have taken over physical control of CHAZ. With arms and violence, with threats of death. He and his peeps are now the real power behind everything.

        Can’t wait to find out how many people have been raped and murdered by this thug and his thugettes.

        More and more, the whole ‘Detroit’ segment of John Ringo’s “The Last Centurion” seems less fiction and more foreshadowing.

        • The left wants self-appointed vigilantes to be “the police”. I can do that, Beans. I don’t think that the woke jerks would like that, but I can play that tune.

    • I think that the residents of Seattle are saying, “Up the Revolution”, wearing their Che t-shirts and so forth. They’ve been pining for this for a long time. I’m sure that all businesses feel that the taxes they are burdened with are now a good thing and that the money is going for a cause that they can believe in.

      • Seattle is the city that has a statue dedicated to Lenin. So, well, if a large space rock or maybe a penetrator accidentally fallen from the X-37B, hit Seattle Center, I wouldn’t cry a tear.

        You get what you voted for. Suck it up and live in your perfect socialistic-communistic-African Warlord-led poop-hole.

        The city would be better served and serve better if it was under the control of an outlaw motorcycle gang. At least they (OMGs) have some morals and some love of this country.

        • The police envisioned by the left are leftist thugs (armed) who take their own law unto themselves and extort businesses and terrorize. That’s their brave new world.

  3. I say wall off the CHAZ…then let them reap the benefits of their anarchy. Saw a ‘tweet’ by one of their “gals”: “We’re hungry, please send food.” (or something to that effect) hahahahah…tough darts missy.

    Was listening to a [black] guest on our local Peter Boyles show yesterday, a caller asked him his opinion of Miss Owens. This guy – I kid you not – said “She is a black apologist for white supremacy.”

    Can’t make this stuff up.

    • Everyone who doesn’t shit in their own sink or burn their own house down is viewed as a “race traitor” by the mainstream these days. It will pass as soon as the donkeys come up with something new – some new grievance.

      • “It will pass as soon as the donkeys come up with something new – some new grievance.”

        You can bet on it…right before July 4th so the rest of us get forced into their angst instead of enjoying Independence Day cookouts.

        Nothing-zip-nada, we see or hear in “the news” is truth, it’s Wag the Dog theater to keep the willingly frightful mask-wearing mind-numbed sheep on their heels.

        COVID is old news, dropped like a hot rock when Pretty Boy Floyd refused arrest and got himself dead (jury is out for me on that, opportunistic video is missing some minutes and I know someone who knows about the young man who took the fake $20 bill, more than one was passed.) Then there’s the clown dictators EXTENDING “lockdowns”. (I refuse to play, making me the weird one. Okay by me.)

        Theater on steroids…all of it. Let the immoral lowlife rats eat each other, leave it to God to sort out.

        • The media is completely corrupt, there is no ‘trusted word in news’, and sifting things is almost more work than it’s worth. The Republican ranks are staffed with RINOs as well.

          • Exactly why I come here and a few other “trusted” sites. Discernment is critical.

            Supposed to be away from the homestead at election time, rethinking that if things go south.

        • With his previous medical history and his blood workup showing meth, fentanyl and other drugs in large amounts, by the time the cops took him to the ground, heck, by the time he (may have) legitimately said “I can’t breathe” he was dead, with no ability by any advanced life support or even a full-fledged cardiac lab with cardiac surgeons right there to bring him back.

          He… deaded himself. He had the big one.

          His body flopping and him calling out afterwards? Just the echo of life, gone.

          Seriously. He, for all intensive purposes, committed suicide. At the most it was a very unusual suicide-by-cop.

          All this for a vicious thug? No. All this was planned and needed a convenient death that wasn’t proven to be less than saintly before the riots got started. The Left screwed up with the Arbery shooting, not getting their stupid loyalists rolling before the truth got out that Arbery wasn’t jogging and attacked an armed man, and that the local prosecutor didn’t get active on the case until the two had already been cleared by cops and other prosecutors – just like most other sensational ‘racist’ shootings – it takes a prosecutor trying to make a name for itself to turn the issue into racism.

    • They were surprised when some homeless people took all their food.
      It would be a hoot to drive a herd of cattle in there, and watch the bewilderment 🙂

  4. As I’ve said elsewhere, IMO all of this is orchestrated to deny President Trump a second term.

    The Seattle mess is personal for me. My 49 year old autistic son lives 4 miles from Capitol Hill. So far, he is safe. Lake Union is between Capitol Hill and his Wallingford district.

    Seattle has a history of radicalism going back to the IWW (Wobblies). Once you get out of the Seattle cancer, the rest of the state is mainly conservative. Like many other states (CO, IL, MN, etc) the sheer number of voters in the cities dictate to the rest of the state. If you will, all are reasons for keeping the Electoral College.

    • I’m pleased to hear that your son is safe.

      Yes, this all smacks of a conspiracy to return to the swamp and the normal corruption that Washington had become accustomed to. It’s filthy and the black people are being used as pawns, as usual.

  5. In a way, the situation in Seattle is comical. They set up this Autonomous Zone but these morons clearly couldn’t run a household let alone a city. No food supplies, no water supplies, no sewage removal, no garbage disposal, no infrastructure at all, and no way to pay for it. Every utility should shut down the area, at least as much as they can, and then start negotiating rates.

    Now there’s a self-declared warlord because he had guns. And his first effort is to extort money from the businesses that happened to be in that area.

    Like the commies in Russia, China, Cuba, or Venezuela, or the rioters in Zimbabwe or South Africa, or a hundred other places, they know how to run a rebellion and break shit but couldn’t manage a MacDonald’s with every aspect of the supply chain intact.

  6. I seem to recall there was an “incident” a few years back in Oregon where some folks occupied some land out in the middle of nowhere. The response by the “Feds” was quite different. FBI, US Marshalls and other agencies sealed the area off for quite some time. I wonder why this is different?

    Asking for a friend…

    I think things are going to get very toasty real soon….620,000 dead Americans in CW1.
    CW2 is going to make that look like a church picnic on a Sunday afternoon.

    • I referred to that incident on a blog that was to post later. Maybe I’ll edit that, but yes. The donkeys were calling for the military to crush the people who occupied a cabin.

      The donkeys don’t understand that there is a tipping point. Once people are ‘socially enabled’ through an absence of law, a culling will begin and it won’t be gentle. High donkeys will need all of their high walls and guards to stay safe, and maybe even that won’t be enough.

  7. It is strange that corporate America behave like a political activist similar to what you find in communism and other political systems that ended in the landfill due to dysfunctionality. Who asks them to do it?

    Will it be a list of these companies so ordinary people can choose alternatives?

    I guess violent activists represent a small percentage of the total population. But they get all the media attention and the Democrats do whatever it takes to please them. My interpretation is that Trump will be the nest President since normal people are tired of riots, illegal immigration, crime, and no jobs. They want jobs, a future, and peace with the troops being home not dealing with trouble overseas where other politicians do not want to do the job since they will not spend money on their own military.

    • There is a proposal knocking about. If you want police protection in a liberal city, you buy “police insurance”. The police come if you’re paid up. If not, oh well.

      Of course, the poor won’t be able to afford it, but the progressives are almost all wealthy enough to pay-to-play.

        • That’s a good question. The current Chief of the Seattle Police said that they left because the ‘community didn’t want them in CHAZ’. Was she paid off, or is she impossibly weak? Either way, she shouldn’t be a police chief. Maybe a librarian?

  8. The should talk to their witch doctors about “cascade preference.” Once that point is reached it will flare fast. I think , in many respects, the uneducated leftist ninnies have convinced themselves there will be no reaction, because all the elements of polite society have restrained normal folks from “educating” them. There was no hunger, there was no nose punch for the schoolyard bully, no telling them anything that would hurt their precious little feelings, and mostly, any governing body protected them from the imaginary “isms”. But patience, and politeness, is not infinite. We all know very patient, gentle and polite people who are, under the right set of circumstances, dangerous in the extreme. The com/soc ninnies don’t even know these people exist. We set up a social system that deprived them of feedback.

    • I think that to some point the riots were brought about by the Chinese Plague, which morphed into a Democrat scam. But the progressives are running with it, trying to institute every possible dystopian scheme. And there will be another, far more profound tipping point, if they push it.

    • It takes a lot of people, working at a lot of different jobs, to make civilization work.
      All that requires some level of (real) tolerance betwixt the various workers and groups.
      The left appears to take that tolerance as a sign that they can push everyone around.
      They have an apparent lack of any knowledge of history, and seem proud of it.
      What was that saying about those who DO remember the past are doomed to be dragged into a repeat of it by the majority who have forgotten it?

  9. The communists & their anarchist allies have taken a part of Seattle and the people who live there were given up by the government with no hint of resistance.
    It is the local government those people chose … but this is still America

    • The You could send in the National Guard, but the liberal judges and their ilk wouldn’t allow the prosecution of any crime. The solution is to wall it up. A high wall, a big beautiful wall.

  10. New moniker:

    Brats Lives Matter

    Leafleting the CHAZ with this would be solid entertainment.

        • Never roll around with a pig in the manure pile.
          You both end up filthy and stinking and the pig enjoys it.

          There may be unintended consequences. The hippies may find that it smells better than they do and they’d use the aroma to improve things.

  11. Related Topic: Minneapolis Police Chief has walked out the normal scheduled contract negotiations with the Police Union

    Link to the original story in this story. I guess Minneapolis doesn’t care about labor laws? This should accelerate the exodus of police officers.

    Also protesters tore down the Christopher Columbus statue on the Minnesota State Capitol Grounds yesterday, right in front of the MN State Patrol that was “guarding it.” They were posted there because they were told the American Indian Movement was going to tear it down.
    They did. They wrapped a 1/2″ rope around it, and then a bunch of people just pulled it down.
    In front of the Patrol and lots of TV Media coverage. Tom Hauser of KSTP-TV 5 was very upset, as he had been there an hour ago to get pictures for the story, and had left after he was assured the statue was safe.
    No arrests were made.

    • The situation at MPD gets more and more weird. Why would any police officer stay? I heard the chief give a speech about how everything is cool. The chief is a turd. Why would you want to work in an organization that has him at the helm?

      I see a lot of cowardly activity on the part of police, but given how they’re being treated, I don’t expect them to put their careers on the line in this environment. Nobody backs them up. It’s just a job. Survive 8 hours and go home.

  12. These “protestors” are symptoms, not causes.
    Each of the symptoms is by default a sainted victim.
    Causes are not to be noticed. If one does notice, one will be punished for having committed some sort of “hate crime”.
    This is what comes of a culture that automatically equates victimhood with moral virtue. The conflation of moral virtue with victimhood comes of outsourcing culture (and leadership) to persons suffering from deep-seated self loathing and insecurity which manifests as paranoid aggression and generalized rage that can never be assuaged.

    An example of the insecure self-loathing and aggression of which I speak? Consider those who last held the offices now held by The Donald and his bride. Those persons may not be typical examples of this sort, but they certainly fit the behavioral type.

    • I still think that the majority of the protests had more to do with the plague lockdowns than anything else. There is a cause and effect in that which sociologists may or may not explore in coming generations (unless it’s politically incorrect to do that).

      No matter how much inner city protest, they won’t be able to change the color of their skin and what’s underneath the skin.

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