Real Unemployment Numbers 20%

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I don’t think I’ll be the only one blogging about this, but it’s worth a view and discussion.

Mort Zuckerman wrote at least one of the speeches that barack hussein obama read from his teleprompter. Now he’s saying that the obama regime has failed in every possible way. (CLICK HERE FOR A TRANSCRIPT)   

Mr. Zuckerman cites TRUE unemployment numbers in America at 20%. That is far closer to the truth than the numbers the government cites at 9.X %. And it strikes to the heart of the matter. barack hussein obama is on a spending binge which will increase taxes on the people who do work, increasing government jobs, which drain the private sector of money to pay those salaries — all in search of redistribution of wealth and a utopian socialist agenda.

barack hussein obama’s response to his failed economic policies, failed healthcare policies, failure to do anything about US border security beyond attacking Arizona, blatant racism, tacit support of radical Islam, etc.?  Blame George W. Bush. That’s the mantra they hope to use to show America how cool they are.  Pretty lame, barack. Even your most ardent supporters and influential speech writer(s) are jumping ship.

It doesn’t take a genius to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

8 thoughts on “Real Unemployment Numbers 20%

  1. Fabulous…I worry about how much damage he is doing now and then I worry about who will have to clean up his even bigger mess. I'm really hoping its someone who has their s**t together.

  2. It seems obama has pissed off The Big Zuck. Good. Maybe a few more moneyed elite will wake up and say, "Yo, this guy is out to ruin the world!"

    Of course, one can never depend on the Demosluts to do the right think for their country, or even themselves.

  3. I don't like to talk about unemployment too much, because I"ve been living it for 5 months….but 20% seems about right.
    This is a very bad situation, a permanent one, I think.

  4. Perhaps barack hussein obama's love affair with the mainstream media is beginning to crack…?

  5. Some one today brought up an interesting take on spending; with Rush and the Golden EIB network. And I hope that more than a few were able to hear about it.
    There seems to be a new effort to provide counseling for the people of the Gulf Coast communities, who have been effected by the job's crash due to the Oil Spill.
    The caller asked, why haven't we heard about the counseling for the unemployed nation-wide; some think that those were affected a long time before the BP Mess.

  6. We could cut those numbers by 7% if we would just enforce our immigration laws.

  7. Trestin, I think you're right — but barack hussein obama doesn't want to cut unemployment numbers (that might include people who won't vote for him) at the expense of losing possible votes from illegal aliens.

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