How will barack obama deal with Nidal Hasan?

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Do any of you remember Major Nidal Hasan, US Army Medical Corps? He’s the radical Muslim in the US Army who went on a killing rampage (while chanting praise to Allah), murdering 13 of his fellow servicemen and women at Ft. Hood, Texas.
The legal proceedings have been delayed (again) to October 4, 2010, at which time a military judge will decide whether or not there should be a trial. There was a day and time when a soldier killing his fellow soldiers (unarmed) in cold blood would have been tried, sentenced and shot in the same day.  Questions not in dispute:

  • Nidal Hasan murdered 13 fellow servicemen.
  • Nidal Hasan murdered 13 fellow servicemen in the name of ISLAMIC TERRORISM (Treason) during a time of war.

The War on Islamic Terror is now called a “foreign contingency operation” by the barack hussein obama regime, so is it possible that Major Nidal Hasan is a hero of that regime? It’s difficult for me to fathom even the craven obama regime of dipping that low. Then again, I didn’t think that Attorney General Eric Holder would dismiss the case against the Philadelphia Black Panthers who engaged in voter intimidation in the 2008 elections either. If it wasn’t for J. Christian Adams, who resigned his position with the Department of Justice as a matter of protest, we wouldn’t have understood how deeply the racial bias runs in the obama regime. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE) 

Doesn’t the video above make you feel as if you’re sitting next to barack hussein obama in Rev. Wright’s Black Liberation Theology Church (below)?

Ok, back to Nidal Hasan, Islamic hero, American Traitor

Note how US Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to attribute Islamic Terrorism to ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. Doesn’t this disturb you? Not just a little?

Is the barack hussein obama regime STONEWALLING the United States Senate Investigation?

Why would barack hussein obama and his regime refuse to give the requested information to the US Senate? Might it have to do with the same sort of extreme bias we have seen in the voter intimidation case? We understand that the US Attorney General and barack hussein obama have a clear bias in favor of domestic terrorists (Black Panthers) and a reluctance to attribute acts of terrorism to Muslims. Is that bias in action here on the Nidal Hasan case?

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  1. We – the American people – have elected a bunch of destructive wonks to office. 'Bout time to dump them and try again.

  2. I sure hope and pray that America will wake up and see that this November this hopey/changey nightmare is what it is, a nightmare! But who knows, if these moron progressives on the left are smart enough to ever realize that their Messiah is nothing more than a lying putz!

  3. It scares me to think that we are dealing with all this in the free country of America! I guess you can't rely on being safe in this country anymore….

  4. Most of the odd actions by this admin make sense in an anti-american mindset. Such an odd coincidence.

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