How about a Reality Check?

I was reading an article on. the NBC News website that cited the top two most stressful jobs in America. #1 urologist (median $202K/year) and #2 Film editor (median $64K/year). Ok, I have an exceptionally good urologist and I’m not about to throw rocks at the profession because he saved me from eternal kidney stones and unrelenting pain recently. THE most stressful job? And where did they come up with film editor?

I’m editing MikeW’s new book, Hunting in the Shadows. Secret Agent, operating behind the lines, whacking North Vietnamese officials during the war – stressful.

An undercover police officer in a motorcycle gang – stressful.

I just received a job application for Vice President for Strategy from Movement Labs in e-mail. Not a joke, an actual request to apply. (Movement Labs is dedicated to stopping the far right and saving democracy) –  if I took the job, it would be – recreational – because I would just f*ck with them until the cows came home. $180,000/yr – $220,000/yr · Full-time · Executive – I think that it came through Linkedin where I’m listed currently as executive VP of a global strategies and outcomes company.

Film editor?


Bullet Points:

* Submarine sandwiches are named for their shape, not their ability to function underwater.

* Democrats Reject the GOP’s request – House democrats rejected a request from Republican lawmakers to gather more information about the alleged surveillance of conservatives and gun rights advocates by the U.S. Postal Service. The Postman always rings twice…

* Advice: Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, sing like no one is listening, and blog like it’s never going to be found and publicized after you’re involved in a multibillion-dollar international cryptocurrency fraud…

* Despite practicing every single day, it doesn’t get easier to fall asleep at night.

* Don’t hate people for being unvaccinated. They were born that way.

* Are Free and Fair Elections a thing of the Past? Gateway pundit explores it. The agencies of government who would normally investigate the fraud are owned by democrats, so good luck with that.  America is a one-party state in reality and many with an R after their name are D’s in fact. So there you go.

There is a remedy. We need term limits, an end to current lobbying practices, an end to former congressmen and former federal-agency heads and employees, and former military personnel being subsequently employed in peddling influence in Congress and the White House.

We need to depoliticize the leadership structure of every federal agency and get rid of most of the federal agencies altogether. And we need to seriously and vigorously prosecute those who violate their oaths and abuse their office, authority, power, and influence. Most importantly, we must ensure the security and integrity of our elections, including ensuring only citizens vote, that only verifiable ballots are counted, and that all ballots are tallied on election day in an honest, fair method; all who oppose doing that must be removed from elected or appointed offices at once.


Climate Propaganda

I keep seeing climate rhetoric about crops being grown to feed livestock, but in my experience probably 90% of a feed mix are processed pellets made from the byproduct of grains and animal proteins that were cast off in the processing of food for human consumption.

We don’t feed straight grains, no one does.

The other common lie that seems to be on blast is that livestock are raised on land which could be producing more grains for human consumption. In the South, livestock are primarily grown on what is referred to as “crawfish land” in wet bottoms.  In the West, they graze on range where they’re scouring scrub that wouldn’t grow corn or soybeans without a second Colorado River and a magical trillion tons of fertile soil to spread over shallow rock.

There is so much misinformation coming from the “eat the bugs” campaign and there are so many ignorant children with militant and strong corporate propagandist opinions about everything.


The Cosquer Cave is a Palaeolithic decorated cave, located in France, that contains numerous cave drawings dating back as far as 27,000 years BP. The cave has more than 200 parietal figures and is also the only decorated cave whose entrance opens under the sea.


OSS T-13 “Beano” hand grenade



Designed by the Office of Strategic Service c.1944 for general issue to American recruits, briefly manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Corp. in time for D-Day. 255g of explosive out of a 340g total weight, percussive grenade design.

The T-13 was an experimental grenade designed meant to mimic the weight, size, and handling of a baseball, making it easy for new recruits to handle and throw them. Instead of a safety lever, the T-13 had a knurled weighted cap held in place by your usual pin.

With the pin removed, the cap was held in place by the soldier throwing the grenade like a knuckleball with two or three fingers pressed on it. When thrown, the cap was released and dragged a nylon string behind it that pulled on a pressure-sensitive arming device, at which point any shock would instantly set off the explosive charge.

Although its basic principle was sound, the T-13′s percussive design proved to be its downfall. Like with literally all other similar percussion-detonated designs, which were common in the early days of WW1, accidental/premature detonations were very common in the field, and it is believed this grenade killed more GIs than enemy soldiers.

After that brief episode of disastrous field testing, all accounted-for T-13 grenades were recalled and destroyed and all the documents pertaining to its design and use were classified.



  1. Larry, my good friend. Thank you so very kindly mentioning my forthcoming book. I do not mean to be rude with this comment, but feel I must point out a couple of things. Before some misguided reader makes adverse comment on your kind remarks regarding myself and my book, which you are so kindly editing, I need to clarify a couple of points. Our targets were within the Viet Cong Infrastructure in South Vietnam not in the north. Whether there were any North Vietnamese amongst them I don’t know. Maybe or maybe not. We operated, mainly, in Viet Cong controlled, or contested areas, in the countryside, in the hamlets and villages, as well as the towns and cities, including Saigon and Cholon. Much as I would like to be James Bond, for the girls, good food, good drink, and travel, unfortunately I was a lowly field intelligence operative. Once again, my many thanks for your hard work in the editing process.

  2. the sea has risen 40 yds, the land has subsided 40 yds, or there is/was another entrance?
    Thanks for the word parietal; as a dentist I had previously known only one use/definition

    • Sea level when those cave paintings were done was more like 400 feet below current levels. That would put the cave entrance about 275 feet above sea level at the time.

      That is why there is no evidence of the earlier human coastal migrations into North America during the last ice age.

  3. Advice: Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, sing like no one is listening, and opine like nobody is listening. And taking notes. And preparing you a bunk. Away from the stove.

    “Despite practicing every single day, it doesn’t get easier to fall asleep at night.”
    Getting up is the same way.

  4. You were offered the opportunity to get paid for a job where you could screw with the leftists?
    Sounds like a great opportunity….and when they eventually fire you sue them….. We must use
    Their tactics against them. They infiltrated our institutions, we need to return the favor.

  5. Climate Religion is a cult, with all the same indoctrination of lies to the mindless.

    They fail to realize that if you kill farming and ranching…YOU HAVE NO FOOD.

    That – slightly sort of might be critical to human survival – aspect is totally lost on the idiots and their elitist handlers who continually come up with “the past 5000 years of farming was wrong so we’re reinventing the wheel.”

    A baseball hand grenade…conceptually, agree it would be better to throw but accuracy isn’t really the point and distance has a time limit.

    Cool cave…access looks rough, but that’s good, otherwise it would be a tourist attraction. Interesting the cave dweller artists managed longevity with their drawings on stone…we can’t keep stain and top coats on the house for more than five years.

      • That has to be the goal post Covid Culling, which is ongoing…then proverbial multi-pronged approach. Time to clean out the rotted wood.

    • In the words of Goldfinger:
      No Mr. (PaulM) I want you to DIE!
      That is the goal, to reduce the surplus population.
      God said that he wanted humans to go forth multiply and replenish the Earth. He wanted a return on His investment. The demon worshipers the death cult want to deny him the return on His investment.

      • Massively agree. Handwriting – Wall. Seems obvious. And who will stop them when rampant lawlessness goes unpunished. Hmm. Tap, tap. Might be us.

  6. When a Basket Player, who Hates America is Traded for a Russian Arms Dealer, that sold Thousands of weapons, and Millions of ammunition to our enemies, including ISIS, while an American Marine who has spent 15 years in the Marines, and spent time in Iraq and has been jailed in a Russian Prison for 4 years is left behind…. It’s Time for President Donald J. Trump to take charge of this Country. And get RID of the Biden Administration, and Crime family that is ruining this Country..

  7. Job application. That might be a bit stressful if only because you would have to restrain yourself from choking the woke idiots.

    I have no idea how many cubic miles of water would have to be sequestered as ice to lower the sea level by 36 meters but it would be a very large number. May try to sit down and figure that out when I finally ditch this not COVID, flu, or RSV that I am currently afflicted with.

    • Ed – I can’t stand to be around the woke. The job is in Long Beach, CA and with due respect to DRJIM who lived in that area, I don’t want to move there. DRJIM left for a reason.

      It’s the cold and flu season. Hydrate, hang out and control the fever.

      • Long Beach has some very nice areas, but like a lot of SoCal, you go half a mile, and you be in da ghetto. Or public housing. Or other unsavory areas. 4th of July sounds like a war zone, with a constant roar coming from North Long Beach, Compton, and Paramount. New Year’s Eve is also punctuated with gunfire.

        And the hip, trendy areas are incredibly woke. NOT a goof place to raise a family. Moving here was the best thing we’ve ever done.

  8. “Submarine sandwiches are named for their shape, not their ability to function underwater.”
    Sometimes a “submarine” is just a submarine.
    -apocryphal Siggy Freud

    the top two most stressful jobs in America. #1 urologist (median $202K/year) and #2 Film editor (median $64K/year).
    I think this is projection — about what they find stressful and/or important. The people who made that list are probably average representatives from the enlightened progressive class (the useful idiot brigade of the Best People), media subtype. As typical progressive media types, most of them dreamt of being movie-making auteurs but settled for being an infotainment shill. And they like to handle penises (those “assigned male” at birth at any rate). Urologists touch a lot of dicks, so clearly they have an important job. Film editors, well, it’s obvious why they are important. So that explains their #1 and #2.

    • The media lens is fascinating, as you point out.

      Though I am an amateur trail surgeon, the standard practice of medicine (general practice), and many of the specialties like looking at yeasty, infected vaginas all-day or handling penises or probing anuses hold no appeal at all. Being on the supply side of medicine (injuring the deserving) is quite simply a better job. Worrying about blood-born pathogens from splatters – yeah, it’s a risk, but a small one.

      • “Being on the supply side of medicine (injuring the deserving) is quite simply a better job.”

        A man’s gotta know his limitations, but that last bit couched in your inimitable manner about made me spray my Mondavi Private Selection Cab all over the keyboard. The visual alone is worth the price of a little lost vintage.

        ‘splatters’ depends on distance to target of course. Accessing risks then planning accordingly further reduces the problem potential…if we’re being practical that is.

      • Maybe not the professions themselves, but surely the 3 most stressful individual jobs are Hillary Clinton’s gynecologist, Stacy Abrams veterinarian and Mike Obama’s urologist.


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