I wrote about this at least once before on this blog but maybe it’s time to revisit it. Call it a walk down memory lane. A friend of mine,  Professor SZ, Ph.D. is tenured at a prestigious university in Southern California. DRSZ could be considered to be
“overseas Chinese”.

I have traveled with both him and his wife to Europe and Asia for work. At this point, I’ve known him for nearly 40 years +/-. We’re friends.  DRSZ teaches in the humanities and one of his interests has been alien smuggling. On the order of 12 years ago, DRSZ reached out to me and asked me if I had something that he could write a paper on. Something that he could publish and present to other academics at conferences. I asked if it had to deal with snakeheads and Asians and he said that it didn’t.

I explained how the system worked in Tijuana at the time. Mexican traffickers traveled throughout Central America and Mexico buying children from families who had many children and could not afford to feed or house them. The going rate was US$20-35 in local currency. The traffickers posed as priests and nuns and promised to take the youngsters (pre-teen) to a better place. SZ was intrigued. Could he meet the smugglers and the slaves? Of course. He could even buy a child at the going rate then which was US$75-150 in Tijuana.

I knew/still know the MEXGOV official who oversees this so we went to TJ and met G. G is his name and also stands for Gordo. G took DRSZ to the building where the children were housed. Once purchased they had a no-return policy. Snuff the child or do whatever but they didn’t want them back when you were done with them. SZ met the alien smugglers and the slaves. The smugglers had people among them dressed in police uniforms to convince the children that going to the police for help was a bad idea.

They had a few dozen children in the building and they lined up for DRSZ, who spoke Spanish to them. We met an attorney from the US with us who also knew G, scoping out children for clients in the USA.

Human trafficking, right out there in the open. DRSZ wrote papers and conferenced. on it. Nothing changed. I don’t know what the price is now. But G is still there. Still being Gordo.

And before you say, “Nice friends, LL” – keep in mind that when you work in the third world, you move in those circles. While I was writing this, I was texting a guy in Kuala Lumpur on Signal (middle of the night there), who was sending me photos of his drinking buddies at a bar who work for the Chinese Ministry of State Security who are leaving for Italy in the morning. That’s just how it all works.

If you were to buy up all of the slave children, the place would be full in a week. Human misery, my friends, is endless.


The Weather is ACTUALLY Your Enemy

A Cold Winter on the Ukrainian Front – h/t Claudio and Radio Free Europe – The Russians have called on the North Koreans to make 300,000 winter uniforms for the conscripts. They should be finished by Spring. Of course, they’ll be the best quality.

It’s worse in the trenches, experts say. “The basic mistake is to be in a trench at all,” said Colonel Janne Makitalo, Finnish military officer and a professor at the Finnish National Defense University in Helsinki. “That’s the worst place to be at all in summer or winter. You should be able to scatter your forces, in wooded areas.”

“It’s not really modern warfare to have trenches, especially because of the water, but also when someone is moving drones around, you don’t have much cover,” he said.


I Realize that it’s a Conspiracy Theory, But:


Bullet Points:

* Ukraine and the New Marine Corps – “We have to fight distributed. We have to empower lower unit leaders, we have to plan for logistics in a contested environment that’s very distributed, and very spread out. This is where Force Design [2030] has taken us. So the Ukraine conflict isn’t validating everything in Force Design, but some elements … are very relevant for us moving forward to pay attention to,” he added.

* Even as the USAF retires A-10 Warthogs to be replaced by F-35s in a close combat ground support role (when cows fly), the Hawgs are showing new adaptability.

* Second Amendment in a nutshell:

Also: Teach your daughters to shoot because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.



Retro-Meme of the day


    • You mean in the British Colonies in the New World?
      IIRC, the origins of the word slave comes from slav. The slavs were hunted and exported to Asia and Africa. More slavs were enslaved than blacks were for the New World.

      As to the topic of the article, man, this is heartbreaking.

  1. With so many children in a full pipeline it only makes sense that they are dead within a year or a few years of being sold.

    Are they used for basically slave labor? Is it all just for sex? Is there that much of a demand? And where? Just in the US or are they exported over the world as well?

    Pardon my naive questions. I am completely ignorant about all of this.

    • In short, I don’t know. Some of the younger children were bought by the Catholic Charities pipeline for adoption in the US (for profit). Others also entered adoption pipelines. This is what I was told. Keep in mind that Gordo and others would not tell “me” about deviate practices. There was a time circa 2008 that Jorge Hank Rohn referred to me as “the most dangerous man in Northern Mexico”. Even though that was over blown, I had the respect of The Russian (Amado Carillo button man) and others so people didn’t mess with me. G knew that.

      There is no way to know where many hundreds of children landed. They were all pre-teen so their value as “slaves” in the labor sense was effectively zero. I have no way of knowing how many other pipelines there were or are in Mexico.

      • Thing is you could go back a thousand years and find places that are no different than what you see today.

        Different victims. Different traders. Same trade.

        • And in some cases, they turn out not to be victims. Living in the adobe shithole with ten other starving siblings is worse.

          • There are all sorts of nefarious reasons, but there’s also a pretty gigantic market for under-the-table adoptions. The Gov. has made legit, up-front adoption a bureaucratic hell, like they do with everything.

            I expect it’s worse for the girls and more of them are raised as slave whores, generally hooked on heroin for control, and then wind up in the mass graves just over the border when no longer useful / profitable.

            Nothing new under the sun.

            I know better, but I’m still always surprised at how few people in a position to do anything about it care (aside from wanting their slice) and how many actively support and encourage it, while bragging of their virtue in doing so.


          • Most of the anti-trafficking crowd have an agenda that doesn’t include eradicating the practice.

            I never worked on human trafficking matters purely. I ran into human trafficking in the course of other work.

            In Asia, the girl who leaves the farm and travels to the big city to earn money that she sends home so that her parents can buy a water buffalo, for example, is engaging in a cultural practice that predates recorded history. The girl returns one day to marry a local boy with no stigma attached. This practice is often misunderstood by Western do-gooders.

  2. A-10
    Isn’t the problem with a proven tool is not making new shiny tools. Hurts the “defense” contractors, lessen the path to stars and lucrative retirement jobs, etc.

  3. The Dems know more than half of America has weapons and firearms, what move could they possibly make to disarm us that wouldn’t result in all out civil war with mostly dead people on their team? While they may be that stupid publicly I’m fairly certain they know better than to try.

    When the country has to defend marriage between a man and a woman, or a baby in the womb is a human being with a soul and abortion is murder…that’s beyond help. It’s a religion to these people to undermine our very foundations, even if they came from God himself, because in their warped heads they’re smarter.

    • ask canada. ask australia. they will ban guns and we will do nothing. they will in turn confiscate the guns and we will do nothing. they will arrest us when they can’t find the guns, and we will do nothing. ask the marine, ask the j6 people rotting in jail. we are already done.

      • If you are worried about Australian or British style mass confiscation of guns in the US, you have your eye on the wrong problem. The Supreme Court’s recent rulings on the 2nd Amendment prevent that sort of action. What will actually happen (and is happening already in parts of the country) is that they will criminalize and prosecute any defensive use of firearms. (Think Kyle Rittenhouse x 1000.) The other tactic is to entrap conservatives and get them to plead guilty to felony charges (a la J6) and disarm ‘troublemakers’ that way.


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