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Barack’s Gentleman’s Agreement
The US (President Trump) withdrew from the gentleman’s agreement that his predecessor made with the Mullahs in Iran. Progressives said that Iran was keeping its end of the deal and inspections proved it. Since the Iranians “self-inspected and self-certified”, one can hardly wonder that they were in compliance. I suspect but can’t say for sure that President Trump had convincing evidence that Iran was not in compliance. The nature of intelligence (methods and sources) is such that that proof is not laid out for public consumption. Iran’s reaction was and remains somewhat mild, and I expect that they know that we know, etc.
The British are at odds with us in this. They want to keep selling goods and services to Iran. I understand that the Court of St. James feels that it needs blood money to prop up the welfare state that it created – much of which funnels to their immigrant Mohammedan population. But it could get hard for them, not because of a trade deal which they need but might not get from the US, but from the Saudis refusing to grant government contracts to British companies.
The Saudis did it to the Germans this past Friday and the British could be next. So the word on the street is that you need to choose – Iran or Saudi Arabia. Who do you love and who loves you? 

“Saudi Arabia is a significant trade partner for Germany, generating 2017 exports worth 6.6 billion euros ($7.7 billion), according to Germany’s statistics office.” 

And what about Deutsche Bank? How are they going to absorb the loss?
The corrupt, lying, nasty, smug, sly, elite media in the US felt that President Trump didn’t know what he was doing and that Europe would thumb their noses at America’s repudiation of the trade deal. They did not include Saudi Arabia AND THE REST of the Arab world in the calculus. They said that the President didn’t know how to make a deal. However the details of the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal have yet to make themselves manifest. The devil is in the details.
Family Rumors
My youngest daughter, Emilie, who often rides shotgun in my rig in off-road adventures, is engaged to be engaged. When you have four beautiful daughters, it’s one of those things that a father must take in stride.
Late last week, I received a phone call from Emilie, taunting me. “Guess where I am?”
“I can’t guess.”
“I’m at Schooner or Later having breakfast with Eric.”
(it’s a famous food diner/drive-in/dive in Long Beach near where I used to dock/slip my boat in Spinnaker Bay)
“Save me a chair, I’m about ten minutes out.” You see, great minds think alike and I was already on the road to that destination to have breakfast, not knowing that the betrothed and her beau were already there. Such is the nature of bond between father and daughter – Vulcan mind meld or something like that. It disturbs Emilie, but that’s how it rolls.

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  1. As you know, I keep one in my car. Not the missile, the old fashioned kind, which works as well as a missile if you're up close and personal.

  2. Would I be amiss to believe your daughters are well able to defend themselves?

  3. The Pres is doing his job, and it is serving us well.

    You only think you have a handle on Em, ask her sisters…lol

  4. They've been trained. They have attitude. They're comfortable around sharp objects and slow poison. They were raised around SEALs, Green Beenies, spies and mercenaries. They can hit the eye of a raven in flight. Men who trifle with them do so at their peril.

  5. I've paid for weddings before. Nothing like throwing a party for 100+ people most of whom you don't know. Luckily my daughter chose well.

  6. #1 stayed within her wedding budget, #2 eloped, #3 did not keep to the budget but I shelled out the cash anyway. Emile will have a check that she can spend on a party or on her new life. New furniture or a party for whomever.

  7. Sweet coincidences. I feel we're connected by stronger things than the ones we're aware of.

    The worst part is that the media doesn't give the complete picture. I was wondering what invoked stepping out of the Iran deal, makes sense to know about the violations.

  8. Ms. Assassin, thank you for dropping by. It's been a while and you are always missed. Iran is purifying uranium to weapons grade, not reactor grade. There is proof of that though it didn't have to be produced (because it reveals how we acquired the information) to step out of a mere 'gentleman's agreement'. The US Senate would never have ratified the agreement so it never had been elevated to a treaty. It was a presidential fiat by Obama.

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