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Iowa Caucus Results

The Iowa Caucus is weird. And the results of the grass roots meetings require voodoo to divine final numbers, which is pretty much the way that the DNC wants it. The results of the selection process for 41 electoral votes coming out of Iowa didn’t come in because the Democrat elites didn’t like what they saw. As a result, the media mandarins were left cutting to various ‘experts’ all night while the numbers didn’t roll in.

(Fox News) The Sanders campaign figures indicted the populist senator from Vermont at 30 percent, Buttigieg at 25 percent, Warren at 21 percent, Biden at 12 percent and Klobuchar at 11 percent.

There is no denying that it was a big night for the National Socialist Worker’s Party arm of what is presently a divided Democrat Party. Biden nearly tying with Klobuchar is telling.
It was also a big night for President Trump, who received more votes than any incumbent president in history, and pointed at a popular and united Republican Party – which should trigger another impeachment move in the House of Representatives. 
And we should all expect the DNC to double down on its attacks against the Sanders campaign as the Squad steps up to support him and keep him viable. What a goat rodeo.

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  1. If this Iowa result is how well things are going to run once the lefties are back in power, we can all expect a lower quality of life going forward, and liking it (or else).

  2. The Iowas results, not quite brought to you by the party trying to eliminate the Electoral College.

  3. "There is no denying that it was a big night for the National Socialist Worker's Party arm of what is presently a divided Democrat Party."

    I wonder how many are going to catch what you labeled them. Another fine report.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  4. Big night for President Trump makes me happy. Let's hope it was big enough and stays that way.

  5. Forget "No Malarkey", it's more like "Total malarkey when there's no honor among thieves."

    If the impeachment charade wasn't proof enough to convince Dem party followers they are soon to be drug over the cliff of no return, last night proves it beyond any doubt. I have horses smarter than this group. What a bunch of imbeciles. The reprehensible part for me is they are willfully making a mockery of our Constitutional Republic, and that can't go without penalty.

    Trump easily smokes these clowns in November. I'm streaming tonight's SOTU just to watch the frownee-faces.

  6. On a side note Bloomberg no longer needs a box to stand on at the debates. Kim Jong Un is sending a pair of his dads old Cuban heel shoes for his use.

  7. The bros have a lot more credibility than the rest of the donkey tribe at this point in the whole dust up – heavy in malarky.

  8. You're moving to Texas. I expect that once you arrive and settle in they'll declare their independence from a nation run by Bernie and the National Socialists.

  9. They couldn't build an Obamacare website given unlimited money. They couldn't report the results of the Iowa Caucus – still today. And they want to run every aspect of the American economy. (see Fredd's gloom and doom prediction above)

  10. Having served some ten years as a precinct committeeman back in the day, I have some sympathy for the folks in Iowa trying to get this done under the glare of media attention. A caucus day runs 18 hours or so, if you are lucky, and there are no glitches.

    I'm not unhappy the Dims are making asses out of themselves on the national stage. May it continue in South Carolina!

  11. It will be interesting to see the appointment of one or two more conservative justices to the Supreme Court during the next five years of Trump. There will be a lot of discontent among the donkeys.

  12. Yes, I do have some compassion for the people on the ground who worked hard for their party, but they really look like "the gang who couldn't shoot straight". And no matter what, the Bernie bros will complain that there was a conspiracy to steal the moment from the old communist.

  13. RBG is either dead or on life support somewhere deep in the bowels of some DC or Georgetown building…at least until after November.

    I have this nightmare: Anything can happen in 9 months. And despite efforts by Judicial Watch etc. to clear voter roles of the ineligible cheats, imagine November is so rigged Trump loses…civil war could result.

  14. 'National Socialists.' Where have I heard that before, somewhere, give me a second… In any event, that has too many syllables, how about shortening it to, oh, say 'Nat-so's.' Kind of rolls off the tongue, eh LL? And maybe Bernie's Boys could provide some sharp uniforms for the gang, perhaps earth tones, accessorized with some knee-length boots? That would be a snappy look for our new 'betters.'

  15. I think that a black uniform with NS on the collars would be a more modern look, but it would get dirty more easily and the Bernie bros tend to be slobs. Ok, brown it is. Maybe a brown shirt and dark brown trousers. with a snappy Sam Browne belt?

  16. Conspiracy? I'm shocked, just shocked.

    From elsewhere on the web–

    "Yes, Pilgrims, I wrote "Whigs," but I was not referring to the country-gentleman British party of the 17th and 18th centuries

    No, I write of the 19th Century American Whig Party, a party that lost half its strength in the 1850s because it could not continue to bridge the ideological distance between the Northern industrial states section of the party and the Whigs of the Southern agrobusiness/slavery states. Faced with this dilemma, the party simply ceased to exist. Some of its parts banded together with Free-Soilers, Know-Nothings and the like to re-emerge as the Republican party in 1856.

    The internal conflict between Left-wingers and the rest of them was on full display in Iowa last night exacerbated by administrative ineptitude. As Christopher Matthews the MSNBC fellow whined at the end "we couldn't organize a three car funeral."

    What happened? It is still unclear but I would suggest that the complaints of precinct captains that vote counts in their precincts did not match vote counts produced by "the app" ( a transmission program created by a couple of Hilly's people) should not be ignored. The federal Department of Homeland Security had offered to examne this "app" and the offer was been rejected by the state Democratic Party. Hmmm.

    A "conspiracy theory?" Sure! Listen to me! There ARE actual conspiracies in this imperfect world.

    What will emerge from what looks to be the inevitable dissolution of the Democratic Party? IMO there will be a rump party of "Old" Democrats, but the big new thing will an extreme left party made up of those who wish to see revolution in American society. pl"

    From here–

    I am reminded of a line by Luis Chama (played by John Saxon) in the movie 'Joe Kidd'–"Chu know, there was a fire….".

  17. Maybe the Democrats should lower their expectations and just try and organize a one-car funeral. As with you, I've been following this circus. The Butt Guy came out as the big winner, declaring victory (twice) and corrupt, sly, creepy, old Slow Joe essentially tied with Klobuchar.

  18. Fredd is too clever for his own good. When people start using it, Hillary will track it back to him and then it's arkancide, with extreme prejudice.

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