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Finding Virtue

The Mitt Romneys of the nation, the lockdown supporters & mask Karens of today would certainly have snitched on Anne Frank in 1944, and would have then gone to bed cackling to themselves how virtuous they were.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) marched with BLM didn’t he, to demonstrate his virtue? Good old Mitt.


Ethiopian Internal Conflict

For some time in this blog’s history, there were reports on brush wars and so-called ‘low intensity conflict’. Often they devolved into proxy wars. I’ve received some e-mail from readers asking that I revisit a few these current events that are completely ignored by the mainstream media, which obsesses over President Trump preferring his hamburgers well-done instead of medium, or lauding praise on corrupt, senile old Joe (and the Ho) for being able to read what others wrote, on his tele-prompter.

On November 4, 2020, a new armed conflict broke out between Ethiopia’s central government and the government of Tigray, a regional state within Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Government claims to have matters well under control, but this is just the latest regional flap within the country.

The state’s northern edge follows the border with Eritrea, home to several disputed territories that are no longer officially claimed by Ethiopia, but were still occupied by its military forces up to the start of the new conflict.

Tigray State’s leadership still lays claim to portions of Eritrea and at the same time, the southwestern portion of Tigray is claimed by Amhara State — all within Ethiopia. It’s a lot like Texas claiming Oklahoma.

After an alleged attack by Tigray state forces on a federal military base on November 4, the political conflict immediately gave way to a military conflict, with Ethiopian national forces sent in to quash Tigray’s leadership (which used to lead Ethiopian national politics).

(1) Tigray has had battle-hardened state paramilitary forces and state-friendly militias in place for some time.

(2) Tigray’s dominant political party has extensive influence within the Ethiopian military leadership.

(3) Tigray is far from the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

(4) Tigray’s state forces are boxed in by Eritrea, which now has good relations with Ethiopia but is still an enemy country in the eyes of Tigray’s leaders.

(5) National army forces from Eritrea regional state militia forces from  the neighboring state of Amhara joined with the Ethiopian national army.

November 4, 2020
Ethiopian national troops were sent to Tigray state in response to the leftist/communist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the state’s governing political party, allegedly attacking and capturing a military base. The Ethiopian government denied a TPLF claim that the federal military’s Northern Command had defected, and a six-month state of emergency was declared in the region. According to sources later cited by Foreign Policy on both sides of the conflict, about half of the Northern Command did indeed defect to the TPLF, while the other half remained loyal to the federal government.

The Tigray Flag (below) reflects the communist roots of the movement.

Tigray Regional Flag

November 5, 2020
The TPLF reportedly seized most of the weapons stored at the national military’s Northern Command Headquarters in state capital Mekelle, while airstrikes were conducted by the Ethiopian Air Force near the city, which was confirmed to be under TPLF control. According to the Ethiopian government, the airstrikes destroyed TPLF rockets and other heavy weapons in Mekelle and surrounding areas.

November 8-9, 2020
More airstrikes were reported in Tigray, while Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed replaced his army chief, the head of intelligence, and the foreign minister. Hundreds were reported dead since the start of the conflict.

November 10-11, 2020
State media reported that the Ethiopian military had captured Humera airport, near the border with Sudan and Eritrea. The next day, Ethiopia claimed more than 550 TPLF fighters had been killed since the start of the fighting.

November 12, 2020
The Ethiopian government claimed to have seized the western part of Tigray, while Amnesty International reported that possibly hundreds of civilians had been massacred in the town of Mai Kadra. According to locals, the killings were conducted by the TPLF after its defeat by the national military, though Amnesty was not able to confirm this.

November 14, 2020
The TPLF launched a cross-border rocket attack on Eritrea’s capital, Asmara. Three rockets were fired, two of which hit Asmara’s airport, according to regional diplomats. However, the US embassy in Asmara said there was no indication the airport had been hit. The TPLF said it conducted the attack in response to Eritrea sending tanks and thousands of troops into Tigray in support of the Ethiopian government’s offensive, though up to this point Eritrea had denied any involvement. The TPLF also claimed Ethiopian forces were using Asmara’s airport.

November 16, 2020
As the military was advancing on Humera and Mekelle, Ethiopia’s government claimed its forces captured the town of Alamata near Tigray’s southern tip.

November 18, 2020
The Ethiopian military reportedly captured the towns of Shire and Aksum, deep within the central part of Tigray state (though Daniel informs us that some sources soon claimed the TPLF recaptured Shire, and that fighting was apparently ongoing in Aksum). Government forces were also reportedly in control of Mohoni, 125 kilometers south of Mekelle. Meanwhile, between 200 and 300 Ethiopian peacekeepers in Somalia who were from the Tigray region were disarmed to deal with an alleged TPLF infiltration of the force.

Since November 19, the situation has continued to degrade, but it’s not unique. Read a few CIA reports from the late 1970’s, declassified a decade ago (here).

Where’s the weenie? By that, I mean, why the war now? Cynics suggest that it involves. Ethiopia’s protracted negotiations with Egypt and Sudan over the Grand Renaissance Dam. Water ministers from the three countries and experts from the African Union, European Union, and the World Bank have been gathering to talk about high finance, that left Tigray out of the big pot of money involved. War is a racket. It’s important to look at the why and how of here and now.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, formerly known as the Millennium Dam and sometimes referred to as Hidase Dam, is a gravity dam on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia that has been under construction since 2011. Now with big World Bank money involved, everyone wants a piece of the action.

If Joe and Ho manage to wrest control of the US, will we see American peacekeepers arrive in Tigray, supporting the World Bank’s (and global elite) interests?


Back to the US

The only fact checkers on this blog are you, the readers.


Yesterday in Comments

Keith Wells wrote:

Re: finding the truth. What’s your take on Air Force Lt. Gen Macinerney. Is he legit ? He has got some really wild stuff out there. Delta attacking CIA facility in Frankfurt. Chinese Software in voting machines . Obama/Biden treasonous phone calls. He is either a nut job or war is at hand.

LL Reply:

General McInerney’s claims, do sound bizarre, but McInerney is not crazy. He is very intelligent, highly rational, and each of his words are very calculated.

If I was going to do a voting machine hack, the first place that I would go is the Central Intelligence Agency, because that’s one of the things that they do. The nation has invested huge treasure in figuring out how to do that, so that we could influence elections outside of the United States. Sure, it’s a secret (was a secret) but an open one. The global elites weaponized the FBI and to a lesser extent, CIA, in the 2016 election. That’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s solid fact. To extrapolate that they would go to CIA for advise and possibly help in the 2020 election is not far fetched. As I wrote, that’s where I would go if I was looking to hack voting machines. They’re the professionals when it comes to rigging elections. In fact, that’s a big part of why they exist. Clandestine and covert actions (outside of the US) are always ongoing. Using them for actions inside the US to influence/change/defraud an election is simply an extension of what was started in the run-up to 2016. I don’t think that there is anything far fetched about it.

Obama/Biden treason – yeah, well how is THAT a conspiracy theory? Again, there’s a lot of solid, proven, multi-sourced fact.

I am not anti-CIA. It performs a function vital to the security of the United States of America, and the only thing incomprehensible about CIA is its comprehensibility. It was designed to fight Soviet Russia. The Cold War Russians were big and slow. The CIA was big and slow and each worked hard NOT to kill the other’s people. Assassinations had a way of getting out of control – much like nuclear weapons. The Russians and the US both worked hard to make sure that didn’t happen, despite art.

Recruited assets (spies) were a different matter and many books and films have been devoted to that sort of intrigue, which I won’t delve into here. Jason Matthews’ Red Sparrow Trilogy is a good read if you are interested in tradecraft. They are novels, cleared for publication by CIA, but the operational tradecraft is well written for fiction. Bob Baer’s books (fiction and non-fiction) are also an excellent window into the business. I don’t necessarily agree with Bob’s conclusions on Iran or some other issues, but he’s a bight guy, he walked the walk, and there you go.

There has been a disturbing trend in the “organs of state” that became a trend during the Obama Years, wherein CIA, NSA and FBI were focused inward.

FBI went from being a law enforcement agency to an internally focused intelligence agency even before THAT. There is no secret in that ask any FBI Special Agent. They can explain it better than I can. And I’m not writing of their Foreign Counterintelligence Mission (FCI). The entire focus of FBI shifted. I’m trying to recall when specifically. Sometime around the turn of the millennium. In that process, the FBI (political at any time) became far more political. The Post 9/11 world made it more acute. Today it’s fair to characterize FBI as an internal intelligence agency with law enforcement authority and a big budget.

You need to ask yourself who runs the United States? After this past 2020 election, do you REALLY believe that we’re still a democracy with one-person, one-vote?

And Edward Snowden.  Sure, he’s a traitor. He signed off on his own security clearance and he had an obligation to keep secrets that he didn’t keep. But was he wrong?

Where do you get your truth these days? CNN, Fox News, ABC? Is there a difference post 2020 election? And what about Big Tech, which hosts this blog and every other blog on their routers and systems? Do you think that they are the slightest bit neutral when it comes to the question of levers of power?

The only reason that this blog exists is that it’s too small to bother with at the moment. At any moment it could be labeled as “racist”, “xenophobic”, “white supremacist”, “homophobic” or any of the current cancel culture tags.

Today, “conspiracy theory”, is a term that I don’t toss around lightly. A senile, completely corrupt, creepy 78 year old fool named Joe Biden, and a feckless, California liberal, thought of widely as a whore, who couldn’t grab more than a few dozen people at a rally beat Donald Trump in a fair election? Really? If you believe THAT, I need to become your investment advisor. Send me ALL of your money (bankwire works) and I’ll invest your fortune in chinchilla ranches, less my commission.

24 thoughts on “Meditations

  1. Speaking of Texas claiming Oklahoma…

    A couple years ago, Rhode Island and Connecticut finally settled a border dispute. Only took about 375 years!

    I think that’s the last one here…

    1. I’m not disputing what you say, Kle. I find it amazing that they were able to settle things in 375 years, but I guess that it’s good that the border is now settled.

  2. The question I ask myself is “What’s next?”. So I’m planning accordingly.

    The daily drumbeat headlines of “Vaccine” (useless), “Lockdown” (the real wrecking ball), “Election [pick something to plug in]”, “Trump [pick anything that discredits]”, etc., as if there is nothing else gong on in the news world, are designed to obfuscate the truth with entertainment-style rhetoric to keep the masses numb with fear, and angled to have them coming back for more at each minuscule “BREAKING NEWS” report.

    Gotta ask yourself: By whom? And for what purpose? Always check the messenger and follow the money.

    To answer your “Do you really believe…” question, Not anymore. This “darkness vs. Light” battle is waging like no other. And unless Trump manages to flip the tables on this corrupt mess…I may never vote again. Can’t trust any of these so-called “officials” with what I consider THE paramount American responsibility. Yesterday’s comment with +5 replies, “Depends on what you’re hunting.” I agree, but at this point NONE of these power hungry loser scumbags are worth the expense of a bullet, or the powder to blow them to Hell for that matter…where they belong.

    1. A cartridge costs a buck these days (retail, not loading bench). Maybe they are worth the expense of a bullet?

      Imagine the confusion of somebody wandering through Congress, holding a Claymore mine (Front toward Enemy), not knowing which direction to turn…

      1. Have a neighbor, out checking calves early one morning, saw a coyote tracking the herd so took the shot. Turns out he got two, they were standing together, he only saw the one.

        So with that two-fer scenario, yeah, worth expense of a bullet.

        Can you tell what mood I’m in this morning…royally peeved that the cheaters get off scot-free at every turn in this life. Retribution is much needed, but I am losing hope it’ll happen if “Broken Foot Joe” (his super-secret Indian name) actually gets the EC vote. A bunch of cowardly twits running things who don’t know their a$$ from a hole in the ground.

      2. This goes south and those who can’t control their pent-up anger will do something untenable. Could get ugly real fast.

        1. In order for a republic to operate there must be laws that we agree on (a Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.) – consent of the governed. And there must be free, fair and transparent elections. There are other things, of course, but it all springs from those two basic tenants.

          The European sponsored “great reset” calls for that being set aside in favor of a one-world government, favored by the globalists – the Bush Dynasty, the Clintons, etc. It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. And that New World Order would not function with the consent of the governed, because it can’t work like that.

          Creepy Old Joe sat in his bunker and the corrupt media carried his water for him to the masses, but the only insurance policy that they had (the FBI failed last time) was voting machines.

          1. And when personal integrity and decency goes out the window, because individuals boats are moored very far from God’s dock, this is what transpires.

            Great post today (as always).

          2. It is a conspiracy theory if the main stream and social media ALL say it is & say it over and over again…every day for years and years.
            The Big Lie does work.

        2. Propaganda works well, Rob.

          But you can’t fool all the people all the time. Of course, the donkey prayer is that that their schemes will fool ENOUGH people.

          So far, not working great. Even their own scum are saying that Biden won because of engineered voting machines.

      3. L-L, regarding Claymores and Congress, I would remind you of the punch line to Jerry Clower’s classic story about the guy who got attacked by a lynx treed during a coon hunt, to wit: “Just shoot up here amongst us, one of us has got to have some relief.”

  3. General McInerney says the operation in Germany was US Army Delta against CIA, and that there were Army casualties. This is the US Government fighting the US Government – on foreign soil, no less. I don’t know if that means guys were killed, but if so, what do they tell the family? The CIA killed your son? The US Government that he was fighting for and against killed him?

    The question I see is where do we go from here? There are so many irregularities with the election software, especially Dominion, that even if only some of the allegations are true, it still means the whole effort in the election was to prevent the American voters from interfering with the planned outcome. You’re not going to convince me (without lots of numbers checked in dozens of ways) that a clearly scatter-brained geezer who hardly came out of his basement, and got tiny numbers of people at rallies, got more votes than Obama. I’ve heard he got the most votes in history.

    This means there are no more fair and free elections, unless the whole system, nationwide, coast to coast, gets torn down and reasonable voter ID laws are put in place. But close to half the country wants it this way, as long as they get their preferred rulers. Add in that the professional apparatchiks in various government agencies desperately don’t anyone who might reduce the size of the, and you’re saying the Republic is dead. It was a nice experiment while it lasted but it didn’t work, so back to tyranny?

    In Pennsylvania, we had a state judge tell them to allow free access by election observers. The election supervisors told the court to shove it. Then we had a Supreme Court justice tell them to clean up their act and they told him to shove it. We’ve constructed a society where lawyers decide everything, and if nobody obeys the law, then what happens? I can see some state police trying to enforce what the judge and justice said, fighting other police who are trying to prevent the enforcement.

    “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State,” as Benito said?

    Assuming this gets rammed down our throat and we get a president Biden, how do we fix this?

    1. The police in America are constitutionalists, which is why the communists want them de-funded. The bulwark of America is its own yeomanry. And I don’t want to see it come down to that sort of thing. Nobody wins with the exception of our enemies. But the Oath is to defend against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic.

      It’s a mess. Right now the Arizona State Legislature is trying to figure out how to keep the people with staves, torches and pitchforks from running them out of town on a rail with a little tar and feathers thrown in. I can’t speak for other states, but Arizona – the public, not the voting machine operators, is not the least bit amused.

      Trump drew MASSIVE crowds in Arizona with tens of thousands who were unable to get into each event. Biden literally had a dozen people or less show up to his events. And he won AZ? Bullshit. I’m not saying that nobody voted for the senile old crook, who read what his handlers wrote for him on a teleprompter, but most of the people at his events carried Trump flags — and we all know it.

  4. I’m too old and slow for the work but can ask the question. What would it take with a Barrett .50 and the right ammo to take out electrical transformers? I understand the lead time for new ones is months and they are so expensive utility companies don’t keep many spares.

    Picture the Washington D.C. suburbs without electricity for weeks on end.

    1. A single ball round would take one out. If its in a cinder block building, a single round of API would take one out.

      In places like Los Angeles where water treatment plants are in the open, a couple of rounds into critical valves could end water service to a city or several cities for weeks.

      1. People who know and understand how the infrastructure works could take ANY big city down with little effort.
        You don’t need a Barret to take out a transformer. Just punch a few holes in the case to let the oil drain out, a 30-06 should do the job, and let Nature take over.

  5. The capitol of Ethiopia, Addis Abada, sounds familiar.

    Did their downtown garbage-dump collapse bury several hundred Ethiopians in 2017?
    Leading their Glorious Leaders to declare a Day Of Mourning.
    Then Two Days Of Mourning.
    Leading, inevitably, to a Week Of Mourning.

    1. One finds the concept of a (dedicated) garbage dump in Addis Abada to be strange – straining the credibility of the claimant. That a pile of trash was home to several hundred and that it collapsed, smothering them sounds like just the cost of doing business in the third world.

      A week of mourning in 2017… I shall mourn on their behalf. Mourning over, now what’s for lunch?

  6. Ok I guess I’ll be the tinfoil hat conspiracy guy , lots of chatter in the twitterverse about Haspel, CIA lead dog, maybe dead or only arrested. My ancient mariner friend (master chief , subs) says it’s true, he know many (unusual) folks.

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