A D-Day Do-Over?

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An Exercise in Toxic Masculinity
CNN laments the lack of diversity on D-Day.  The way they’re thinking, it’s the lack of racial and gender diversity in the landing craft and swinging from parachutes that led to the greatest generation. And there’s not much that CNN despises more than the greatest generation.

I suggest that CNN grab a gaggle of fairy folk from San Francisco’s Castro District, maybe throw in some famous Hollywood lesbians and go to Iran to convince the Ayatollah to play nice. I’m sure that it would work. There are a number of gender confused on the CNN payroll on both sides of the camera. They should go along with to record this greatest of woke moments where toxic masculinity is defeated. Call it a Green D-Day (sort of a do-over without white males – in Iran), where participants carry their comfort pets and flowers in lieu of weapons.

I’d pay good money to see that. And I’d pop come corn to share with my friends, who would also view history in the making.

9 thoughts on “A D-Day Do-Over?

  1. While we're at it, through in some lesbian theater collectives and MOMO performamce art. Then watch the Jihad run!

    Well you can't blame them, terrifying.

  2. Tsk, tsk. They are playing to their own little world having already written off all us deplorables. They, themselves go to war? No, that is for little people.

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