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Analysis of the New Rules
The liberals have always been a bunch of bullies, who preached a spirit of open-mindedness and respect toward others regardless of their personal characteristics. 
The reality is far more sinister. “Diversity and inclusion” is code for identity politics—by which we are all slotted into factions defined by appearance, ethnicity, national origin and gender (or gender self-identification). It is an altogether imaginary and endless zero-sum game of dominance and oppression.
And while we’re on that topic, I’m very offended by the “talk like a pirate day” where people talk like pirates and sometimes wear fetish pirate costumes. As a descendent of genuine pirates, I find that cultural appropriation to be completely unacceptable. The idea that people would mock my ancestors, and drink rum – when they are not actual pirates or the descendants of pirates is insulting. If you’re not a pirate, you shouldn’t drink rum (ever). No rum and coke, not ever. Now if you’re a wench and want to dress like a wench for a pirate, I think that allowances can be made.

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  1. 'Now if you're a wench and want to dress like a wench for a pirate, I think that allowances can be made.'

    Your tolerance is amazing!

  2. Being a raging heterosexual is not politically correct, but I'm afraid that I was born male, and will just have to make do, accordingly. A wench who shows up dressed like a wench, with beer and pizza can usually make friends.

  3. The libs seem to forget, perhaps deliberately, that the end result of identipol is that the strongest, meanest identity rules all the other weak beta identities. They imagine that's them and look forward to their tyrannous rule.

    Error. For example, pirates are meaner, see CUTLASS, and so's most everyone else outside of the rainbow onesie commune on the coasts.

  4. Talk like a pirate day is kinda weird (unless you're a pirate, of course.)

    I do wench quite well!

  5. Of course I must add that with St. Patrick's day approaching I had better not see anyone appropriating Irish Catholic cultural attributes. I myself will only Celebrate for half the day as I myself am only half Irish. The Polish half lies in wait to pounce at the appropriate moment.

  6. Since I am descended primarily of British stock(English, Welsh, Scot) with some Irish thrown in, and since the rum ration was a tradition in both the Royal Navy and the British Army, I believe that should exempt me as well. Of course there may be a pirate in the mix somewhere. No coke in my rum! I'll take it neat.

  7. Or a tomahawk, a belaying pin or a boarding pike. Cutlass is traditional and you're a traditional guy. I get it. But all of those were effective and none of those who wielded them wore pajamas at noon while mommy brought them hot chocolate and a croissant.

  8. Talk like a pirate day is weird, because non-pirates have culturally appropriated our pirate heritage.

    I'm sure you have the whole pirate's wench thing down. They're important skills. Erol Flynn (for all he was and wasn't) did a lot to further the cause of pirate cultural awareness, and he had to have his wench (Maureen O'Hara or some such darling) near him. If he didn't have a wench, he found a civilian ship and captured one.

  9. I grew up thinking that my ancestor, Quigley, was Irish, and I partook of the festivities in good faith. It was only a year or so ago that though genealogy research that I learned that he changed his name from Quidley – 100% English and a pirate family from Hatteras Island, NC.

    I didn't choke on the corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day (the luck of the devil and Black Beard must have been with me!).

  10. Jim, the three pillars of the Royal Navy (according to Churchill, who should have known) were "rum, sodomy and the lash". Ignoring the second one, I believe that you are entitled to at least two gills of rum a day.

    WSF, there is NO doubt in my mind that your ancestors engaged in acts of piracy. You can wear a Captain Morgan uniform any day and rest your booted foot upon the keg.

  11. I'm from Rogue's Island, so I'm automatically a Pirate.

    As for St. Patrick's Day, I'm "Irish", but to give you an idea of what that means in my family, my Mom used to send us to school wearing orange for the festivities, when we were kids.

    On the other hand, St. P. Day is an entirely American invention, and I'm certainly that.

  12. "…factions defined by appearance, ethnicity, national origin and gender (or gender self-identification)."

    That's ok, I self identify as a black woman.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  13. I've been to my share of orange marches in Belfast where the Red Hand of Ulster was prominently displayed. I don't recall a single celebration of St. Patrick's day there. Though I have run down Shankhill Road, chased by a dozen or so Irish lads, leaping into the back of a One-Ton Humber Armored Car (Pig) and safety.

  14. If It helps, I think that you'll find more acceptance as a black woman than you would as deplorable white man. You can thereby exercise your rights of grievance! Go down and pick up your rent check, your welfare check, your AFDC money, and you're block of cheese, you pour dear. Bless your heart Pauline.

  15. Family lore has us as land pirates -stagecoaches, carriages, railroad express cars – that sort of thing.

  16. Which is why they are intently making young men into woosies.
    Hubby actually does have a pirate someplace in his family line between Central Louisiana and France. There are several people in the family with paperwork tracing ancestry back. I forget the name of the town in France.

    I don't know if I do. I still need to get one of those ancestry things done.

  17. And if PLQ really wants the bonus points, he can be a GAY, BISEXUAL, black woman…..

  18. WSF, my ancestors took to sea to rob and plunder (yo-ho, yo-ho) and yours were highwaymen. Same trade.

    Jim, you need to be rationed.

  19. I've been working on my pirate material lately: what pirate of recent fame kidnaps teenage girls, keeps them as sex slaves and tells Gail King that 'you're killin' me!!! (sob…)?

    That would be 'Arrrrrrrrrr' Kelly.

    He's a Chicago local, BTW, we're so proud.

  20. I was thinking Bill Clinton until you hit the Gail King part…

    You have a lot of locals in Chicago that seem to be in the news lately. Chicago is a town of pirates. You should swap the Sox for the Pirates. It would fit better.

  21. Yes, Chicago is a hell hole. We have a run-off between two wildly progressive (liberal) candidates, both black women, for mayor to replace the wildly progressive (liberal) Rahm Emanuel. Both of them are running on 'change.' Change? From what? Corruption, theft, violence, mayhem and chaos?

    Just curious as to what either is going to do about any of that. And of course neither has mentioned a single syllable about the public worker pension debt that is crippling the city and its junk bond rating. Not a peep.

    I gotta get out of here before that hell hole takes me down with it.

  22. It always sounds as if Chicago is circling the drain, but it never fully flushes – and drags Illinois down with it. Not yet, anyway.

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