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The American Media
The News media has lost all credibility. 
In 2016, America faces serious issues — a rising deficit and escalating debt, the explosion of entitlements, the resurgence of Russian power, Chinese military expansionism in the South and East China seas, North Korea’s development of nuclear missiles, and Afghanistan. 
Now consider the issues that have transfixed the media this election season: 
The birther issue, David Duke, the KKK, a Mexican-American judge, Black Lives Matter, white cops, the “Muslim ban,” the Battle Flag, the “alt-right,” the national anthem, Trump’s refusals to recant his blasphemies against the dogmas of political correctness, or to “apologize.”
Cultural Appropriation
I’m not sure what that is. I am writing in a language the Americans stole from the English (itself a bastardized Saxo-Germanic Romantic language used by ruthless Norman conquerors) using Roman letters on an machine run by electricity, whose principles were deduced by a Scott named Maxwell and a Frenchman named Ampere. How dare I? By writing or speaking, am I engaged in micro aggression?
If I drive a polyglot of vehicles, all parked in my driveway or garage (Toyota FJ Cruiser, Ford Raptor, Ducati Diavel and Honda Accord), am I somehow stealing from the Japanese, the Italians and Americans from the rust belt? And if I bought an Aston Marton DB9, would I be stealing from the British, whose language I stole – and they stole?
Somebody explain it to me. 
No don’t. 
Trump’s Record
Trump has never been accountable to an electorate. Both President Obama and former Sec. of State Clinton held elected office before running for President. The largely dishonest media and its most ardent admirer, Hillary, continually rant on Trump’s record. He’s been a real estate magnate, with some generally held opinions, none of which are based on the VOLUMES of detailed and classified information that Hillary and Barack have had access to. 
Trump has no voting record, never Trump people. Get over it. Like him or don’t like him but he has had opinions about this or that as have we all. So what? None of that has been while in office and he didn’t vote for anything. The fact that his opinions changed over time (and whose haven’t) vex the never Trump people to no end. Get over yourselves.
Trump is a businessman not an ideologue. Businessmen tend to be much more pragmatic than politicians – they have to be or they wouldn’t stay in business. American politicians have run up $20+ trillion in debt. Nobody in business could do that.
Cooking Shows on TV
I have tended to avoid them. Some visitors to this blog have pointed out the error in my ways since one of them (and I can’t remember who – a lady with an Italian name) is nearly a porn star. In trying to fix that error I tuned into the Cooking Channel last night, but none of the dumpy chefs (male and female) were people that I’d want to see naked — ever. But the food looked good, and I ended up eating a late night snack because of it. I don’t need the calories, particularly late in the evening. 
How Old is Hillary?

I am dipping into conspiracy theory here with the help of the Grunt of Monte Cristo (H/T).

Recent photos of her make he look somewhere in her 80’s with general deterioration from her lifestyle and diseased body. Strokes, seizures, and so forth have plagued her.

But the advertised Hillary keep making her look as if she’s in her 40’s…maybe younger. Check out her ads.

At the 9/11 memorial (not long before her seizure in public) she looked like an old alcoholic, wearing the blue anti-seizure lenses.

Which Hillary do you like best?

I really don’t like any of them.

24 thoughts on “Random Wednesday Thoughts

  1. I have to agree that none of the versions of Hillary are very likable, so I'm not sure it matters if we know which is the 'true' one.

  2. Are you sure you're not a macroagressor? Recent polls suggest that Hillary is a synonym for satan. Interesting.

  3. Cooking show celebrities tend to be pretty dumpy: Emeril Lagasse, the disgraced Paula Dean and the ever popular Mario Batali have gone on record as saying skinny people have no credibility when it comes to cooking. Those folks are not what anybody would call skinny. I have to say there is merit to this sentiment. Giada DeLaurentis and Nigella Larson are the lookers in the biz, and a younger, skinnier Rachel Ray was also in the running.

    I think is a bit cheeky to suggest there are porn stars running amok on the Food Network. Because one foodie tends towards slutty wardrobes (and hence being labeled a slut by good authority, 'the Gruntess of Monte Cristo) does not translate to porn stars showing up willy nilly, with their recipes for fajitas.

  4. Oooooh, I forgot about Nigella. Good one, Fredd. She's pretty hot. And thanks for labeling Gruntessa an 'authority' on cooking sluts. She kinda is, though. She took her name (Gruntessa), in part from Ina Garten, the "Barefoot Contessa," who is a favorite of hers, and suitably frumpy to get the Gruntessa seal of approval.

  5. Pretty darn random for Wednesday. It's blood sucker Wed here!

    LOL, suitably frumpy! bet that's gonna come back to bite…

  6. I suspect the Gruntessa would disapprove of Sandra Lee (Semi-Home Made), who is really nothing more than a raging alcoholic, who empties cans of this and that into store-bought puff pastry, slaps it into the oven and calls it food. She is fairly easy on the eye, though. Or un-frumpy, you make the call, Grunt.

  7. Brig – No doubt! But we both believe the axiom that Fredd mentions above about how skinny people can't have cooking credibility, so being "frumpy" or "plump" is a compliment in the cooking world. Gruntessa also knows that I consider her a world-class chef, and that she's just barely curvy enough to make that believable while still being skinny enough to be in severe danger of being molested in the kitchen when the kids aren't around.

  8. Agree on Trump. He's made and lost money, but come out on top. He's made payroll, and built a business. Pragmatism does that. Hyperbole and BS doesn't… Re Hildabeast, she's a cockroach in a people suit…

  9. Fredd – I asked Gruntessa about Sandra Lee, and she put her in the "Fake Chef" category, but not necessarily slutty. However, when she told me that Sandra was Andrew Cuomo's live-in girlfriend, I immediately put her in the "Devil Whore" category, just for that.

    Brig – That's understandable! We knew the Cowman was a good man.

  10. Thank goodness I didn't talk about slutty real estate women on the Home and Garden Channel. That would have set off a firestorm.

  11. I might be. I think that I need to go to a university to find out how many yuppy, preppy, liberals I could send scurrying for their safe space. Just slapping the pistol on my belt would start them calling 911.

  12. You're right, it doesn't.

    But I prefer the spastic, seizing Hillary, eyes popping out of her head and foaming at the mouth. I just do.

    I also preferred the Fat Elvis in the white jumpsuit over the thin Elvis.

  13. Shillary's "basket" remarks may be the only honest she has expressed in years. Of course, it could be a scripted, focus group tested, remark geared to the audience she was addressing. Wasn't it some ga group gathering?

  14. Yes, Sandra Lee is about as fake a chef as there is. Didn't know about the Andrew Cuomo thing, though. Now I have a reason to detest her, other than her 'cooking.'

  15. LL: all real estate women on TV are slutty. That's 'what they do.' Nichole Curtis, especially. I could go on…

  16. Additional note on Sandra Lee: my Aunt Sally (worst cook either side of the Mississippi) likes her show 'Semi-Home Made,' which explains much.

  17. Yes, it was a gathering of trannies, and they don't like Trump. Which surprises me because Muslims want to murder them all and Hillary is the Muslim's friend.

    Nobody said that progs had to be cogent.

  18. RE Media: I was watching CNN, been doing that lately to see what's up, and the coverage of the police involved shooting in Oklahoma was horrible – it was as if they were trying to incite riots! This shooting was tragic, and there appear to have been tactical errors leading to the officer fearing for her life, but no mention of PCP or the 911 calls, and they acted like he was just motorist in distress because his vehicle was in the middle of the road, no mention of the refusal to obey commands, no mention that he attempted to get in the car with his hands down, only that at one point he had his hands up, and they acted like the Taser was merely for the enjoyment of the police officers? They focused on "black motorist" and the comments of a guy in the helicopter saying he looked bad or big and should be tasered. If he would have been tasered earlier (or tackled) he may be alive today. No mention of his criminal history (I'm guessing here because people who use PCP tend that way), which doesn't change the facts of the shooting, but may further explain his reaction to the police.

    Either way – CNN clearly has an agenda and would like the BLM crew to get to Oklahoma…

  19. The ratings go up if there are riots. The same thing in Charlotte. There the suspect was armed, but the riot was simply because a police officer shot a black person who needed to be stopped. The riots are based on a social justice narrative that is completely fictional — but looting means that they get to steal and the police won't stop them.

    It's not just CNN, it's the whole media circus. And CNN's ratings have not been all that good. The days of responsible and circumspect reporting have been gone for some time.

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