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Two Fingers

(Newsweek) The Indonesian army has ended its “two-finger” virginity test for female recruits, after they were branded “degrading, discriminatory, and traumatic.”

Andika Perkasa, the Indonesian army chief of staff, told reporters on Tuesday the controversial practice had ceased.

“Previously we looked at the abdomen, genitalia in detail with the examinations of the pelvis, vagina and cervix. Now, we have done away with these examinations, especially with regards to the hymen, whether it has been ruptured and the extent of the rupture,” he said.



I wish I could bottle the scent of this room. old rope, pine tar, and sawdust. I love browsing old chandlers, really love it. I can spend hours. It’s especially fun to talk to the old guy who runs the place (inevitably an old sailor). If there’s a potbelly stove and a couple of chairs, I stay even longer.


Regia Aeronautica Macchi C.202 Folgore

I didn’t make you guess.


It’s Very Simple


Someone asked me if I had plans for the fall. Apparently, they meant autumn, not the collapse of civilization. My bad.


Correctly Identify the Two Mystery Aircraft


The Absence of American Culture




For Sale

Steve and Brian Hall are selling their full-scale reproduction Soviet WW2 BA64 armored car. Contact Steve at if interested. Serious inquiries only. Ask them about the price, details, etc.



38 thoughts on “Notions

  1. Looks like F-16s and Kfirs. Does somebody in South America operate both types?

    I wonder if those are cousins with the BA-64, and if the MG works. Not that I could afford it anyway.

    I love the way all the panic-mongers just swallow China’s data-for-public-consumption whole.


    1. Yes on F-16s and Kfirs.

      The MG in the BA-64 works and fires “propane” to simulate machinegun fire. It belongs to re-enactors and I don’t know why they are selling it. At one point I borrowed it when I lived in CA to drive around the neighborhood after the Muzzies completed the mosque-down-the-street. The same place where the San Bernardino bombers went to church. Their parents lived in my neighborhood — former neighborhood.

      1. Friend had a Sdkfz-222 reproduction (the armor plate was real as the stiffness and thickness of the plate makes for the structural rigidity of the vehicle, ‘unarmored’ reproductions have extra tubing or framing) who loved to drive it on the streets.

        Then there’s the guy who used to sell full-auto in the Mijami area and moved out of there after way too many interesting stories, who had a White Scout Car with all the mgs ( a .50 and 2 .30s) actually working real ones. Of course, he also had his German WWI Maxim machine gun set up in his garage as it covered the only real way into the property.

        Nice people. Unfortunately, everyone gets old and has had to liquidate their stuff.

        1. Getting old is a bitch, Beans.

          I could use a Hannomag here to drive around with. Nobody would care. But you know, there is a metric to age and sometimes you tick off what you have left and measure it against the bullshit that accompanies it and just shrug. None of us will beat the clock, no matter how cool we are.

          1. All of that .pre-2000 vehicle stuff is nice but rapidly becomes a maintenance nightmare to people who can’t fold, spindle and mutilate themselves in order to fix it.

            I do bemoan not being able to climb into the engine compartment of the Olds 98, or fix anything on the Datsun B210, but, in reality, the Ram Promaster City I have just (knock on wood) doesn’t need much maintenance. Like many vehicles built in this century.

            I would love to have the scratch to buy a LMTV (that’s a military truck for those of you who don’t know) but I’d have to attach a hoist or elevator to get into the damned thing.

            So, well, a van or pickup truck or an old school bus are about the most wild vehicles I’d get involved in, when I win the lottery, of course.

            (Seriously, a rear engine school bus, shortened to about 30 feet, would make a fine ‘tactical’ vehicle, as they are built to the highest standards and are about the safest things to drive. Shortening will allow you to get into places a 40 footer can’t, and you can do things like do a roof-raise on them to give you more height. Get one with a handicap lift on the side and you can do smaller palletized cargo, or someone in a wheelchair, or someone with an Action Trackchair (a really cool off-road treaded chair that is just friggin cool!!!!)

            No, I never have dreams…

  2. Also, just jumping right past most of the insanity in the report… why the hell would you care if female soldiers are virgins in the first place?


    1. I can only guess that the Indonesian Army did it because they enjoyed it. Pretty sick IMHO.

          1. Well, yeah – I understand the actual purpose.

            I was more wondering how they justified it in their OpRegs.


  3. Rule for Radicals overlaid with Orwell…the Dem’s playbook. As soon as Trump stated emphatically “America will never be a Socialist nation!”, that sealed the deal for them to say “Hold my swill.” This intentionality is obvious.

    Indonesian army- well, there’s something I never knew. Maybe send them Cardi B.

    Love the vintage suitcase on the armored car, and the 5 gallon bucket hanging off the side. Only thing missing is the Bumper Dumper.

    Cuomo somehow managed to amass 18mil while killing seniors and writing his Emmy winning book, he’ll be gone in a week to parts unknown..because, according to the fawners, “he has no residence.” Good riddance to yet another selfish bum.

    Thinking the RR pics are an excuse to wake us up first thing Friday mornings so we pay attention. Is that a Levi’s jacket she’s wearing?

    1st Meme…yup, me as well. Maybe getting battle hardened from all the bravo sierra being spewed isn’t a bad thing.

    1. Maybe send them Cardi B. The inspector’s arm would be drawn in – to the elbow.

      Cuomo’s gold $18M that you know of. That’s what he declared. What percentage of an iceberg is underwater?

      BA64 They strive for authenticity.

      1. Didn’t need that visual in my head.

        Cuomo is a pimple on the Left’s derriere, he’ll walk away without consequence because he’s one of “The Sophisticated.” Maybe someone will get their ire up. Time to de-fund the whole mess, not sure how, but would hit these thieves where it hurts the most.

        Yeah, the Bumper Dumper isn’t really era authentic….and don’t they only sell those in the South?

      2. Forgot to mention…THAT room…like old hardware stores, so authentic they stir the senses.

          1. We had a local hardware store like that where I grew up. The cool stuff was up on “The Balcony”, and you went up these creaky, 100 year old wood stairs to get there. Real Man cave stuff up there. Pretty impressive stuff to a 10 year old, and all the Old Guys knew everything. I knew Dad was in trouble when he’d say “Well….looks like we’ll have to Go To Barrett’s, and my eyes lit up.

            Per my buddies back there, they’re still in business.

    1. I think that his ego is sufficient to propel him into a presidential run in 2024 irrespective of the false allegations now running amok…

  4. thanks, LL, i needed that, especially after losing my job yesterday, lol. but i actually feel pretty good about it. i have plenty to keep me busy, and i want to catch up on my river time. i feel bad for the many former fellow employees that have no choice but to vax up now. i do hope my sorry supervisor gets his though.

    1. I’m sorry about your job and hope the jabs don’t result in horrible autoimmune responses in your former co-workers (except for your supervisor – let the Quisling go through the endless blood transfusions). We live in interesting times and you seem prepared for what went down.

      1. thanks, and yes i was planning on this eventuality so the landing will not be hard. have a little cash, some hard currency, plenty of food and ammo, life is good. no more getting up at ohdarkthirty to drag my old butt over the mountain to work in the dungeon all day, lol.

  5. Mmm that C.202 Folgore looks a lot like a BF109.
    I’d love to know the back story on that action packed landing strip photo.

      1. Ahh ok thanks. I’ve been wanting to see that for some time just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

          1. Nicholas Cage does his usual job of excellent over-acting. Which is why I tend to like his movies. He makes them fun.

    1. Not a Mirage, an Israeli Kfir. Kle nailed it, and I’d hoped that he’d tag it as a Mirage.

  6. Hmm, here I have been taught and doing it wrong all these years as to ascertain a girl or woman’s maiden state…. two fingers? I never knew…. Driving that Soviet WW2 BA64 armored car around the muzzie neighborhood garner the response you were hoping for? I too, love old chandlers shops. There use to be several around the Portland Ore. waterfront and last time I was there twenty years ago were gone.

    1. With Cardi B, I think that it will take somewhat more than that. I don’t know for sure, of course. That’s only speculation on my part. Take a picnic ham, insert, and pull out the center bone to re-bush the unit.

      The Muzzies looked at it with concern, but if I had a Ferret parked in my driveway, it would have led to more respect.

      1. Ew. Don’t do that to a good ham, or a bad ham for that matter.

        Dammit, where’s the brain bleach?

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