A look at Deaths

Mike_C from Yesterday: 

I’m “attending” a School of Public Health seminar via Zoom right now. Someone is droning on about “COVID-19”, “mask”, “training”, and “ethics”. Needless to say, I’m 90% tuned out, seeing as I’ve found professional “medical ethicists” to usually have scary and unsupportable positions. (And don’t get me started on the NYT’s “The Ethicist” column where I’ve disagreed with each and every damn position their self-appointed ethicist as taken.) Also uploading data from a dozen CDs (did these people never hear of a flash drive?) and eating from a can of cold corned beef hash. Such a glamorous multitasking life. /eyeroll

In the faintly-disturbing news category: I’ve corrupted the Pretty Korean Girl into calling it “China Flu”. She reports that her Korean Android phone autocorrects that phrase to “COVID-19”.


(First) The way that I look at it, you have an obligation to corrupt the Pretty Korean Girl and full backing of Virtual Mirage. Eventually I hope to see her on the roof with a scoped rifle, shooting zombies.

(Second) The demographics of documented plague deaths would seem to put the onus on those over seventy years of age to avoid people and take precautions rather than for the rest of society to take precautions.

(Third) I haven’t seen any stats on other health problems except for vaguely muttered statements about fatalities from the plague having 2.5 major risk factors (pre-existing conditions).

All this brings the 200,000 death number into question as a valid number.



Flu Shots?

The campaign for everyone to get flu shots is underway and it’s strident. I thought that the flu (and flu-related deaths) went away in the era of the Chinese Plague. How is CDC and the medical community predicting WHICH flu will strike this winter. And since masks and social distance are the rule in many places, they shouldn’t see any flu. So why the shots?


  1. I liked a question I saw earlier regarding the China Flu – if half the fatalities had taken place in Montana, would New York have shut down?

    • The black blotches in Arizona are the Indian Nations. Respiratory disease, alcoholism and drug dependency, cardiac issues, obesity, diabetes are endemic there. And they took a hit. But no, NYC wouldn’t have shut down for anyone but NYC. It’s how they roll.

        • Ok, I don’t, but a lot of people seem to want to. Not necessarily the people who follow this blog. NYC politicians aren’t very persuasive to many of us, but the political class are less discerning.

  2. Brainwashed people. This morning’s walk with the dog saw a petite senior in black jogging suit and stocking cap with a huge mask (did go with her outfit). She made it a point to step well off the trail to avoid this unmasked scofflaw and his dog. Later, passing the rich folks old folks warehouse (rent starts at $2,000 a month) a Nissan SUV stopped to let us cross in front. I noticed his license plate was barely held in place with one loose screw. Got him to lower his window and told him about the plate. His response?
    “I know. We don’t want to take it to the shop and risk the infection”.
    What is more pathetic? A 70’s year old man who can’t use a screwdriver, or being afraid of contacting COVID-19 at a repair shop?

    • Lemmings. Likely Biden voters.

      You should have coughed…I have my fake cough down. It drives people away just as effectively as a leper in the Middle Ages using a clacker. Sometimes I can drive it into a coughing fit where I bend over as if I’m trying to cough out a lung. You need to practice that for when you meet the Coven on the way back from your walk.

      Banner needs one of those “Service Dog” vests. Just saying. Put a fifth of Jack Daniels in a pouch on his vest.

  3. Yep ,, dark areas in my state are all heavily negroes and injuns. Why dat be you ax ?
    Room temp IQ may be the answer.

  4. We rented the range out today for a group from the same company down from the city. They were having a great time probably in addition to the rounds sent downrange, they were mask free thanks to the county commissioners opting out of the donkey governor’s mandate. I used the term “socialist distancing” at one point and several commented that they were going to start using it. I suppose I’ve corrupted them now.

    • Jim, I would have expected no less from you.

      I saw a video on the news of a lady in Ohio, sitting along on bleachers, watching her football game – and a police officer came up to her, beat her up, tazed her, handcuffed her, and hauled her off… Remarkable. The officer in turn, needed to have his ass kicked. But that’s just me.

  5. As my wife and I are in our late seventies, we are fully aware of the likely outcome if either contracted (fill in your preferred nomenclature). That said we still do the necessary shopping to fulfill our immediate needs, however we don’t go to places with many people in close proximity. As far as masks go I think of them as equivalent to different levels of ballistic protection. The cloth and paper mask available today are like something that will stop minor fragments and spalling. That’s not say there isn’t something better, but it is whats available. How many have died of Covid will always be a matter of debate. My thoughts are if you have the symptoms of Covid, test positive, and die in ICU, it is highly likely Covid is the primary cause of death. There could be other situations that can be taken as primary cause, but I would leave that to the coroner. Which brings to mind the story of a man found with a number of bullets in the back. Coroner stated that it was a clear cut case of suicide.

    • I already have the tag line: “Smug, sanctimonious, and blinkered. He’s … The Ethicist!”

      PKG tells me the rooftop Koreans are sort of folk heroes in t’ auld country.

  6. “The way that I look at it, you have an obligation to corrupt the Pretty Korean Girl and full backing of Virtual Mirage.”

    That’s the American Way, right there.

  7. I like that video by Kristi Noam showing how South Dakotan’s “social distance”…proceeding to fill her fridge with a nice pheasant. Nothing like a gal who can harvest an organic dinner from the back forty.

    South Dakota: No mask edicts, lockdowns or Gestapo-style checkpoints, freedoms as afforded without hindrance, nice country, and not overrun by fleeing urbanites. If Colorado continues down its current path SD might just be the ticket.

    • Kristi Noam is my kind of governor.

      The problem with the flight of people from uban hells is that eventually there won’t be a new frontier to migrate to. Costa Rica is so full of Americans that it’s sort of like an upper middle class US state. The rest of Latin America would be a hard ‘no’.

      • She’s what happens when normal folks enter the political sphere without a grifter agenda. Doesn’t hurt she’s another attractive conservative gal who grew up on a ranch. When asked why she got into running for office her response was priceless, “I got angry with the liberals were ruining my state.”

        Pro-Tip: For the coming flu season, now that the general population is used to being treated like children and told what to do, might be good to stock up on Tyvek suits (to sell at a premium on eBay) as that may be the next level of mandate for our own “protection” by our Supreme Grand Pooh-Bahs.

        • The flu season may not be too bad given the anti-plague protocols. Then again, I’m not convinced that the protocols work.

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