A Sense of Panic at the DNC

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Journalists and the media always have the Chicken Little mindset and it works for them because it sells advertising. Chris Matthews is comparing Bernie winning Nevada to France falling to the German National Socialists in 1940. And yes, true to form, it’s an over reaction, but its telling that the American version of the National Socialist Worker’s Party, now united under Bernie Sanders is spooking them.
Sanders swept the delegates in the caucus with almost 50% of the votes, Biden a distant second with 20%, The Butt Guy had a respectable 15% given his popularity in Nevada, Warren landed an anticipated 10% despite a good showing in the debates, Klobuchar did better than I expected with 5%, and Steyer with 4%.  But this is what I want you to do. Check out how many people actually voted (link). Bernie (at 60% of precincts reporting) landed only 3,523 votes. That’s enthusiasm.
Now it’s Nevada, and there are a lot of felons who can’t legally vote and loud people who don’t bother turning out. 3,523 is an anemic number. Warren, received 773 votes, and at 10%, that means somewhere under 8,000 people have voted and been counted so far. Many MORE people turned out to the Trump rally in Las Vegas than voted for Democrats at the caucuses statewide.

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  1. Such enthusiasm! May it be the same nationwide! The primary here in Kansas is in May and I'm waiting to see how many show up for it. Outside of a couple of cities, the donkeys have little support.

  2. A turn out of somewhere under or around 10,000 doesn't signal well for the Donkeys and you KNOW that they are counting hard. And if they cheat Bernie out of the nomination by resurrecting Hillary or pushing Bloomberg forward with super delegates, the 6,000 or so of the 10,000 who voted for Sanders may not show up in November. At the same time the 25,000 who showed up for the Trump rally (many of whom were turned away because there was no more room), are certain to vote.

  3. Colorado is a mail (or drop off – you get your ballot in the mail) in ballot state. Primary is next Tuesday. I'm not seeing much enthusiasm, even around the college campuses.

    My niece lives in Reno and flooded Facebook yesterday.

  4. The Dem's are like watching the OJ "chase"…you know the end is near but in slow motion. Picturing all of them jammed into the white bronco trying to force each other out of the drivers seat, but The Bern wedged himself in and the DNC is shooting Nerf Darts at him in their attempt to dislodge the Marxist from their midst. Except it's not working. Hahahaha.

    You watch, here in Colorado, 3, maybe 4, major Front Range cities will drive the entire state despite 80% of counties will vote Trump. Despicable. Incidentally, our Republican ballot was in alphabetical order with Trump in the middle-bottom of eight or so (never heard of any of them) names, almost like the election board was trying to have people accidentally darken the wrong oval.

  5. Whoa, such enthusiasm for the Bern and all the other mountebanks. I didn't know the voter turn out was that pathetic. Well, you can't blame 'em given the choice. Trump rallies? Entirely different story.

  6. The Democrats offer lies about how much they will give you, but they are old lies, tired lies, and the spokespeople have no credibility. They despise the people, like Obama's famous "You didn't build that!" comment.

  7. There is a hope among the RINO's and Donkeys that somebody will rise out of obscurity to challenge TRUMP. Vain hope.

  8. Tell your friends and family. All politics is local.

    Seriously, LindaG, you used to train to blow the communists back into the stone age. You and MRLINDAG both spent your LIVES preparing to do that. I'm glad that it never happened. But how could the work of a nation be what it was and now there's even a consideration that we elect a communist to the presidency.

  9. Well… thirty-eight THOUSAND.

    Still pathetic, but an order of magnitude less so.

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