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We know they are lying. They know they are lying. They know that we know they are lying. We know that they know that we know they are lying. And still they continue to lie”. — Alexander Solzhenitsyn


Bullet Points:

* Breaking News! There has been a stunning development in the ongoing House speaker drama: Former President Donald Trump said he would accept the role of speaker if elected.

Both Kari Lake and Gen. Michael Flynn confirmed the news to The Western Journal. “I talked to President Trump last night and told him he would be great and he should do it,” Lake told The Western Journal. “[I said] that he could take Congress from the most hated branch of [government] to the favorite branch.”

And the steam calliope plays on.

* January 6th – via Pentagon leadership. I’m not going to comment further at this point except to say that the woke and often treacherous leadership of the military offered their opinion. I provide the link to their perspective.

News coverage of the January 6, 2020 pro-Trump rally and Capitol demonstration has been largely one-sided. So have the unprecedented prosecutorial efforts that continue today.

* Don’t Rape Russian Women – When Wagner group soldiers (convicts) are sent home after their discharge they need to change their behavior.

* Go Private – A pro-life group announced on Tuesday that it is hiring private investigators to uncover who firebombed its Buffalo office in June, citing months of “slow-walking” and “feign[ed] interest” from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as its reason for launching an independent investigation.

* A Mother’s Plea – Where is Ray Epps? Will the new Congress be able to find him and haul him back to testify?

Charles Bradford (Brad) Smith was a 24-year-old young patriotic American when the FBI raided his family’s home in September 2021. Brad has been held in the FCI Elkton Federal Correctional Institution in Lisbon, Ohio.  He was sentenced to 41 months in prison for touching a sign and for several made-up charges by the DOJ-FBI.

* What is the difference between a group of circus midgets and Arizona´s newly installed attorney general Kris Mayes and governor Katie Hobbs?

The group of circus midgets are a cunning bunch of runts, and the attorney general and governor running


This Day in History

Operation Carpetbagger

On this day in 1944, an American B-24 Liberator landed in England, having completed a top-secret overnight mission. The plane had been painted black, making it hard to spot against the nighttime sky. The B-24’s ball turret had been removed and replaced with a cargo hatch.

The objective of the secret flight: Resupply underground resistance forces in Nazi-held territory. The flight was the first of many in an effort that would span months. Taken together, these missions came to be known as Operation Carpetbagger.


Of course, he’d say that…


Grocery Robots are Creepy


The Question of Cause and Effect

20 thoughts on “Jan 6 and so forth…

  1. Go Private- A new WWM skillset business opportunity, already see a few hundred potential contracts.

    Jan 6th “Pall Bearer Grade” Circus”- Caught it on the top of the hour news, followed by the AP narrator calling it “a violent attack” (no different than selling Florida Swamp land as “development ready with ocean views”). These evil bums are operating as if this were a 9/11 Memorial, reading the names of “their people horrifically murdered” in hushed tones…EXCEPT none actually died at the hands of The Trespassers, most even THAT day (save for Officer Sicknick, of a stroke later that night). Even more galling is leaving out Babbitt & Boyland who WERE actually killed by CapPol. They are lying through their Epstein Island Stained Souls. And we know, and they know we know, and they don’t care that we know so they are continuing to promulgate a total lie to prop up their evil narrative. Epps is in a Nevada hog pen…or was.

    PDJT as Speaker? Why not, totally mess with the establishment. Just once want to hear him say: “You’re Fired!” hahahah

    1. The value of private investigation, private militaries, upscale private security (bodyguards for the elite), private intelligence beyond competitive corporate work, and so forth is evident. If you have a high net worth and want a level of protection not afforded by law enforcement, you rent yourself, somebody. It goes from off-duty law enforcement to the Black Water scenario. The price is about the same. There is a lot that the standard mud infantry aren’t able to do, so military-for-hire are available for a price. Private spooks come in all shapes, sizes, and prices.

      It surprised me that the Communist Chinese outsource a significant amount of their human collection to occidentals. I know a lot of these people because I’ve run into them over the years. One of them lurks on this very blog at times (hanging out, not reporting back) and it’s amazing how little the ChiComs pay. Though pay comes with value in my capitalist brain.

      But with mandatory vaxes, propaganda lectures on grievance matters, and the push to swap genders, private is more appealing. There is no oversight, there are no ‘human rights abuses’, and the HR problem that comes with US/Canadian/European baggage isn’t there. It’s the future.

      1. Really interesting in the gear meshing that has to happen for this stuff to get done. Necessary? Seems more now than ever before.

    1. When SkyNet becomes sentient we’ll have a lot of explaining to do. More coming on the Sunday Sermonette!

      1. AI is a bit of a Pandora’s Box scenario, similar as Gain of Function…once created who controls it and will they actually govern their “creation”…or worse…will they be able to as most are not God regardless how they view themselves.

        1. WAIT-WAIT-WAIT, what are you saying? Fauci isn’t god? I was going to buy some of his candles. I guess I should hold off.

          1. Fauci candles are A Thing?
            PLEASE tell me they aren’t the male analog to Gwynneth Paltrow candles.

          2. I don’t know if he sells candles that smell like his balls (like Clarkson does) or like Paltrow’s cooch. But St. Anthony does invite you to light a candle with his mug on it and offer him your prayer.

  2. Ah yes, Marvin! Loved that character! Re Epps, the question(s) are whose payroll(s) he was on? I’m betting at least FBI and DHS…

  3. It was an insurance scam.

    Similarly, 9/11 was the plot of Die Hard. Nobody ever said where the gold in the basement vaults went, did they?

    Grocery store robots: first they serve us, then they enslave us.

    Fortunately they have OCD, just push a can out of line. They’ll stop to fix it every time, like Microbe Obliterator from WALL-E.

  4. Gee, and I thought Operation Carpetbagger was when Hillary! ran for Congress from NY State, or Pat Ambien Kennedy from R.I…

    Learn something new every day!


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