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(Telegraph UK) I don’t know that I want to live in Sweden, but if I did, this would be a property that would end up high on my list based on the ads. It’s located in Boden (Northern Sweden) and the asking price is about $250K. Reasonable.
I admit that I’d need a decorator to go through and spruce the place up, but it wouldn’t cost me more than a couple hundred K to do that…maybe a garage on the outside to park the toys and it’s even better than the White Wolf Mine.
What are the Brits Thinking?
The photo speaks for itself, but who in their right mind would surrender weapons in the face of Muslims who want you dead? 
“Only cowards carry?” Really? So they really think that it’s smart to bring hands and feet to a gun fight or a knife fight? If I had a gun shop, the sign would say “only idiots disarm themselves in the face of those who would do them harm”.  The knife bin (left) should be a bin where you can pick up a good knife to keep handy. I realize that I approach this situation the way an American does.
There are remedies to the rules because there always are:
Axes are legal to carry in England, likewise tomahawks. They’re also legal in Russia. You can’t carry a truncheon (stick) lawfully, but put a  razor sharp steel blade on it and you’re golden. 
A bar of soap in a sock is also legal in England. You’d think that they’d have tried to ban them but no. It may be fall out from having been trained by HM GOV to use a bar of soap and a sock to kill people back in my callow youth? They’re keeping the option open just for me and people like me. 
Likewise computer circuitboard is not illegal to carry, but there are things that you can do with that which would make even Prince Phillip blush. There are also automobile parts that one can carry, which avoid the tools (such as screw drivers) mentioned by statues. And you never know when you need to fix a car.
Piano wire? Yes, legal in the UK. Likewise syringes (push-to-use) are only illegal if used to dispense illegal narcotics. Drain cleaner is not a narcotic. Which leads me back to the whole premise of the law. Firstly, no criminal will disarm. It’s not what they do. Secondly, no trained person need “disarm” because you can pack a whole arsenal around with you in the UK lawfully – if you think out-of-the-box. 
They need to re-think things. Allow the citizens parity with the Muslims and thugs – and Muslim thugs. Change the knife bin to a knife dispensary.
Kalifornia Republik

File this one under: Nobody is shocked

In June California Secretary of State Alex Padilla told the Trump administration the state will not cooperate with the election integrity commission because it would “only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud.”

Friends from outside of the US continually comment on the problem of US voter fraud. They state correctly that it’s easily fixed by government issued voting cards – the way that they do it in Mexico. It’s government and voting integrity, designed to root out corruption.
I usually just laugh and explain that our present system is rooted in the faith that corruption will carry the day. It’s how one party maintains power, and the other party is too weak and stupid to call them on it every day. 
The corrupt, elite, sly, smug, nasty, lying mainstream media keeps the myth of government integrity going, because it serves their wicked purpose.

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  1. Well I've never seen a knife bin here. If I had, I would have emptied it! And let me tell you, that's precisely what will happen. One Friday night, after a skinful at Wetherspoons will have this bin half inched by a bunch of lads and back on the train to Romford. For starters, this appeals to the white collar, whippersnapper nerd who nearly jumps out of his skin if you say hello to him. Guess what? He doesn't have a knife. The only people carrying knives (apart from me , illegally inside my boot) are criminals out to shank another gang member. Well, they're not going to comply are they? I can put my hand on my heart and quite honestly tell you, Larry, that you'll probably find all manner of gubbins in this bin at the end of the week but knives ain't gonna be one of them.

  2. Hold on – I can’t leave this alone. Stoicism fails me today.

    You have to understand my country and you can only do that if you live in it. I mean live in it like an everyday, regular and not just have spent a small amount of time here. Firstly, may I point out the “corrupt, smug, lying, elitist, bullshit media” reigns here as it does in your land. Don’t believe everything you read and think for one second that people over here buy into it. We did Brexit, remember. Nobody thought that would happen. Yes, we have our share of liberals – many in fact, since we are a multi-cultural society. Mostly in London, to be fair which is like its own country. We aren’t just London. And the real East Enders? Different ball game all together. Whilst the UK may come across as a benign wet blanket, that really isn’t the case. There’s a mentality here that is far graver than I’ve witnessed in America. There’s a hardness that is different to your frontier approach (hard, tough, moralistic) and is almost verging on lunacy. I honestly am happy that guns are not allowed here because I wouldn’t dare go out. There’s be a gazillion killings a weekend, I’m absolutely certain. Instead we have a ludicrously high knife crime.
    We might not have anything to fight with anymore but there’d be nutters lining the shores with just bare knuckles and attitude were we to be threatened. And yeah, you could shoot them but they’d die fighting back. A lot of proud patriots still exist in Great Britain and they aren’t just taking it lying down despite what you may hear.

  3. You shouldn't publicize that you keep a shank in your boot. If a constable should ask, it's an ankle scratcher. There for medicinal purposes only. I hate to think what they'll say when they see your flask…

    But to digress for only a moment, how do the blokes there in Nottingham deal with your Western boots – with spurs? And I'm not talking about the obvious sexual innuendos.

  4. You're not living up to your stoic reputation.

    The people need to take back the government in the UK. Brexit was just the beginning. They need to make Great Britain great again. I'd suggest that you lead the charge, but then you'd appoint LSP Minister of War and things would quickly get out of hand.

    The Church of England (with a lot of fruits and nuts at the top these days) would be replace by the clown church and where would the stoic English be then? Custard pies in the face, flowers that squirt water, and ruining all of those fancy hats that the royals wear to the cathedral.

    Of course, that's me reading the runes again and speculating.

  5. I shouldn't, you're right. If a copper sees it, I'll get arrested but I'm hoping to be able to talk myself out of gaol or act like a dumb blonde. I need it for the next time I get offered twenty quid for a jump by an Iranian taxi driver and called "White trash" because I will use my knife to pin his balls to the pub table whilst I finish my drink in peace.

    Most people are enamoured by my boots and use it as an excuse to ask me questions. On the subject of innuendos and how blokes think, need I even reply?

  6. I know. I'm going swimming in a minute to restore balance.

    Most people here despise or ignore the government anyway. I predict a civil war but what do I know?
    Clown Church is and will always be the answer. Not the ones that currently exist, (C of E and Catholic alike)but a proper one with menace, frivolity and psychology 101. It's time for a new breed of law.

  7. They're sly the way they do that.

    I think that if I lived there, I might scoop up dog stuff and toss it in. I'm sure that I'm not the first one with that idea.

  8. By some reason many people predict there will be a civil war in the foreseeable future. The arguments tend to be mass immigration, religious conflicts, increased terror, destabilized communities, lack of trust to the state on the one side due to failure in management and strategy and the other side have never had any trust in the state since they always have focus on the family and the clan and thus cheat the state to their own benefit every time they can. The influx of immigrants in high numbers due to the disastrous economies in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, Afghanistan and so on combined with increased birth rates results in less income and locals will become poorer in large numbers in Western Europe. The elite believing in their ideas that the national state has no value and only a global government can solve what they prioritize. The elite will support the new voters and offers benefits and support. The police will become similar to what George Orwell described to keep the elite in power. Less money on defense will reduce the capacity to defend against new expanding military powers since all the money must go to take care of the immigration in strong demand for housing and social welfare. The media will agree with the elite and give the past economic success of Western Europe all responsibility for the immigration caused by lack hope where they come from. Now it's payback time. The ordinary people will experience no or little help from their local police, like in Sweden and communities will much more polarized. Given the network the immigrants bring with them weapon and armory is no issue and within their own communities they have full control and can do what they like. From there it will only get worse…

  9. I don't know for sure, but with 138% of its over 18 adults registered to vote, I think San Diego county may have a world record.

  10. I don't think knife bins would go down to well in Hill County. We don't have a high Muslim population either.

    I don't know if there's a correlation.

  11. On the passenger floor of my pickup there is a small sledge hammer. It has ridden in every vehicle I've owned for the past twenty years. Never has a police person questioned why it is there. Knife? Bring it.

  12. In Hill country, knife bins would simply be like a "free" visit to Walmart to pick up a new knife. It would be nice if they also accepted sharpening stones in the bin and maybe some light oil to hone those knifes.

    There's an idea for parliament. They can make sharpening stones illegal too so that when the perpetrators cut you, it won't cut deep.

  13. 1. In re the bunker: temperature control would certainly be cheap, and the place would probably be a lot harder to burglarize, but…no windows. No daylight coming in. Plus, I wonder if dampness is an issue.

    2. I didn't think liberal disarmament projects could get any stupider than the L.A.P.D. guns for gift cards or movie tickets or similar worthless items, but clearly, I was wrong. What the crap has Cookie Monster got to do with knives?

    3. So California does not want to cooperate with the voter fraud investigation because the allegations of voter fraud are "false" and "already debunked"? Do these same people then not think the Russians stole the election for Trump?

  14. I just wonder how long before the perps break into the knife amnesty box and steal the knives… sigh…

  15. A Vaughn 20oz framing hammer bears a striking resemblance to a modern Bec de Corbin.

    (pun intended)

  16. 1. I don't know any more than the article advertised. But nothing keeps you from building a solarium and other structures on the outside to enjoy in the summer. Boden is up there near the Arctic Circle. Not much light in winter anyway.

    2. The UK is unhinged.

    3. Yes, they're sure that Trump is a Russian. And during the days of the Old Soviet Union all of them were pro-Russian, but since they feel that Trump is in league with the Russians – Russians are bad now. I wonder if a lobotomy would help them? I doubt it.

  17. I do not think you would like to move to Sweden. Wait until they have sorted out the problems they are dealing with. The strategy failed and the police in on the verge of collapse according to this editorial. goo.gl/YQkLMQ The next 3 to 5 years will be an interesting period to see how a country can go from being a solid welfare state to a Scandinavian version of Lebanon.

  18. When you give the key to the city to savages to despoil, loot and rape as they please, the cause and effect are clear.

    And no, I wouldn't want to move to Sweden. The bunker idea is appealing because…well, it is. But the place has been transformed, as you suggest, into Little Damascus.

  19. As long as we are chiming in on the battleaxe of choice, let me recommend the Estwing dry wall hammer/tool.

    Cushioned handle that will last for years
    Nice balance and weight for hammer head
    Opposite hammer head is two inch axe-like head for cutting dry wall.

    since raven brought it up.

  20. LL,

    A lobotomy is a procedure that involves removing something. That thing has to be present in order to remove it.

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