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Russian Petro-Products

There were a lot of dead dinosaurs in Russia. Nobody disputes that…

Russia needs to export its gas and its oil which represents half of its budgetary resources, it achieves this thanks to a very dense network of oil and gas pipelines. The oil pipelines are directed toward both Europe and China, but the gas pipelines lead toward Europe.

The turmoil in Russia over Ukraine and the vast pantheon of problems that besets the massively long nation is manifesting itself in different ways. Some of these resignations have to do with petroleum corruption and possibly all do. In the US, Hunter Biden is still living in Malibu at public expense, defended by the Secret Service… but the petroleum corruption with US Crime Families dabbling in Ukraine are no less profound.



A map of the approximate situation on the ground in Ukraine as of 00:00 UTC 5/11/22, and a comparison of territorial control North of Kharkiv over the last 2 weeks, 27th April (above) –> 11th May (below).

The Ukraine Army recaptured Pytomnyk, North of Kharkiv, and reached the border with Russia after retaking control of Ternova.


Ukraine Refugees in Russia (a map)

Russia is dispersing Ukrainian refugees along a network of remote camps in former Soviet sanatoriums and other sites stretching along the route of the Trans-Siberian Railway to Vladivostok.


Cultural Practices

Where In Europe people take their shoes on or off when people enter their homes or when they visit other people.

It’s interesting with my own sons-in-law (4 of them) how this plays out in their own homes.


Take care when dealing with Crazy People (i.e. Loons)…

And vengeful mothers.

Case in point: From the Wikipedia page on loons


County Sheriffs in Michigan

Take the data for what it’s worth. No conclusions or trends are inferred.


Nordic Groups in the US

The largest Nordic group by US county. Norwegians dominate the Upper Midwest and most of the PNW, and Swedes the Northeast/Lower Midwest. Danish is #1 in the Latter-Day Saint Corridor, and Finnish is #1 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


And We close with UFOs (it rhymes)

Why not with UFOs?

(NY Post) The Congressional hearing comes on the heels of an intelligence report on unexplained aerial phenomena that was delivered to Congress last summer after being included in a COVID-19 relief bill signed by outgoing President Donald Trump in December of 2020.

The report found that the vast majority of the 144 incidents reviewed by intelligence officials over the last two decades could not be explained and were not the work of the US military or government, officials reportedly said.

The explanation means that the military eyewitnesses who encountered UFOs on an almost “daily basis” off the coast of California in 2017, and footage that was verified by defense officials, were not seeing programs the US meant to keep secret.

Some of the unidentified flying objects seen by military personnel traveled at a speed of 43,200 mph, a vindicated whistleblowing ex-intelligence officer for the US Department of Defense told The Post.

It comes now as a distraction as the USA is plagued with internal shortages, rampant inflation and American leaders pleading for a nuclear war to get them off the hook (as the place is leveled) for mismanagement and corruption.


(The Fine Print) I suspect that LSP’s dog, Blue Intruder, is actually a UFO…reporting back to the mother ship. Your theories may differ. But don’t draw conclusions until you’ve actually met Blue Terminator. The same is true of DRJIM’s Pebbles-the-Wonder-Dog. (I have never met WSF’s Banner, so I can’t say)

17 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Oblast approximately equal to province?

    I started taking my shoes off when one of my supervisors, way back in the 70s, who was a very devout Buddhist, used to invite me over for supper. They had a complete setup with slippers and a shoe stand and everything. Never really got out of the habit so now when I go over to a person’s home I will take my shoes of when entering unless told there is no need.

    Two close instances with UFOs, one in Montana and one in Quebec. Also was in England several years after the 1980 Bentwaters incident. People were still talking about it and saying things were still going on but were just not publicized. This was just a bit over a decade later. Easy to believe, you mention the Official Secrets Act and the Brit news media goes silent.

    Beware the Loons (of all stripes).

    1. Oblast=semiautonomous political subdivision, like a state, managed by a governor. Like a state or province.

  2. (I have never met WSF’s Banner, so I can’t say)
    If he is reporting to aliens, it is the location of every place he found something to eat.

  3. I have white Berber and hardwood floors.
    Shoes off and our friends know the ritual. The threshold from the utility room to the sun room is where you take a shoe off, step over and take the other off and then enter the house from the back.
    If the front door, a flagstone area just inside the door to repeat the same maneuver to step onto the carpet.
    In Jesus’ day, you’d wash the feet of your guests to keep the crap out. Literally.

    1. I think that in Jesus’ day it was also appropriate for you to invite their ass inside…if they planned to spend the night.

  4. Dammit, LL, you blew Blue’s cover. Don’t worry, I won’t tell the Terminator.

    Then there’s the Ukraine. It seems bizarrely important for our ruling elite to have it and likewise for Russia. Someone needs to get to the bottom of the cash flow. That in mind, good governor point and I’d imagine something similar’s going down with command.

    You can picture the scene, “Why is there only half your stated ammunition supply in the depot?” awkward pause, “Because you sold it?” Begone to Siberia and count yourself a lucky man.

  5. Danged Scandinavians, they’re everywhere…even have one sitting next to me.

      1. No…she’s Danish (-En), not Swedish (-On). I’m good. (the “they’re everywhere” is my inside joke with her)

  6. The Corridor Crew (a digital special effects art house) did an analysis on the Tic-Tac. Much can be explained by birds, yes, birds. But they did say some of it isn’t explainable from their standpoint.

    Me? I still say a lot of the hoo-hah is our own secret squirrel stuff. What better way to test it against actual working equipment and trained crews than to do a secret series of tests where you (the tester) disavow any knowledge of said test articles. And by publishing “we don’t know what the copulation it is” articles and videos, the testers are getting a chance to tell all the hostile people out there that we (the testers) have stuff they (the hostile people out there) don’t have.

    Are there unexplainable phenomena out there? Most likely. But…

    1. What are these “Test Articles” you speak of?

      All the ones I know about don’t exist. They might have been Schrodinger’s Test Articles…..

  7. I routinely sit on the bench by the back door and remove my work boots before entering the house.
    I tuck them under the bench and shake them out in the morning to avoid the surprise of putting my foot on whatever critter may have taken up residence overnight.

    Every exterior door should have a bench near it.
    The bench is useful for putting things on while coming or going and it facilitates shoe removal and re-shodding for those of us older than twenty-nine…or as needed.

    In the past I made them from drop-offs of 6X12 beams from houses I built.
    The last ones I built I bought four-foot long drop-offs from 4X12 headers being pre-cut at the lumber yard (not Home Depot or Lowe’s) and I made another out of some old redwood decking that was nicely blackened in spots by rusted steel fasteners. The black and red colors really popped when several clear coats of finish were applied. I cross-wired the legs with lacquered copper wire. Wifmann claimed it for the front door. 🙁
    Now, I need another to go near the Red Dragon Japanese maple in front of the bath house.
    One could buy a bench, but…

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