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Back to the need for monoliths…


Archeological Discoveries:

EGYPT – Nay-sayers who don’t believe that people from other galaxies visited Earth were rocked by the recent disclosure from excavating the temple of Hathor outside of Karnak. (Right) A curse inscribed over the door to the tomb predicted the arrival of an armada traveling through a stargate to lay waste to Earth if the mummy was disturbed.

The curse was completely discounted by scientists from Harvard University who led the dig.


How Many Gun Owners Are in America?

(2024 Statistics)

From  In 2023, 32% of Americans own at least one firearm. There are approximately 259,000,000 adults, which equates to 82,880,000 people who own a firearm in the U.S.

Firearm ownership increased by 6.7% in the U.S. (all demographics) between 2017 and 2023. During that same period, women increased ownership by 13.6%, and Hispanics increased ownership by 33.3%. — More at the link from Cassandra McBride.


Bullet Points:

** War surplus reaches the Ukraine front. Vladimir Putin reacts, “We don’t need good tanks to beat these potato farmers. Anything will do.” (h/t Claudio)

** I’ve kept my eyes open and haven’t seen a Build Back Better hat yet.

** Jules – viewed from the inside out. Does she have a heart? Medical science will have a verdict on that to share.

** (Bee) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congress issued a dire warning to the American people Friday, sternly reminding voters that if they do not keep sending billions of tax dollars to Ukraine, the war might end.

“This is America. We can’t let this happen,” said Senator Chuck Schumer in a press conference. “Our donors at Lockheed Martin, General Dynamic, Teledyne, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Burisma are running out of patience. If we don’t inject their weapon supply chains with fresh cash immediately, Ukraine and Russia might be forced to broker a peace deal.”

** BRM advises that NYC is handing out $10K debit cards to illegal aliens, and you don’t need an ID to pick one up. If any of you are going to New York City, would you grab a couple for me? There’s a friend. Thank you.

** (Is the US a reliable ally?) (h/t Claudio) JERUSALEM — Israel plans to buy “tens of thousands” of military rifles from local businesses as part of a “requirement to renew and strengthen the [Israel Defense Forces’] stockpile of weapons,” the Defense Ministry announced this week.

The push to ensure independent production of weapons comes as the Biden regime says the U.S. is working on a deal aimed at securing at least a six-week halt to hostilities and releasing all hostages.


Meme of the Day


From the Days of Fighting Sail

Ship Camels

The ship camel was first used in the 17th century. It’s a floating body attached to the ship to give it more buoyancy and thus overcome flat places. It was developed by the Amsterdam carpenter Meeuwis Meindertsz Bakker, who used this construction for the first time in April 1690 to bring the warship Princes Maria, built in Amsterdam, over the shallows of Pampus (Netherlands).


Model of an East Indiaman with Camels, anonymous, 1742 © rijksmuseum         

Bakker received an annual salary from the Admiralty of Amsterdam as a reward for his achievements, which were among the most important in Dutch shipbuilding at the time. Already Cornelis van Yk, master shipbuilder of the Dutch East India Company, treated this instrument in his work De Nederlandsche scheeps-bouw-konst in 1697. Before the camels were used, the ships were only lightened (i.e. taken off weight) or lifted slightly with air-filled water barrels. The ships were then tugged over the shallow areas of the Enkhuizer Sand and the Pampus.  These camels were also used in Russia and Venice.

The Construction

Ship of the line Mont Saint Bernard, 82-guns, fitted with Ship Camels

Ship camels were a two-part floating dock about 40 to 50 meters long, with parts connected by chains. These pontoons were equipped with oars, roasting pills, hand pumps, watertight compartments in the hull, and sometimes a tween deck with logis and galley for the operating crew. The pontoons owe their name to the fact that the two pontoons with a floating ship reminded builders of a camel with two humps. Both halves were designed as watertight floating bodies that could be flooded and bled. If these were flooded, the ship to be lifted was floated in and fastened between them. Strong cables were pulled underneath the ship, and beams were put through the piece ports, which then lay on the pontoons of the camel.


Ship camel system, which allowed large ships to cross shallow banks, by Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650-1718), Italy, 18th century

The camels’ compartments were then emptied using pumps, similar to modern floating docks. Due to the draught reduced by up to three meters, pontoons and ships could enter the port without the ship being partially unloaded (lightened). As soon as one had passed the shallow, the floating bodies were flooded again, and the ship floated freely. The shape of the floats was concave on the inside to accommodate the ships well. To preserve the hull structure of the ships, camels were available in different sizes for the respective dimensions of the ships in order to achieve the greatest possible form-fit. The sails of the lifted ship and the tugs moved the team. These floating docks were used in the Netherlands until 1825, as the camels became superfluous with the opening of the Noordhollandsch Kanaal.


In Gaza


I’m sure Israel will agree to a cease-fire once the green area is blue.


Identify the Aircraft

The pictured airplane is not flyable. It’s a scale model.

53 thoughts on “This and That

    1. The actual aircraft flew for the first time this week. There are a lot of questions about its performance operationally and I’m sure that the Turks, who have put a lot of scarce national treasure into the weapons system have the same concerns.

      1. Today with old Pedo Joe failing, the new slogan may be GO WITH THE HO. I’m sure 82 million votes will arrive at polling places to give her the win.

  1. When I was in, a group of us got together on Saturday nights, drink beer, play hoops, watch TV and play Spades.
    My last night there, going away away party, my friend sitting across from me read off my hand to me.
    I didn’t even wear sunglasses, just my everyday prescription glasses.

  2. So when the Green area turns Blue, Biden can broker peace in the middle east, get the Nobel, and retire to comfort in his built back better Delaware beach home. Which, while not built back better than Barack’s Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii mansions, is certainly better than what a millennial will ever be able to afford on an honest career’s income.

    1. If you don’t give houses away in divorces, you fare better than if you do. Mansions in five states when all you’ve done is swilled at the public trough is very suspicious.

  3. I can’t imagine how bad a horn-dawg you’d have to be to think any of that Kardashian bunch were attractive. Them of you what do are welcome to have at it, but y’all mind your basic sanitation.

      1. Images we see are mostly photoshopped or made up so much most people not of teenage years or vacuous middle-aged suburban mom would recognize any of these “celebrities” if they ran into them in a store. It’s all fake…and that picture proves it.

        Sidebar but in the same vein: Everything we are being “fed” on a daily basis is a lie…photoshopped if you will. Watch Ingraham’s interview with Trump, the man is REAL, and his detractors are lying about the man.

        1. I sat next to a lady named Jane Pauley (national news anchor) on an airplane once. I didn’t recognize her until she told me who she was. She needed make up to turn her from zero to hero.

          1. I only recognized a couple of those unclad women. The rest I have no idea who they are and don’t care. Now, when I peruse Salma Hayek, it isn’t her polished make-up spatula-ed face I am interested in. I am quite partial to the Rubenesque body profile…

          2. “Unclad”…perfect description. While I’m not against a gal using her face as a canvas, often it’s a disguise. Look at Paltrow…super cute in every way in Ironman (while pretending to be someone else)…but geez, from here looking there…a loon by all accounts. Now her mother…completely different story.

        1. Got to hand it to them tho, these celeb’s do manage to make a Brand out of whole cloth…filling in the missing pieces here and their to bolster the relevance to the masses as needed. Worse is the number of people who get into the drivel. I guess it’s like a modern (aka worse) version of Days of Our lives.

          Case in point: Does your household get or go online to “thumb thru” People magazine? Ours neither. How many do? For what, to live vicariously in the lives of fake images and people? At least Playboy had good articles. (yeah, it’s an old joke but true]

    1. Sanitation I can deal with, it’s the internal hygiene I am worried about. While I have been prone to appreciate a nicely formed derriere, I don’t want baboon butt… I am not Mike_C.

        1. …while having your countenance plastered all over the tabloids…which gives credence to the dismay with Tay Tay’s newest boy to, can he be that daft? Apparently…his jerk action towards his coach suggests he and Swift deserve each other.

  4. Ship Camels – a brilliant innovation. There’s a population of guys in the Florida Keys, Bahamas, and really every place that has “skinny water” who fish the flats. They buy expensive, close to perfectly flat-bottomed boats to get out on flats that might be a few inches deep at high tide. A brand to look up is the Hewes Bonefisher, one of the first.

    My first thought on seeing the ship camels was “they’re turning offshore boats into flats boats.”

    Then I thought this might be a hot accessory for guys with a boat that’s not as good for flats fishing as the purpose-built boats but is better in a heavy chop getting there. Maybe an inflatable set that you can put on your boat, pump air from an onboard compressor or tank and make the boat wider (also = more stable) and float even higher.

    I heard that Yamaha showed a hydrogen powered outboard at the latest Miami boat show. The answer to the obvious question of how do you fuel a hydrogen powered outboard is huge (heavy, steel) compressed gas tanks. Let’s not ask how you fill those.

    But, hey, if you’ve got hydrogen tanks, inflate your ship camels with that!

    1. I have an aluminum cuddy cabin that only draws inches on plane.
      But it’s a flat bottom, even though above the waterline you’d thin it was a V.
      Cop pulled me over once for going through a strait. He had gone around the island.
      Asked me if I knew how shallow it was there. I told him I hadn’t roto-tilled it.
      I’m surprised he didn’t get me on no-wake.

      1. Back in ‘80 a friend and I were up near Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada, on a very large lake, for a month canoeing and exploring. One day felt this low 10hz rumble getting louder…which is weird out on a lake (other than the Skeeters kids built with a sheet of plywood and an outboard, whizzing by on a Saturday). Right down the main lake channel comes this good-sized Boston Whaler with huge twin Merc’s on the back and two Provincial types in uniform standing up looking around while making their run. Both unnerving and cool…for a couple of ‘Merican’s. Will never forget that…fear of God right there for a couple 20 year olds.

          1. Oh man…rude awakening. Sign on back says “Stay Back 200 ft to Avoid Spray…or losing your ballcap”

  5. US gun owners:

    Pretty sure there are a lot more gun owners than that. A lot of this comes from surveys,
    and thus only counts those few people who don’t lie to surveys.

    Also pretty sure there are billions of guns in America; they don’t tend to wear out unless mistreated. Plenty of century-plus-old guns out there that work just fine. Guns are about the only durable goods remaining.

    – Kle.

    1. USGOV has no idea how many firearms people have. I think that they might have a slightly better take on the number of rounds in circulation. I think that the official number is three trillion. The unofficial number is more than double that.

  6. Ship camels. Another interesting “days of Sail” history lesson. Thanks. I do nominate SIG’s suggestion for hydrogen filled camels as a build back better project. Think of all the less than useful infrastructure something like that would put in place.

    Guns in America. So a wag. Good, the more uncertainty in that number the better. All I can say is never enough.

    US a reliable ally. Well no, and it hasn’t been one since WW2.

  7. Israel- Green to Blue: According to those who wish us to listen to them, Israel is the only country disallowed from defending themself. Gee, wonder why that would be? Most Palestinian’s (not a country, never was) want to eradicate all Jews, and many of those in DC and higher education centers, including their indoctrinated, support that sentiment. Who’s the evil in this scenario? Not Israel..unless you are one of The Demented. Thing is no amount of fact or discussion could change their thinking. Zero middle ground attainable with those people (same lunatics cheering Trump’s demise at the hands of rabid judges, an activist AG, and a host of DA’s getting paid to ruin the man while flaunting their lawlessness).

  8. I saw a strange blue light last night about 9:00 texas time moving about the speed of satellite headed west. Was that the solar flare? Tom

    1. The cool people in charge (somebody got a promotion over this one) don’t call them UFOs anymore. Now, they’re Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs).

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