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This is from Old NFO – Identify the tracked military vehicle


Identify the Aircraft


Cleopatra VII Philopator


Bullet Points:

* Once you understand why the pizza is made round, packed in a square box, and eaten as a triangle…then you will understand women.

* The following is an excerpt from Reuters.  After setting record-high U.S. prices in the first half of 2022, drugmakers continued to launch medicines at high prices in the second half, a Reuters analysis has found, highlighting their power despite new legislation to lower costs for older prescription products.

Reuters found that the median annual price of the 17 novel drugs the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved since July 2022 is $193,900, down from $257,000 in the first half of 2022.

* New York City Mayor Eric Adams is finally experiencing what people who live near the border have known for years. Adams says New York is at a breaking point due to the number of migrants who keep arriving in the city and needing services.

Now that is shocking news.  The donkeys broke NYC city long before now.  Maybe Mayor Addams (creepy/kooky) is just now realizing that any business that can leave the worker’s paradise is. And anyone who can make a life elsewhere is. You’re left with social parasites and an ever-diminishing tax base.

* Forgive the left? I’m not Biden, I don’t suffer from dementia and delusions.


49 thoughts on “Casting About

  1. one comment about Cleopatra:
    betcha the eyebrows were very much thicker and probably (almost) joined in the centerline
    olive/brown eyes – I wonder?

    1. Yeah, she was Greek. Had this argument with some history students. Had to continue to point out that she was a Ptolemy. As in Greek Philosopher Dude Ptolemy. For some reason the his-students thought Egyptians were all nubians or something.

      Dumb-masses. We’re surrounded by dumb-masses.

    2. As a side note, Shakespeare’s play “Anthony and Cleopatra” is known as one of the most pornographic (in Renaissance English terms) of his plays. Hint: When Enobarbus speaks of “her silken tackle swelling in the breeze”, he is NOT talking about Cleopatra’s BARGE.


      1. If Cleo really looked like that, it wouldn’t have been much of a porno (in real life).

  2. Identify the Tracked Military Vehicle:
    German Sd.Kfz. 2 (Kettenkrad)

    Identify the Aircraft:
    You got me.

  3. Around here, it used to be pretty dang common (less so now) for pizza to rectangular, packed in a rectangular box, and eaten as a rectangle.

    R.I. has become a stupider place in general, though.


    1. There is a place in N Az that makes square pizzas. They taste fine but there is something unfulfilling about the shape.

  4. Adams- I am now of the opinion that Democrats are just plain stupid. They are either purposely or simply unable to see 6” past their Social Justice noses. To make matters worse, they then feign innocence as if the results of their asinine idiocy blind-sided them.

    YUP! On the pizza thing. I’d add to the conundrum, that if we can figure out why we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway?? we’d also gain some insight.

    Men v. Woman:–men-vs-women-for-men.jpg

    Cleopatra- As my mother would say (and not in the complimentary Victorian term sense): “A handsome woman”. Cleo musta had some other “assets” that made her attractive…or, maybe in her time and location she WAS a babe. Oy!

    1. The round pizza in a square box is a marketing trick similar to the small candy bar in a larger box, or a bag o’ chips that is only 2/3 full.
      So outside appearance do not always reflect inside properties.
      I understand women. 🙂

    2. Until they find her tomb and skull, I’m inclined to believe she looked rather better than the tyranny model. By all accounts, she had great charm and charisma, so that once you knew her, you were blinded to her imperfections. She was no beauty, but I doubt she would be sub-par on Ru Paul’s Drag Show.

      1. The skull only goes so far. I suspect you’re right. She charmed Caesar and Anthony right down to the bone. It wasn’t only the money.

  5. Pizza: Round shapes cook more uniformly. Rectangular boxes are cheapest to manufacture. Triangular slices are the easiest way to cut a circle into equal portions.

  6. During one of my many forays through the Ocala National Forest during hunting season, I got to see 4-wheelers, up-lifted golf carts and other normal off-road vehicles. Then there was the guy in WWII German camoflage (with safety orange hat) riding a Kettenkrad. And it looked like he had a K98, not to sure about it though. And there was a deer strapped to the back.

    One of the many reasons I love Florida. Where else do people do WWII re-enacting while deer hunting?

    And, yes, I also know someone who had a M3 halftrack who used it to rescue various 4 wheelers out of the nasty sugar sand in… the Ocala National Forest… during hunting season.

    Loooove Florida.

    As to the plane, you got me stumped. Engines look like some Moony variant, or… well… just don’t know. Dangit.

    1. You should’a hunted in the Everglades off Loop Road back in the late ’70s. Airboats and AKs and dogs. Lots of dogs. and random gunfire. The bar at Gator Hook Lodge was quite a treat for a teenager. Sadly the place is now gone to the gators.

  7. Speaking of WWII reenactors, a couple years ago we had one show up at the range decked out in full uniform including a stahlhelm and a 98K Mauser with 1939 vintage Turkish ammo which all fired without issue.

    1. It’s their own affair if they want to relive. As for me, there are things that I’d rather forget. And I’m not the sort who wants to camp out for a prolonged period anymore.

  8. Re Cleopatra, she probably had a unibrow and a mustache… Greek women ‘tend’ to that direction…

    Helio Twin Courier, U-5. Interestingly, seven built disappeared into the CIA inventory with six never to be heard from again. The one pictured was supposedly ‘loaned’ to the USAF for testing…

    1. Odd the basic design never caught on with other manufacturers. Seems to make a great deal of sense. Update it with turboprops and underwing fuel tanks, perhaps fowler flaps as well as a full Garmin VFR suite and it would be just what I would want…if I won the lottery.

      1. If I win the lottery, I’ll just wait for the new Aussie-built updated Grumman Albatrosses. High wing, which I like. Amphib with wheels. Enough room to serve as a camper.

        Plus I really like the look of the Grumman amphibs.

  9. I for one like the photos of your latest half-track scoot around and plane. Nice.

    Cleopatra must have had considerable charm, though coins and reconstructions of her face make her seem ugly. I wonder at that.

    1. The coins are said to be accurate – a face that would make a train take a dirt road. Tough as a cheap steak.

      1. Chicago style pan pizza comes to mind. But a proper Philly thin crust made by a guy that can toss it, is untouchable (as long as the sauce is good and they don’t chintz on the cheese.)

  10. Found some stuff, including the primary source pdf –

    It was a CIA project from the beginning – that would explain the overly specialized design.
    The wingtip tanks were easily installed/removed. Last production examples had winglets.
    Helio aircraft had a good reputation as STOL aircraft, so it is logical that the CIA would want an upgraded Helio for clandestine ops.
    They were used in South America and then sent to India to support CIA ops in Tibet against Red China.
    Last seen abandoned in Red China – no info on how they got there.

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