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** SAY WHAT?  Greetings such as “aloha” and “shalom” are culturally sensitive as are words such as “siesta” and their use could come off as mockery, according to a recent USA Today piece demanding people consider the cultural implications before using such terms.  “Brunch” has also gone onto the list of racist terms since it’s overwhelmingly used by white people, who constitute an overwhelming majority in the USA.  Try using “early mid-day meal” instead.  Saying ‘ni hao’ (hello). to someone Asian American who isn’t Chinese could be both othering and a microaggression.

In December, Breitbart News reported on an index of harmful words to be eliminated from use by Stanford University, which included terms and phrases such as “American,” “Karen,” “prisoner,” and even “hip hip hooray.”

This is only a partial guide and it changes daily for the woke. If you don’t have preferred pronouns, you can say whatever you like.

** (Daily Caller) Color me shocked – Two years after Seattle slashed its police budget, local business owners say crime has skyrocketed, with police unable to deal with thefts, homelessness, and open-air drug use that plague the city.

Seattle and broader King County had more than 13,000 homeless people within its boundaries in 2022, more than every other similar area except Los Angeles County and New York City, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, while the Seattle Police Department (SPD) lost more than 130 officers, KOMO News reported, as homicides, shootings and motor vehicle thefts increased. Local business owners say law enforcement is failing to effectively deter the rampant drug use and theft disturbing their livelihoods. — No kidding. Who could have predicted that?

** (NY Post) How a corrupt FBI could save Joe Biden in classified-docs scandal.  It looks bad — but the FBI got Hillary out of a worse legal tar pit.


The Economy benefits from the WEF…

As Shiloh pointed out earlier, the call has gone out for more male and tranny prostitutes. Somebody should call Paul Pelosi and see if he’d be willing to fly some to Davos on his jet.


Rare Footage of Beans in Action – in his glory days…


Ancient Rome

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  1. LL, Like the map of Rome and also the insight into Beans’ past.

    People will find offense wherever they want to so just say what you want to say. Otherwise the list of allowable words will continue to shrink and we will end up with the NewSpeak dictionary from 1984.

    I avoid the left side of my state of residence (WA) as much as possible. Seattle and most of the I-5 corridor is just a cesspit.

    Young Frankenstein is probably going to join Blazing Saddles in the pantheon of movies that could not be made today. Thankfully available on DVD.

    1. Mel Brooks announced History of the World Part 2, a four night event beginning March 6th (Hulu).

      I can hear the Libs going nuts already…which means this will is a much watch.

  2. I wonder how the Davos appetite for children is being taken care of?
    I have to admit that it just disgusts me to think that children for sex is an accepted thing in those circles but after Epstein’s customers were so well protected by the cabal that is running things… this is not the America that I grew up in.

    The FBI took care of Hillary Clinton’s classified documents crimes, they took care of protecting Epstein’s pedophile customers and I expect they will take care of anything Biden does unless the cabal running things wants Biden out.

      1. There is only one party. It’s important that the illusion of choice remains for now.

        1. Generally speaking, those are secured from the ranks of the “Guest Workers”.


  3. The Roman population figures are startling, I just don’t THINK of the world back then as being that big!
    I seem to have a lot of misconceptions.. -shrug-

    1. All around Rome, there were significant populations. Rome and Persia in that day were significantly advanced. Rome offered a Roman order to the world that changed everywhere they touched. One way was “the mail”. The roads brought communication infrastructure that brought the news, sometimes only days old, from the other side of the Empire.

  4. A nuke detonated above Davos at the right time of year might solve many world problems.

  5. The folks at Stanford are nuts. I have an old friend, whom I’ve known for nearly 50 years, named Karen. According to Stanford I suppose I’ll have to start addressing her as Entitled White Woman.
    I do believe this grey beard will take a siesta. Hip hip hooray.

  6. if Latin was the primary language of the Roman Empire, how come more of the southern and eastern Mediterranean coasts don’t speak Latin-based languges?

    1. On July 16, 1054, Patriarch of Constantinople Michael Cerularius was excommunicated, starting the “Great Schism” that created the two largest denominations in Christianity—the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faiths.

    2. And Greek was always predominant is the East and Egypt. The Greeks had colonized it first and Greek stuck.

  7. Boron, not all Romans (even in what is now Italy) spoke Latin. Latin has always been the language of the higher educated strata, lower strata spoke a base form of the language and where different cultures and languages were occupied/conquered, a patois mix of local and lower Latin prevailed. The exception to this was where cultures and local language was so vastly different, the retreat of Rome lead back to local language prevailing and in the case of Arabic, complete rejection of the foreign influences. Spain and Portugal are the most prominent of the mix, heavy influence of Roman Latin and absorption of high number of Arabic words due to a 500 year occupation by the moors (moros). English is such an agglomeration of languages due to sequential waves of invaders that it is in my view one of the most flexible and leads to faster adoption of change in concepts which in turn led to the fastest development of technologies.

    1. “English is the result of Norman soldiers trying to make dates with Saxon barmaids. And about as legitimate as the products of those dates.”
      — paraphrased from Poul Anderson.

      I hadn’t thought about the psycho cultural implications of a Germano-Romance language. Hmmm.

    1. I think that Yee-haw has already been removed. You’re enabling racism by writing Yee-haw on this blog. No more Yee-haw.

  8. Regarding throwing an arrow fast enough to kill, geez, no. Hahahahaha. What you do is you run up to the archer-turd and jam that arrow in his neck or his groin if he’s wearing body armor, otherwise jam it up under the rib cage into his friggin heart. Death is so much better up close where you can see the soul leave through his eyes….

    Or you use a shield, and archer-puke sticks one in your leather-covered wooden slab. Ha. Try again, archer-boy.

    Now, for expert levels, learn how to cut arrows out of the air using a sword or spear. Fun to watch people shoot at you and you sit there and cut them out of the air all day long. Used to work at the local ‘medieval faire’ as an archery target “Three shots for a dollar, shoot the guy in armor in the head and win (a soda, or a token or something.)” Yes, I was the target dummy. 30lb bows firing arrows fitted with Baldar Blunts. ( https://www.ebay.com/itm/120972557499 ) Yes, hard plastic with a somewhat rubber tip, 1 1/4″ diameter. Hit an unarmored spot and it friggin hurts. After a looooong looooong day of being shot at it got hard not to block every shot, even the ones heading towards my head. Got so bad I made an armored dickie, basically a collarbone armor piece, to armor the spot below my head and neck armor (helm and gorget) and above my breastplate. And a flap of ball armor in front of the cup. Could not armor my feet more than heavy boots, as I did not have sabatons. But there were benefits. Watching ladies with boobies bend over to pick up arrows. Being able to heckle bystanders and shooters to the point of making them rage and buy more shots. Helping ladies with boobies learn how to hold the bow and arrow and point them in the correct direction and to release the arrow and not release the bow (no, not kidding, lotsa people let the bow go and hold the arrow, and these people drive cars!)

  9. As to banning language, I think these people are too niggardly in the use of their braincells. Whilst some Americans can cogitate properly, far too many are just empty calories at the brunch table.r

    Funny how they don’t want to ban other examples of whiteness, like Air Conditioning, modern textiles and dyes, cars and planes, cinder blocks and modern building techniques and materials.

    Don’t want to be ‘white’? Go live in a mud hut wearing whatever you can make with your own hands for clothing. Elsewise, well, FOAD.

    English, by definition, is a Language of White People. We allow others to use it so we can communicate with them. Don’t want to be ‘white’? Then stop speaking English and, well, FOAD.

    Or, well, any European language. All are languages of White People. So no pizza, spagetti, ale, whiskey, gin, wine, liquor, cereal, schnitzel, croissants, etc for you. And starve and, well, FOAD.

      1. Ebonics is an English dialect. Maybe some should speak Kiswahili to get away from English. But how will they order their blunts and 40 ouncers?

      2. Ahem. It’s AAVE: African-American Vernacular English. “Ebonics” indeed. Hmph.

        BS aside, I have to admit that the few times someone has come up to me (usually with a self-satisfied smirk) and bleated “ni hao!” it’s turned out to be annoying. Because it’s the only phrase they know, and mispronounced at that. (Except this one Italian gal I knew in high school who went to Taiwan for 6mos and came back speaking fluent Beipinghua Mandarin with an extremely pure accent that’s better than 95%+ of Mandarin speakers — regional accents vary wildly. Plus she was very pretty, and a marathoner, so I may have been biased, but honestly, great accent.)

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